Mickey Guitar Band – Wataru Kasahara

Mickey Guitar Band  LP “from the Deep” Psych Kg.

ltd to 120 copies

Featuring Juntaro Yamanouchi (the Gerogerigegege) on percussions, comes in a cheap & badly handmade pasted gatefold jacket. Music is rocky, spacey, trippy, funny.



Wataru (Nobu) Kasahara LP + CDR “Piano Solo Woks 2009” Psych Kg

Comes in a pasted cover, green vinyl, ltd to 40

Mostly known under Embudagonn 108, Kasahara is a noise  artist, known in the underground scene for years both for his collaborations with Bianchi and his graphic work… A  true outsider for sure…only a few copies


DSCN8758  DSCN8760

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