Andrew Chalk- Faraway Press LPs

Circae LP ” The Bridge of Dreams” Faraway Press

Circaea is  : Tom James Scott, Ecka Mordecai & Andrew Chalk

The Bridge of Dreams was begun as a series of piano miniatures, played by Tom in St. Matthews church in Hull before it closed many years ago. In the airy and (cold) spaces of the vast church in the winter of 2013 the pieces further condensed into 12 parts of the album here, with wistful string arrangements by Ecka Mordecai and mapped out, finally, by Andrew Chalk.

Press Statement :

Birds love the woods

If you are not a bird

you will not know its truths

A quiet life is much the same.

How would anyone know it

without living it ?

The moon

of my life is setting.

The life now left me

sinks into the hills

(from Visions of a Torn World by Kamo-no-Chomei)

ltd to 300


DSCN9853p DSCN9862

Marsfield LP “The Innocents” Faraway Press

Marsfield is  Brendan Walls & Andrew Chalk

The Innocents was begun a long time ago, in 2007 in fact and hence the strange chronology of the Faraway Press catalogue, seeing it in a completed form in early 2019, finally.

The first side of the album (Viae Memoriae = from memory) originates from the start and Vikki Jackman plays piano here, it being the time of her two albums on Faraway Press…

After much dialogue and life changing events, The Innocents became quite a story in its own right. The second side is more biographical and fuses together the album with its synthetic oboe playing and thundering piano that is its conclusion.

Ltd to 300


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