Marginal Consort DVD

Marginal Consort DVD “07 12 16 ” Medama

Dedicated to Yasushi Ozawa. The DVD documents his final performance.

DVD with book of interviews, discographies and photographs in Japanese and English.
Yasushi Ozawa’s final performance. The complete 180 minute recording of Marginal Consort live at SuperDeluxe on December 16, 2007. This was the last concert with all five members: Kazuo Imai, Yasushi Ozawa, T Koshikawa, Kei Shii, and Masami Tada.
Although the collective improvisation project Marginal Consort performed only once a year for a long time since its inception in 1997, they have been drawing international attentions recently. Their performance, which is completely free from abstract, political or sometimes mystical ideas about improvisation, neither contraposes the immediacy of “action” or anonymousness of “sound” against “music” nor dramatizes the dialectics between the individual and the whole. Even the words “collective” “improvisation” “project” do not really tell the way they work.
The members from different backgrounds (Kazuo Imai, T Koshikawa, Kei Shii and Masami Tada), who got to know each other at Takehisa Kosugi’s workshop (Bigakko, 1975), produce sonic phenomena using anything available, whether instruments or objects, from viola da gamba to electronics or from bamboo to water, and that develops spatially and temporally. A three-hour performance that feels like a moment when experienced. Try different positions across the venue, which should drastically change the sonic quality.


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