Tori Kudo & 3C123 cs

Tori Kudo & 3C123 cassette Uramado records

Limited to 100 with a download code, this duo was recorded in 2009. Tori Kudo and 3C123 are friends since the late 70’s when they played at the mythic Kichijoji Minor live venue. 3C123 /Yatasumi plays clarinet and played on some Pinakotheca releases. if you are in Erik Satie and you love the Takehisa Kosugi / Riri Shimada LPs as I love that stuff myself, well that’s just for you. Only a very few, it’s pricey but Uramado bar needs our support.


Akiko Hotaka – Takuya Nishimura – Ikuro Takahashi CDR 穂高亜希子+西村卓也+高橋幾郎 – Uramado records

Ltd to 100, only a very few

Excellent, nice tracklist and selection if you want to hear Hotaka’s wildest side.


Hotaka CDr uramado
Hotaka CDr uramado2

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