Tori Kudo CS Enka Blues MSBH

Tori Kudo cassette “Enka Blues” OSR

Enka Blues has Kudo covering tunes by enka singers like Sachiko Nishida & Mina Aoe , one by Kevin Ayers & a “Johnny B. Goode” version in addition to Tori’s own “Ethiopia” , “Tsumetai Ame” & “Haru No Surfer” -documenting a 2008 Christmas show at Bar Uramado in Shinjuku , Tokyo where Tori played elec. guitar , occasionally supported by Mako Hasegawa’s bassoon



Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD “Hello New York” OSR

CD version has 10 more tracks

“In New York, we played John Cage first, then played ‘Sweet Jane’ on flamenco. At the beginning of ‘Sweet Jane,’ I tried to say ‘Hello New York.’ I didn’t know whether my voice carried well. I said ‘Hello New York’ again. That was enough for me about New York. One of my dreams ahs come true.” — Tori Kudo

11 is by the Velvet Underground
21 is by Pharrell Williams

CD : $12


LP : $18

MSBH new york LP

Tori Kudo cs “Ai ai Gomteira” EP one side Kaya

Ltd edition, comes in a printed slipcase, sorry for the high pricing but believe me it’s really it’s a strange and unexpected release.



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