Satoh – Yoshihide – Turner

Masahiko Satoh – Otomo Yoshihide – Roger Turner CD “Sea” – Relative Pitch

the Sea Trio—comprising legendary pianist Masahiko Satoh, influential guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Otomo Yoshihide, and master percussionist Roger Turner—first met and played at the legendary Egg Farm just outside Tokyo. Their chemistry was immediate, but they felt the confines of a recording studio limited their improvisational possibilities. Shortly after they booked a show at Tokyo hotspot Pit-Inn and found the electricity in the air of the packed club was the perfect environment for their roiling exchange. Attempting to capture the energy of that evening in a recording is a bit like trying to catch lightning in a bottle; Sea is the surprisingly effective vessel of that effort.

Digipak – $16 only a few

satoh yo shihide

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