Organum CD Raven

Organum CD “Raven” Siren

New album after a 7 years of silence. With Daisuke Suzuki, Alan Jones & David Jackman

RAVEN’ is composed of striking piano-keys, church bells, temple gongs, a crow, a raven and a rook and is divided into 13 parts. In ‘RAVEN’, sounds appear from silence and then return again into that silence. ‘RAVEN’ is a work within those very silences. You can contemplate emptiness intently after the sounds have ended. As in another of Basho’s Haiku poems : “The old pond, a frog jumps in, then silence again.” 

‘RAVEN’ is another Tower of Silence and a listener will reflect, that absence and emptiness are the permanent essences of Organum’s music, within the chaos and flux of its phenomena. Less is more and Organum leave with us only the bare essentials in ‘RAVEN’. ‘RAVEN’ is neither a hymn, nor a requiem.


Organum raven

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