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Kan Mikami book + CD

Kan Mikami book + CD “A life in Folk” Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm, 311 pages


Kan Mikami book007 Kan Mikami book008  


Dokkiri ! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 – A History & Guide

Kato David Hopkins – Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm , 298 pages with coloured pictures, reproductions


Dokkiri book



Sachiko Ltd CDR

Sachiko CDR “Jangala flamed with deep red” Reverb Worship

Ltd to 50 and numbered

Sachiko creates the most superb psychedelic drone music using voice, electronics, melodica, recorder and percussion.Plans for this new album began around a year ago. This album, the second for reverb Worship, contains three tracks of drifting, ragaesque, ambient blissful drone with sounds of nature and traditional flute. Dedicated to Hideo Ikeezumi. Recorded and mixed by Sachiko and mastered by Rinji Fukuoka.


Sachiko jangala001

Go Hirano new LP

After a 13 years silence, we’re really glad to anounce a new Go Hirano LP  designed by Atsuo Ogawa &, stricly ltd to 100.

Hirano is known as a sometime White Heaven collaborator, renowned expert on Canadian psychedelia and acid folk, and ultra-sensitive sound artist. His previous 3 albums on PSF have wound lo-fi wisps of fragile piano melody and bell chime around nagging, sometimes subtly unsettling field recording techniques. This one has only piano but Go has once again his own sensibility, with being simple witout being simplistic.


go hirano