Mirror & In Camera new albums !

For now I only have a ver few but I’ll get some more copies in 8-10 days – for now I can only ship within Europe. If you only want these releases, I’d recommend you to order directly from the label :



Mirror LP “Some days it rains all night” La Scie Dorée

After 15 yeare here’s a new album coming from the old world…I must say I’m terribly moved. On this album Mirror was Andrew Chalk, Christoph Heemann, Timo Van Luijk & Vikki Jackman recorded at The Loft, Cologne

350 copies on transparent vinyl


mirror some day 2


In Camera LP “Lost inspice” La Scie Dorée

400 copies on black vinyl, Timo Van Luijk + Christoph Heemann


In camera 2020

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