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Phew CD Voice Harcore + CDR

Phew CD “Voice Hardcore” Bereket

Probably her strangest and her weirdest album, like visiting an alienish country with human speaking all different and unknown languages. You can understand some japanese but whole atmosphere is intriguing and sometimes a bit frightening. Probably one of the most singular album released in 2017.

Digipak with obi


Phew voice hardcorePhew voice hardcore2


Phew CDR04 Phew Homemade

Ltd 25 minutes CDR, comes in a colored papersleeve

Only a few !


Phew cDR 4


Mikawa Toshiji EP ltd to 40

 Mikawa Toshiji EP 7′ “No Breath Oblige”  Licht-Ung

Ltd to 40, clear vinyl, comes in a handmade pasted cover

Incapacitants Nice X Mas lullaby, with Licht-Ung violin on side B

Only a very few !


Mikawa cover Mikawa EP012