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Joji Yuasa CD “Music for Toshio Matsumoto” Three Shells

comes in a 22 x 16 cm box with a 24 pages booklet (in Japanese)

Japan’s experimental filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto (1932-2017) had often used music of avant-garde composers in his work. This CD consists of sound tracks composed by Yuasa for Matsumoto’s 3 works, “Funeral Procession of Rose” (1969), “Mothers” (1967) and “I’m nylon” – Terumasa Hino, jazz trumpeter, participated in music – (1962). ltd to 300 !

Expensive but rather fantastic ! $38

Joji Yuasa CD ““EXPO’70「せんい館」のための音楽” Three Shells

Comes in a 22 x 16 cm box with a 48 pages booklet (photos and text in Japanese)

The special A5 size tall case is a double-sided color and uses a still photograph of the Osaka Expo ’70 by photographer Tadashi Endo. ・ Koji Kawasaki “Electronic Music at the Japan World Exposition Vol. 1 ・ Senikan” (page 40)
・ Photographer Tadashi Endo’s “Senikan Photobook” (page 8 color)

“Japanese Electronic Music” “Takemitsu Toru’s Joji Yuasa CD made by Koji Kawasaki, who is known for “electronic music”, and Koichi Nishi of Three Shells is completed!

[Recorded work]
Joji Yuasa Composition
1-22. Music of space projection “Ako”
23-27. Fashion show music
28. Music in Corridor A “Music of pattern slides”
29. Corridor B Music “Color Go Round Music”
30-33. Corridor B Music “Color Go Round Music Material 1-4”
34. Rene Magritte’s Man’s Music “Puppet A Part 1”
35. Rene Magritte’s Man’s Music “Puppet A Part 2”
36. Music of space projection “Ako” (completed version)


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