Yoran LP Montparnasse

Yoran LP 45rpm “Montparnasse “- Camisole records

“A walk in Paris somewhere between the 30’s and the 50’s made by a japanese lost soul. “Montparnasse” by Yoran is a surreal journey into an era wich has maybe existed but long gone. “A melancholic phantasy about a time you’ll never know and can only smell the atmosphere. Memories and flashes come from an ancient time, cobbled streets where heels crack far away surrounded by the tickle of a street musician, a classical dance class directed by some piano notes or an announcement from an old train station.

“The cryptic french spoken-word infuses the extracts and sound collages taken from different french movies looped into a broken tape player. The result is one of the most mysterious and looked after japanese 80’s underground record.

This reissue is pressed for the first time on 12″ at 45 RPM.
Remastered and limited to 500 copies.”

$20 only a very few

Yoran LP  Yoran lp 2

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