Andrew Chalk – Elodie – Af Ursin

Andrew Chalk CD “Violin by Night”  Faraway Press

Incredible CD version of one of the most elegiac album recorded by Andrew Chalk, comes in a beautiful and crazy  kind of handmade book. Please remember they are all made by a human, one by one, it’s hard to imagine all the work and time passed with making a few hundred copies.


Andrew Chalk violin CD Andrew chalk violin 2

LP  “Times of Hayfield” Faraway Press


Andrew Chalk LP Times of Hayfield


Elodie LP ‘Balayes de la main du hasard’ (Faraway Press)

Edition of 400 copies .Performed by Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk
Guitar: Tom James Scott / Korogi: Daisuke Suzuki


Elodie Balayes

Af Ursin LP ‘Itinera’ (La Scie Dorée)

First full electronic album, played, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk at Kulta Saha 2016-2017
“An imaginary one way trip through microcosmic oscillations in seven macrosonic constellations. The space of sound versus the sound of space”

Regular edition of 250 copies on transparent vinyl


Af Ursin itinera

Lumine LP ‘All the unnamed’ (La Scie Dorée)

New project of Timo van Luijk with Graham Stewart and John Whyte.
From a blank page appeared six chapters of sparse electronics and acoustic instrumentals.
A subtle story revealing the slowly moving interplay of delicate sonic tension and distant drama of desolate melodies.
Played, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk & Graham Stewart at Kulta Saha, 2015-2016.
Sleeve drawing, design and text by John Whyte. Ltd to 300


Lumine Lp

Ilta Hämärä  LP Saivo (Sloowax)

Duo of Timo van Luijk & Bart De Paepe


Ilta Hamara LP

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