Ora – Andrew Chalk & Lumine LP

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Ora LP “Time Out of Mind” La Scie Dorée

Music first and foremost, with odd numbers that drift and dissolve better in the air, with nothing heavy or static about them.
Shaded tints we desire, no colour only tints and hues.
Nothing lovelier than a grey song, where uncertainty and precision meet.
Beautiful eyes veiled and dim, the quivering bright light of noon, and the blue tangle of clear stars in a mild autumn sky.
Only the shaded tint can link dream to dream and flute to horn.
(adaptation of a poem by Verlaine)

Recorded by Darren Tate & Andrew Chalk, 1986 to 1996,
on locations and at ICR Studios in York, engineered by Colin Potter.
Arrangements made at Impression Lointaine.
Some tracks with Daisuke Suzuki.

Regular edition on Black vinyl


 ltd sub-edition of 100 that comes on clear vinyl with insert and postcard


Ora time out LP

Lumine LP  “Quiet Ends” La Scie Dorée

‘Quiet Ends’, the 2nd album by Lumine, draws an isolationist scenery with subtly merging halftones of twilight. The penumbra diffuses mysterious textures and a melancholic hypnotic atmosphere conductive to introspection. In the gathering darkness all troubling details of reality melt into large evocative masses and abstract surfaces.

Played, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk & Graham Stewart at Kulta Saha, 2017-2018.
Sleeve drawing, design and text by John Whyte.

La Scie Dorée, Scie 2119, Belgium 2019
Edition of 350 copies
With download card


Lumine quiet ends

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