Jacks 2LP 68’7’24

Jacks 2LP 68’7’24 – Super Fuji

Gatefold jacket with poster and exclusive insert ( a drawing of the second Jacks show by Makiro)

Firstly released in 1972, only 400 copies were pressed at that time.

8 songs from the 1st album “Vacant World”, 2 songs from the 2nd album “Jacks’ Miracle”, 2 songs only for singles, and “You are Hinagiku” and “Yumiko is not” (later Wakamatsu) Koji’s movie “Stomach Lending Woman” was made into a CD as a soundtrack album), and the above 14 songs and 53 minutes were recorded by the same members as the 1st album, but at a precious and spectacular live just before Haruo Mizuhashi’s withdrawal. Both songs have a high degree of perfection, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is the definitive edition. This is the most important and historical record in the history of Japanese rock, as it was once described as “the music of that flash of sparkle in an instant”, which was not known in the two studio albums, this is Jacks. It will be the best masterpiece. It is a masterpiece live album of the highest level as a psychedelic-acid folk even from the world level of the same period.

[Jacks Jacks]
Yoshio Hayakawa –Vocal, Side Guitar
Haruo Mizuhashi –Vocal, Lead Guitar
Hitoshi Tanino –Wood Bass, Bass Guitar
Takasuke Kida – Vocals, Drums, Flute, Vibraphone
July 24, 1968 From Ochanomizu Japan-France Hall “2nd Jacks Show”


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