Kokushoku Elegy 2CD

Kokushoku Elegy 2CD ” 1985-1989″ Super Fuji

黒色エレジー (Kokushoku Elegy) was a Japanese female fronted gothic rock / post-punk band from Okayama Prefecture, Japan, formed by vocalist Kyoko, guitarist Ichiro, bassist Koichi, and drummer Yasuyuki. 

By 1987 when they were on the Transrecords label, they had evolved past the gothic sound in favor of a lighter post-punk / new wave style with catchier songwriting. Somewhere between Cranes & Siouxsie;

This 2 CD set (Disc 1 in Studio and Disc 2 is a 1989 live) includes tracks from a 1985 compilation cassette, 1st 12-inch EP “Black Elegy” (1986), 2nd 12-inch EP “Black is a live Elegy” (1988 trance), 3rd 12-inch “God’s Race / Rainbow and Serpent’s Blues” (1989) ) And other studio recordings of 14 songs (same content as “Esoderic Mania” released by SSE in 1993), and discs 2 of 12 songs from the live recording in 1989, remastered by Soichiro Nakamura as a 2-disc set.

Only a couple of copies $35

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