Ground Zero 2LP

Ground Zero 2LP “Revolutionary Pekinese Opera ver 1.28” Le Narthécophore

Limited reissue of one of the milestones of the Japanese free rock scene.
Recorded in 1995, Otomo and his band unleashed an unprecedented and yet unmatched maelstrom of sounds, ranging from trad to noise.
In 1984 the German free jazz duet of Alfred Harth and Heiner Goebbels released an album containing their interpretation of a Chinese opera from the 60s. Then in 1995, using extensive samples from that German recording alongside a free rock ensemble and traditional Asian instruments, Otomo Yoshihide and his Ground Zero band issued a terrific and definitive rendition of that opera, in the form of a noisy sound collage.

We reunited the Japanese and original German versions on that record.


SPECIAL DUAL TURNTABLISM EDITION (record 1 has side A and C on it, record 2 has sides B & D, meaning people with 2 turntables can play the whole album continuously).



DSCN0373  DSCN0374  DSCN0376


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