Non Band CD II

Non Band CD “non band II” – Teklegrph records

Second album after 4 decades !

“The Japanese punk rock movement known as Tokyo Rockers began in the summer of 1978. It incubated an independent music culture as well as a host of fascinating, individualistic musicians. One of the more striking units was the male-female duo Maria 023. NON played bass for them, and it was here that she first attracted attention. However, Maria 023 was short-lived, and NON would not reappear until the following year, August 1979, on stage at the legendary concert event „Drive to 80s“. Her unbilled performance at the event consisted of several songs for solo bass and vocals, and her combination of intensity and a distinctly female emotionality made a striking impression. In the months that followed, NON continued to play solo and she became a pivotal presence among the female rockers on the scene at the time.”

comes in a nice mini gatefold jacket with obi, only a few, $25

The Gerogerigegege

The Gerogerigegege CD+CDR that comes in xeroxed 7′ jacket ” Uguisudani Apocalypse ” vis a Vis audio arts / Inundow

only a few $30 (please note there’s 2 different jackets with the bonus CDR, pink/blue)

The Gerogerigegege 3CD+CDR box ” Blackout Archive V.1+2+3+4″ Vis à Vis Audio

Only a very few, back in stock, $50

Youri Kun LP

Youri Kun LP ” Unheld Ball” – Inundow

Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar nickname who played bass with some of the most important bands such Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuni keisatsu, Datetenryu. He’s active as Youri Kun, Portcuss, Molls, Niplets…He released more than 30 releases and he’s a true singularity…Sometimes it soudns a bit like a japanese Jad Fair with a nasal and weird voice, with always one foot in rock n’ roll…

This is his first album, a compilation of his last 16 albums recorded since 2006 some alternatives takes, some different versions with guests such Bill from Coa, Toshiaki Ishizuka, liner notes by David Kato Hopkins – Ltd to 150 copies with obi, sold out a source. Please note jackets have a slightly rounded corner


Tetuzi Akiyama / Michel Henritzi CD

Tetuzi Akiyama / Michel Henritzi CD “Shinjuku No Kage” Dyin’ Ghost Records

Distant meeting between 2 abstract bluesmen, drifters and friends. ltd to 150


Lost Aaraaf – Keiji Haino 2CD

Lost Aaraaff 2CD Lost Aaraaff – Super Fuji

Keiji Haino, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Saitoh, Shigeru Suda & Akira Asami Regular Edition comes with an exclusive A4 flyer on metallic paper., comes in a CD plastic case with obi and booklet .Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group.

1-1 recorded at Nihon-Genyasai Festival, Sanri-Duka, Chiba, Aug 14, 1971.
1-2 recorded at Shojiko Rockoon, Lake-Shoji, Yamanashi, Aug 8, 1971.
2-1 recorded at Electric Pure Land #3, Sugino Hall, Meguro, Tokyo, Jan 26, 1974.
2-2 recorded at Oscar, Shibuya, Tokyo, Mar 4, 1971.
2-3 recorded at Oscar, Shibuya, Tokyo, Mar 4, 1971.

Historic and hysterique !


Special Deluxe edition in an LP-sized hardcover gatefold sleeve with booklet containing credits and lyrics in Japanese and English. Booklet does not contain the liner notes, interview or chronology that appear in the booklet that comes with the regular edition.


Haino Keiji Book + CD

Keiji Haino Book & CD “Vocations de l’ombre” 2017

back in stock, Les Presses du Réel, 17 x 24 cm in French, 17 x 24 cm, 305 pages

(Cd has some solos and Fushitsusha unreleased tracks)

35€ only a few copies

Yasumi no Kuni CD

Yasumi no Kuni CD “Concert 1975” Super Fuji

Long-running Japanese folk group, originally formed in 1969 by the members of Jacks & Teruyuki Takahashi, recorded live just after Fy Fan second album


Koichiro Watanabe, Pinakotheca CDs

Koichiro Watanabe 2CD “Watanabe Kōichirō no anchi kuraimakkusu ongun” Super Fuji

Archives from an intriguing musician who was very active in the 80’s with Ultra bide, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Fifth Column and died in 1990. Between avant rock, lo fi bric à brac, sound collages and noisy miniatures, Watanabe was a bit like Tori Kudo in the 80’s, surfing on different styles of musics. That’s free spirit like, very like Pinakotheca highly recommended !


