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Mikawa Toshiji EP ltd to 40

 Mikawa Toshiji EP 7′ “No Breath Oblige”  Licht-Ung

Ltd to 40, clear vinyl, comes in a handmade pasted cover

Incapacitants Nice X Mas lullaby, with Licht-Ung violin on side B

Only a very few !


Mikawa cover Mikawa EP012


Tomoyuki Aoki + Harutaka Mochizuki CD

Tomoyuki Aoki + Harutaka Mochizuki CD Self Release 2014

Back in stock,  my favorite album in 2014 and that’s why I asked the duo to participate to the Enka Mood Collection. Aoki is the singer and guitarist of UP-TIGHT and Harutaka has since participated to Tomokawa’s last album.  Fantastic !


Aoaki Mochizuki