Noise (Tori & Reiko Kudo) LP Tenno

Noise LP Tenno Moone Records

The past ten years have been a boon for Japanese reissues — from psychedelic melters in the PSF stable to a wealth of folk and pop that’s been eking out trough various outlets of reissue gold. The folks over at Moone are adding one more lost treasure to the pile. Originally formed as Worst Noise, then shortened to Noise, the duo of Tori and Reiko Kudo released their debut ion 1980 for the legendary ALM records (Somei Satoh, Abe Kaoru). The record was mixed by fellow ALM alum GAP (Taj Mahal Travellers) and bends the psyche with a dose of doomed organ exhumations, minimal trumpet and Reiko’s forlorn vocals that seem to dredge sadness from the very depths of the soul. Just passing its 40 year mark last year, the record hasn’t been back on LP in 23 years, and never outside of its native Japan. Moone seek to right this with a new LP run of 500 that puts the experimental record back in the hands of collectors that have been eluded by this one for years. Comes with a A3 photocopied insert of the master tape technical notes sheet.

Historic, absolutely essential and atypical, this is one of the album we’d bring on a desert island


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