Koichiro Watanabe CD “Matomete abayo…” Super Fuji

Excellent, firstly released in 1991, with Tori Kudo 3C123, Tokyo Sucide…


V/a Fecund Infection – Pinakotheca – Super Fuji

Historic and firstly released on Pinakotheca in 1982, what a compilation it is : Onnyck, Satoshi Sonoda, David Toop and Steve Beresford, A musik…


Kazuki Tomokawa book

Kazuki Tomokawa book “Try Saying You’re Alive!: Kazuki Tomokawa in His Own Words” Blan Forms

Paperback , 14 x 20 cm – 256 pages – english

Kazuki Tomokawa has lived many lives: poet, self-taught guitarist, actor, day laborer, basketball coach, painter, bicycle race tipster, and incomparable drinker among them. Above all, he is a legend of Japan’s avant-folk music scene and his searing lyrics and raw, unvarnished vocals have influenced generations of musicians since his mid-1970s debut, when his unique sound brought him to prominence in the turbulent worlds of Tokyo’s underground film and music. Here, in his contemplative and utterly original style, the “screaming philosopher” charts the last six decades of his life, reflecting on everything from keirin to nuclear disaster to his own itinerancy, all the while providing an unfiltered view into the explosive cultural zeitgeist of postwar Tokyo. Originally printed in 2015, this translation is the first of Tomokawa’s writings to ever be published in English, and is accompanied by Blank Forms Editions’ reissue of Tomokawa’s first three solo records from 1975–77: Finally, His First AlbumStraight from the Throat, and A String of Paper Cranes Clenched between My TeethTry Saying You’re Alive! is a memoir like no other, delivered with the incisive tongue and stubborn charm of one of Japan’s most singular living musicians. 

Kazuki Tomokawa (b. 1950) is a prolific singer-songwriter from Hachiryu Village (now the town of Mitane) in the Akita Prefecture area of northern Japan. Since his first release in 1975, he has recorded more than thirty albums. The 2010 documentary about his life, La Faute des Fleurs, won the Sound & Vision award at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, and that same year saw the Japanese release of the book Dreams Die Vigorously Day by Day, a collection of his lyrics spanning forty years. His most recent albums are Vengeance Bourbon (2014) and Gleaming Crayon (2016), both on the Modest Launch label. 

Damon Krukowski is a musician and writer based in Cambridge, MA. His most recent book is Ways of Hearing (MIT Press, 2019) and his latest album is Damon & Naomi’s A Sky Record (20|20|20, 2021). 

Daniel Joseph is a translator, editor, and musician. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in medieval Japanese literature, and recently contributed translations to Terminal Boredom (Verso, 2021), a collection of stories by science fiction pioneer Izumi Suzuki.


Takehisa Kosugi – Mototeru Takagi CD

Takehisa Kosugi – Mototeru Takagi CD Infinite Emanation – Chap Chap

Historic document recorded in 1985, first pressing already sold out at source


$38 including tracked airmail within Europe and $41 to other destinations

Sweet Inspirations [ Tori Kudo ] LP + CDEP

Sweet Inspirations [ Tori Kudo ] LP + CDEP Sweet Inspirations at Muon – An’archives

ltd to 385, silkscreened chipboard jacket with obi (orange or yellow), inserts and postcard –

