John Duncan 2 CD

John Duncan 2 CD “Red Sky” iDEAL recordings

Each disc is mastered as a single track.
Packaged in a six-panel digipak with eight-page booklet.
Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies, only a few copies !

With Jim O’Rourke, Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi


John Duncan 2cd

Keiji Haino 2 CD & 2 LP

Keiji Haino 2CD/ 2 LP “The Meaning Of Blackness (More Decorous Than Duty Having Become Faster Than Everything A Smile That Was Never Birthed Into The Light)” Old Heaven Books – 2019

Recorded live at the 3rd Tomorrow Festival 2016.
Mastering at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in July 2019.

Vinyls packaged in a light gatefold, limited to 300. Please not the jackets are fragile and may have somle slightly rounded corners or minimal creases. Rare !

2LP : $59  shipping inside Europe, other destinations, this item can’t be sold alone – old customers please  get in touch

2CD : $32 (airmail postage is $4 to any destination)

Keiji Haino 2 CD hsnzeng

Charles Curtis 3CD

Charles Curtis 3CD “Performances & Recording 1998-2008” Saltern

Edition of 500. Liner notes by La Monte Young, Spencer Gerhardt, and Tashi Wada. Custom packaging and screen printing by Alan Sherry.

Saltern presents its fifth release, Charles Curtis: Performances & Recordings 1998-2018, the first comprehensive collection of recordings surveying the career of renowned, American cellist Charles Curtis. Selected by Curtis and Tashi Wada from recordings spanning the past two decades, the collection offers a broad, inclusive view of Curtis’s activities across the diverse worlds of music he inhabits, containing rare, unreleased recordings, and never-before-released music by Terry Jennings, Richard Maxfield, Éliane Radigue, Alison Knowles, and Curtis. The wide-ranging scope of this release speaks not to a musical restlessness, but to a genuine spirit of inquiry, as these areas of activity for Curtis have existed concurrently in dialogue, not simply in succession, for decades. Over two hours of music by composers and artists with whom Curtis is closely associated including Éliane Radigue, Guillaume de Machaut, Tobias Hume, Silvestro di Ganassi, Terry Jennings, Morton Feldman, Anton Webern, Olivier Messiaen, Alison Knowles, Richard Maxfield, and Curtis himself

Tracklist :

1.01. Éliane Radigue – Occam V 1.02. Guillaume de Machaut
– Helas! et comment 1.03. Tobias Hume – Touch Me Lightly
1.04. Tobias Hume – Captain Hume’s Galliard 1.05. Tobias
Hume – Mistress Tittle’s Jig 1.06. Anonymous – Woodycock 1.07.
Silvestro di Ganassi – Ricercar Secondo 1.08. Silvestro di
Ganassi – Ricercar Quarto 1.09. Guillaume de Machaut – C’est
force, faire 1.10. Charles Curtis – Unfinished Song
2.01. Terry Jennings – Song 2.02. Morton Feldman – Durations
II 2.03. Anton Webern – Drei Kleine Stücke, Op. 11 2.04. Olivier
Messiaen – Louange à l’Éternité de Jésus (from Quatuor pour la
fin du temps) 2.05. Alison Knowles – Rice and Beans for Charles
Curtis 2.06. Anton Webern – Movement for String Trio, Op.
3.01. Richard Maxfield – Perspectives for La Monte Young 3.02.
Charles Curtis – Unison Offset 3.03. Charles Curtis – Music for
Awhile 3.04. Charles Curtis – Music for “Lester”

Only a few, that’s really a given price, we really can thank the label !


SLT-005 slipcases charles curtis 2

Takayanagi / New Direction CD

New Direction / Masayuki Takayanagi – Hiroshi Yamazaki CD “Live at freedom” Jinya

Recorded live 25 April 1981 at Takasaki.

Regular edition : $35

Special Disk Union ltd edition, comes with a CDR “action Direct – 1991/4/15”


takayanagi freedom bonus001

New Direction  / Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe – Hiroshi Yamazaki CD “Live at Jazzbed” Jinya

Recorded at Jazzbed, Tokyo on September 27, 1970.

