Gap 2CD Edition Omega Point

Gap 2CD “Practice Concert” Edition Omega Point

New & essential title in the Archives series by one of the most interestig Japanese label if you are in contemporary and avant garde music from the twentieth century.

Gap had only one album on the famous ALM records and  for the first time we are more to hear from Kiyohiko Sano, Masami Tada & Masaru Soga,  since the mid 70’s they are considered as the missing link between Taj Mahal Travellers and Marginal Consort.


gAP 2cd002


Special Edition with A2 poster and A4 sheet coming in grey enveloppe, limited to 70, only a very few



Makoto Moroi CD “Kusabira ” Edition Omega Point


Makoto moroi kusa001


Joji Yuasa CD “Background sound in Textile Pavillion of Expo 70” Edition Omega Point


Yuasa Background005

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