Gerogerigegege LP

The Gerogerigegege LP “Decrescendo” The trilogy Tapes

Japan’s industrial outcast The Gerogerigegege return to The Trilogy Tapes with the two-sided drone noise of decrescendo. Although a million miles from the sample-fuelled synth obscurity of 2019’s Uguisudani Apocalypse, this release showcases The Gerogerigegege submerging the mix in lo-fi, fuzzy ambient textures, without sacrificing their experimentalist credentials. An eminent stillness emerges from decrescendo, its hazy atmosphere barely broken by a wandering organ and, to our ears, birdsong and the distant humming of car engines.

Only a very few, sold out at source, I do no ship this one overseas if you only want this one

If you are in touch with Juntaro, please remind him the money he owes me ! 🙂


Gerogerogegege trilogy tapes

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