Liner notes by Jon Dale

Release date : Nov. 26th

With the release of Sweet Inspirations At Muon, the first appearance on vinyl of Tori Kudo’s mythical early ‘80s primitive rock gang Sweet Inspirations, another piece of the seemingly endless puzzle of the Japanese underground has fallen into place. Recorded some time in 1982 at Yokohama venue Muon – precise details are sketchy – we’re now given another chance to discover what was going on in Kudo’s mind just before he formed the group he is now best known for, the ragtag gang of pro and amateur musicians that was Maher Shalal Hash Baz.
Sweet Inspirations were one of several groups formed by Kudo around this time. He’d already released the visionary naïve-art album, Tenno, in collaboration with Reiko Omura, in 1980, and a trip to New York the following year led to the recording of Atlantic City, under the name La Consumption 4. Returning to Japan, Kudo first formed Guys’N’Dolls with Jun Yoshiwara (bass) and Kiyoaki Iwamoto (drums); Yoshiwara carried over into Sweet Inspirations, who existed for a few years, their membership, at various times, featuring Asahito Nanjo (High Rise etc.), Jutok Kaneko (Kousokuya), Yoshio Kuge (Les Rallizes Denudes etc.), 3C123 and many more.
The material here was originally released, without permission, by the Cragale label on CD-R in 2000. It was one of a sudden wave of archival CD-Rs that Cragale pumped out that year of material recorded at Muon, which was owned by Kohei Iehara, who co-founded Cragale with Tamotsu Hongo. In the context of the recent unleashing of material from the Kudo archives – the 9CD At Goodman set, the reissue of the first two Maher Shalal Hash Baz cassettes and the Noise LP, and the tantalising glimpses of other historical gems via Tori’s own Bandcamp page – hearing Sweet Inspirations with such clarity fills in a significant piece of the puzzle; here is Kudo, just before Maher, channelling the rough conceptualism of Red Krayola and the glinting, staggered rhythms of Syd Barrett into extended blooms of ragged glory, sketching out future classics like “Manson Girls”; A bonus CD includes a cover of a song by legendary South Korean rock group San Ul Lim.


France :

US : Fusetron or

Japan :

Akiko Hotaka – Takuya Nishimura – Ikuro Takahashi

Akiko Hotaka – Takuya Nishimura – Ikuro Takahashi LP Live – An’archives

LP ltd to 285, silkscreened chipboard jacket with obi (tan or ivory), inserts and postcard

Liner notes by Michel Henritzi

Release date : 26 November 2021

An’archives are proud to present a reissue of the self-titled first album by the trio of Akiko Hotaka, Takuya Nishimura and Ikuro Takahashi. Originally released in 2020 as a limited CD-R on the Uramado label, those who had the chance to hear this collection of live recordings, documenting a brief window of exploratory activity for Hotaka during the mid-2010s, were knocked out by its elemental force, Hotaka’s minimal, carefully sculpted pop songs spirited away to other planes of where by Nishimura and Takahashi’s improvisatory tactics, with Hotaka’s guitar now tender, now furiously overloaded.
Hotaka first came to attention as a member of Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz. She’s been playing and recording her own songs for almost two decades now, though, releasing a string of CD-Rs across the 2000s that documented live performances at Enban, some with Masanori Hattori and Yuki Yoshida; this trio subsequently released several lovely folk-like albums on F.M.N. Sound Factory. More recently, Hotaka has formed a new trio, Hotarutachi, with Shohei Matsuo and Kenji Yoshikawa (their debut album, Hikari, was released by Hayabusa Landings in 2018). Playing with Nishimura and Takahashi, though, freed Hotaka’s playing immensely. There was always something expansive about her approach to the song, but this freedom was implicit in earlier music; on this album, which draws from performances undertaken across 2015 and 2016 at Hikari No Uma, Okubo, Hotaka wrings great intensities from the simplest of two-chord levitations, allowing her melodies to follow lines of deeply personal logic. There are still skeletal pop songs here, but with Nishimura and Takahashi as Hotaka’s backing group, there’s something very open about the music; it’s wild yet courteous, gallant yet refined. Throughout, both Nishimura and Takahashi draw on the double-language they’ve developed over the years, through performing in groups who are dedicated to the wide open spaces between song form and freedom – Nishimura has played with Ché-SHIZU, Miminokoto and Suishou No Fune, among others; Takahashi’s history is deeper still, with time spent with Ché-SHIZU, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, LSD March, Kousokuya, Nagisa Ni Te, High Rise, and Keiji Haino’s Fushitsusha and Aihiyo, and on. They are ideal foils for the slow breathing, simply structured songs that Hotaka writes, sourcing great depth of feeling from the most fundamental of gestures.


Ainotamenishis Cds

Ainotamenishis CD XLISIS – Reconquista

3rd album released a few years ago in 2017, hard to find outside of Japan. They are nuts, wild, if you are in Gaseneta , Inu, Murahachibu and need rock, madness, energy and tension, you’d love them. One of my favorite band, they released their first album in 2006 on Holy Mountain and since we haven’t heard of them.


Ainotamenishis CD Die For love /Room and Dream Gyunne

second album from 2010