Regular  Edition $35

Takaynagi abe Jazz bed promo001

Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe CD “Station ’70” Jinya

Track 1: Recorded on June 18,1970 at Tokyo.
Track 2: Recorded on May or June,1970 at Tokyo.

Regular  Edition $35

Special edition with a ltd Disk Union CDR


Takaynagi abe station 70

Doronco Gumo CD

Doronco Gumo CD “Old Tribe” Manstar

Ex Rallizes Denudes who’s now 70 teaming with Hiiragi Fukuda.reading poetry on some minimal electronic, like a mantra.


doronco gumo cd old tribe

Tolerance CDS Vanity reissues

Tolerance CD “Anonym”  Kyou records-Vanity

originally released in 1979, this official version comes in a jacket with obi, no distribution is available outside the local market. These come quite expensive but remember the recent boxsets went in a flash. No idea if this pressing is limited or not, so if you have an opportunity to get them cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate. Strange and mythic stuff, I must say I quite enjoy the music.

$30 only a very few

tolerance anonym cd001

Tolerance CD “Divin”  Kyou records-Vanity

originally released in 1981

$30 only a very few

tolerance divincd002

Coffee Faith & Mathias Preuss

Coffe Faith & Mathias Preuss  cassette

Mathias Preuß is a German saxophone player active in the free improvisation scene who lives in the small city of Lemgo near the Dutch border. He plays tenor and soprano sax mostly solo but is always open for any kind of collaboration. He has participated in a free improvisation workshop in Osaka, Japan with Chie Mukai in 2018. In February 2020 he played live with drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu in Frankfurt, Germany as a duo.

Spiritual Drone / Experimental project of Rio Nurkholis Syaifuddin from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

It should be started on 30th November 2014, but after his band members didn’t show up at the gigs, he had to play solo. Using “KOTAK IBADAH” named Kyai Sengkala, Coffee Faith makes a wide range of drone, dark ambient and atmospheric compositions. Taking themes from Religious Books, Ancient Books, Nusantara’s Phillosophers, and Ancient Culture. While absorbing and acknowledging these influences, it is important to him to find and evolve his own sound.

 cassette $10

coffe faith cs

Mirror & In Camera new albums !

For now I only have a ver few but I’ll get some more copies in 8-10 days – for now I can only ship within Europe. If you only want these releases, I’d recommend you to order directly from the label :



Mirror LP “Some days it rains all night” La Scie Dorée

After 15 yeare here’s a new album coming from the old world…I must say I’m terribly moved. On this album Mirror was Andrew Chalk, Christoph Heemann, Timo Van Luijk & Vikki Jackman recorded at The Loft, Cologne

350 copies on transparent vinyl


mirror some day 2


In Camera LP “Lost inspice” La Scie Dorée

400 copies on black vinyl, Timo Van Luijk + Christoph Heemann


In camera 2020

Kawaguchi Masami’s NRS LP

Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate with Kryssi Batalene LP C/site recordings


Kawaguchi NRS with Kryssi LP

Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki

Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki   CD “2”.

Aoki Tomoyuki from UP-TIGHT (one of our favorite band for years) with one of our favorite musician / sax player = one of the most exciting duo for years, we just love their music.

200 copies self release


aoki harutaka 2001

Totemo Cha cs Yonju Miyaoka

Totemo Cha cs “Pupil pillar” Ocirco records

Solo project from Yonju Miyaoka, ltd cassette with Yonju’s recordings when he felt bad and had a heavy treatment for his schizophrenia. Vocals, guitar, loops;

Only a few $15

Yonju cs

Jutok Kaneko ltd CDR

 Kaneko Jutok CDR “Kaneko Jutok 1958-2007” Uramado records

Limited to 100 copies, re-release of a 2007 CDR – remastered. Kaneko was the leader of Kousokuya, one of the most important band from the 80’s era and P.S.F records catalogue.

Track recording information:
1. 05/05/01 Uramado
3. 06/08/20 Uramado
5. 06/05/01 Jam


jutok kanko cdr

Makoto Kawashima CDR



Makoto Kawashima CDR 枯葉 – Homosacer Records

ltd to 50 comes with a postcard


makto kawashima cdr ltd 50001