Hijikaidan Book Public Bath Mikami Kan – Enka

Rumors of Noizu : Hijokaidan – David Kato Hopkins -Public Bath


Gaseneta Wasteland book by Osato Toshiharu  Public Bath Press

Nice english version translated by Kato David Hopkins, 15 x 21 cm, 165 page

very simple, direct, nice to catch the atmosphere of the late 70’s years



Creating Enka ” The Soul of Japan” in the postwar Era

Wajima Yusuke translated by Kato David Hopkins

Public Bath Press

“This is the prize-winning history of the music known as Enka, one of the dominant forms of postwar popular music, that rearranged everyone’s understanding of the history of postwar pop. Love it or hate it, Enka is a necessary background for anyone hoping to understand the music of Japan. With a new introduction by the author and full color printing (unlike the Japanese original), this is a must-have for your collection.”

I still haven’t dived into but you cannot imagine how this book is essential for any people who’s in popular songs, in the heart of  the japanese’s culture. After Gaseneta, Mikami Kan,  Public bath Press is slowly becoming essential for the non japanese readers and needs all our support to bring us some more surprises.


creating enka

Kan Mikami book + CD “A life in Folk” Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm, 311 pages


Kan Mikami book007
Kan Mikami book008

Dokkiri ! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 – A History & Guide

Kato David Hopkins – Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm , 298 pages with coloured pictures, reproductions


Dokkiri book
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