la scène 裸身 CD & ltd cassette

la scène 裸身 CD 天の赤道  – Ten No Sekido – Inner Pleasure

Subtle and profound Japanese slowcore; It will transport you to the fount via the bowels of the sound. This work is created from a collaboration of Atsuo (Boris), especially inspired by his view about the voice. Each song exudes its presence like a small signpost glowing in the darkness, and its introspective sound swells as a form of therapy.
It features guest guitar by Hideki Yamagiwa (Katurei/Chi to Shizuku) and also guest vocals by Atsuo in 16mins title track “Ten no Sekido” Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC).

My best discovery (Thanks Dieter). An excellent  Dreamy Japanese slowcore with Saya voice (sometimes reminescent from Saya / Tenniscoats voice, a bit lower and  less “manierish”)  interrupted with intense guitar solos. A name that will probably grow, this one has our highest recommendations. The band shoud have a gig in UK in October, if you can help with finding some more dates in Europe, please get in touch with us or Patrick at Cadmus Tape


La scene cd001


la scène 裸身  cassetteTen no Sekido – Cadmus Tape

25 made. Contains exclusive live version of The 18th Day… comes with glow in the dark plectrum, postcard and download code.  Only a very few, this one has a bonus and comes on an excellent and friendly label from London. I’m pretty sure this one is almost gone for collectors and I’m definitively one of them.


La Scène cs001

La scene

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