Mai Mao cs

Mai Mao cs “Folk dope rally” Haang Niap

” MAI MAO is a high-speed curved transition strings improvisation duo by Kyosuke Terada (guitar) and Shizuo Uchida (bass). Two gentle beasts carries an acid and dope rally in a black hole of sound. The sounding feather bugs that run around at the speed of a second tickle the back of your ears and manipulate your life. Includes 3 improvised live take tracks. Release on cassette and data. The cassette contains the same track on both sides. Download code included.” A very interesting duo if you’re like us following Shizuo’s experiences. Both players have a wide palette /range of sounds and they are playing with stereo effects, almost like an electroacoustic band, opening spaces with temporal effects with quick moves on the forefront. It’s can be excessive but we can hear it’s kind of punk music applied to hifi & spectral music. Sounds weird and nice for our ears and we love the artwork !


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