Coffee Faith & Mathias Preuss

Coffe Faith & Mathias Preuss  cassette

Mathias Preuß is a German saxophone player active in the free improvisation scene who lives in the small city of Lemgo near the Dutch border. He plays tenor and soprano sax mostly solo but is always open for any kind of collaboration. He has participated in a free improvisation workshop in Osaka, Japan with Chie Mukai in 2018. In February 2020 he played live with drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu in Frankfurt, Germany as a duo.

Spiritual Drone / Experimental project of Rio Nurkholis Syaifuddin from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

It should be started on 30th November 2014, but after his band members didn’t show up at the gigs, he had to play solo. Using “KOTAK IBADAH” named Kyai Sengkala, Coffee Faith makes a wide range of drone, dark ambient and atmospheric compositions. Taking themes from Religious Books, Ancient Books, Nusantara’s Phillosophers, and Ancient Culture. While absorbing and acknowledging these influences, it is important to him to find and evolve his own sound.

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