Youri Kun – Hiroshi Nar

Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar nickname who played bass with some of the most important bands such Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuni keisatsu, Datetenryu. He’s active as Youri Kun, Portcuss, Molls, Niplets…He released more than 30 releases and he’s a true singularity…Sometimes it soudns a bit like a japanese Jad Fair with a nasal and weird voice, with always one foot in rock n’ roll…

Youri Kun CD “Nametoare” Inundow 2019

Youri Kun’s 13 red album, limited to 250. Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar’s project, same man who played with les Rallizes Denudes but doesn’t have any attention outside of Japan for years ! He’s a prolific person who’s been writing a lot of oblique songs with a very specific and nasal voice. This album has a nice Rallizes Cover and also some new versions of his Niplets band project.


Youri Kun CD “Wanpaku 1” Hören

Last album with Toshi Ishizuka (Vajra, Sanjah, Cinorama & Tomokawa), with a nice cover of 氷の炎 Rallizes Dénudés


Youri Kun CD Hit Tune – Hören

First album released in 2006


Youri Kun CD Migoku – Hören

2nd album from 2007


Youri Kun CD Su Hören


Port Cuss CD Me Your revisited – Hören

Rock ‘N’ roll quatuor from 2005 !


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