Japan Blues LP

Japan Blues LP “Sells his record collection” Japan blues

The first Japan Blues album, Sells His Record Collection, isn’t really an album at all. (It also marks the beginning of a new era for Williams, who has left Honest Jon’s to focus on his solo projects.) Built around samples from his personal vault of music and decorated with field recordings, keys and (on one occasion) his own vocals, it’s best regarded as a creative extension of his mixtapes and radio show. Williams calls it a travelogue, a love letter to Japanese music and culture, where samples of old gongs and flutes sit next to recordings of passenger announcements from train stations. He says the inspiration for the LP was “an imaginary geisha opium den,” and he’s succeeded in crafting something as evocative as that suggests.  That’s more than a DJ album, it’s really nicely made, intelligent and personnal.



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