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Junko | Michel Henritzi | Fukuoka Rinji LP

Junko | Michel Henritzi | Fukuoka Rinji LPBillion Years of Sighs”


 150 copies, comes in a silkscreened cover with obi and insert

A – Junko & Michel Henritzi | B – Michel Henritzi & Fukuoka Rinji

Billion years of sighs

 billion years of sighs

Sida A is another love song between La Grande Dame  Junko (one of Japan’s foremost improvising vocalists and a member of long-running free-noise unit Hijokaidan) & Michel Henritzi (french guitarist and member of Dustbreeders and Howlin’Ghost Proletarians ). This is blues for the day, from noise to abstract blues, the volcanic meeting between voice & lapsteel.

Side B is blues for the night with Michel Henritzi and Fukuoka Rinji (Majutsu no Niwa – Overhang Party) , another sad  story between lapsteel  & violin recorded after Fukushima ‘s trauma. Ashes, asphyxiated air, cloudy and melancholic.