UP-TIGHT LP Sweet Sister – Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tubes records

“Tokyo psych monsters Up-Tight come out of the classically wasted/drug-damaged school of excessive fuzz and reverb, giving the nod to the endless jam style of Les Rallizes Denudes while spiking their sound with dark downer ballads that owe as much to The Jacks as they do to The Velvet Underground. If you can picture Spacemen 3 circa “The Perfect Prescription” produced by Ghost circa “Temple Stone” then you’re close to the outrageous levels of psychedelic excess captured here. Tomoyuki’s guitar tone has to be heard to be believed, with tactile garage punk crunch put to the service of endlessly euphoric orbits of three droning chords. Up-Tight have been responsible for a buncha the most memorable releases to come out of the post-PSF underground but this has to be their recorded pinnacle, the perfect balance of two chord Velvet downers and strung-out post-Rallizes string violence. One of our records of the year so far- You need to hear this, Highly recommended!” (Volcanic Tongue)


UP-TIGHT & Makoto Kawabata 2LP Cardinal / Feeding Tubes records

Two LPs in single wide-spine sleeve, recorded in Summer 2004 & previously released on CD in 2005


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