Tori Kudo Ltd CS

Tori Kudo cassette + dowload coupon ‘Live at Harness” Moone records

Ltd to 100

Live At Harness features 13 acoustic songs performed live by Tori Kudo and Mikiko Suzuki at Harness, an acoustic music bar in Asagaya, Tokyo on 6/26/2017. Throughout this collection you’ll hear unique renditions of songs by Captain Beefheart, Phil Phillips and Peter Perrett; as well as intimate acoustic versions of Tori Kudo’s work with Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Lovely and inspiring cassette with one of the best enka cover ! I’m sure this one will remainas  one of my 2018 favorite – released by a nice and lovely label.


Tori kUdo cs Live at Har001

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