Tashi Dorji cs Moone records

Tashi Dorji cassette “But a night that ends..” Moone records

Ltd to 150 with download coupon –  “But a night that ends,  as all nights end,  when the sun rises” –

“Tashi Dorji is a celebrated free-form/improvisational guitarist. Born and raised in Bhutan, but transplanted to Ashville, NC in the early 2000’s. He is a musical force that is in a caliber of his own. The amount of originality in his playing could have only been summoned when one is forced to confront limitations and raise a big middle finger to the ‘status quo’….

Tashi’s latest album but a night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises is pieced together in a non-linear/non-hierarchical form. Every segment equal part fragile and intense. The album feels like it is addressing a dark political climate but from an anti-establishment perspective. It is a transmission from another dimension, to let us know we aren’t doing this “humanity thing” right. However, in its confrontation, it still arouses hope for a brighter future.”


Tashi Dorji CS

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