Up-Tight CD & Box

Up-Tight CD “The beginning of the End” Essence

“The Beginning Of The End” was originally released as a scarce LP edition on 8mm Records in 2009 and – after more than a decade – sees the light of the day on CD for the first time ever, fully remastered by Aoki Tomoyuki himself. Housed in our custom tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging displaying unique and new artwork, plus OBI strip – Made in Brazil, amazing label, they had already released “The night is yours” album a decade ago Limited to 200


Art Box Limited to 90 hand-numbered pieces, carefully crafted one by one.

16 x 16 x 6 cm

The Beginning Of The End is also available as an exquisitely elaborated and strictly limited handmade boxset employing hand-carving, textures and painting explorations.Housed inside are the gatefold standard edition, a large poster printed via woodcut technique, circular psychedelic shapes and a very special object – a REAL kaleidoscope that will treat your mind for hours!

As a bonus disc for this set, the band prepared a not to be missed expanded, freakout live version of the album on CDR presented in a custom silkscreened packaging. A download card for the standard edition is also included exclusively as part of this boxset.


we do not ship only this item overseas

Kokushoku Elegy 2CD

Kokushoku Elegy 2CD ” 1985-1989″ Super Fuji

黒色エレジー (Kokushoku Elegy) was a Japanese female fronted gothic rock / post-punk band from Okayama Prefecture, Japan, formed by vocalist Kyoko, guitarist Ichiro, bassist Koichi, and drummer Yasuyuki. 

By 1987 when they were on the Transrecords label, they had evolved past the gothic sound in favor of a lighter post-punk / new wave style with catchier songwriting. Somewhere between Cranes & Siouxsie;

This 2 CD set (Disc 1 in Studio and Disc 2 is a 1989 live) includes tracks from a 1985 compilation cassette, 1st 12-inch EP “Black Elegy” (1986), 2nd 12-inch EP “Black is a live Elegy” (1988 trance), 3rd 12-inch “God’s Race / Rainbow and Serpent’s Blues” (1989) ) And other studio recordings of 14 songs (same content as “Esoderic Mania” released by SSE in 1993), and discs 2 of 12 songs from the live recording in 1989, remastered by Soichiro Nakamura as a 2-disc set.

Only a couple of copies $35

Itaru Oki with Masahiko Satoh

Itaru Oki with Masahiko Satoh CD Last Message – Super Fuji

recorded and edited in 2018 by Masahiko Satoh, Oki on trumpet & native American flute and Satoh on piano

2 legendary player, Oki has gone a few months ago, he was a pioneer of the japnese scene who moved to Paris in the mid 70’s. In 1966, he formed ESSG with Masahiko Sato, Mototeru Takagi, and Masahiko Togashi, and toured Europe in 1969. Co-starred with Kosuke Mine, Yosuke Yamashita, Takeshi Shibuya, Kazuko Shiraishi, Gozo Yoshimasu, Mototeru Takagi, Hiroaki Katayama, Nobuyoshi Ino, Yoshihide Otomo, Keiki Midorikawa, Motoharu Yoshizawa, Sabu Toyozumi, etc. Since the 1970s, he has often performed with butoh dancers, including Kazuo Ohno, Ko Murobushi, and Akira Kasai. In 1974, when he moved his base to Paris, the Asahi Shimbun wrote that “Itaru Oki’s migration to Paris is a brain drain.” After moving to France, he performed with Art Farmer, Maynard Ferguson, Noah Howard, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Alan Silva, Sunny Murray and others all over Europe. 


Taj Mahal Travellers 2CD

Taj Mahal Travellers 2CD “Live in Stockholm 1971” Super Fuji

Back in stock, great classic with Takehisa Kosugi and his less known but fantastic accolytes recorded during July 1971 in the geodesic dome at the “Utopia & Visions 1871-1981” exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Gatefold cardboard sleeve with obi, we only have a very few


Makoto Kawashima CDs

Makoto Kawashima CDR “2020-11-23”

Makoto on piano, sax, percussions


Makoto Kawashima CDR “2020-10-01”


Makoto Kawashima CD “Homo sacer” P.S.F

Re-stock of the very last CD released  in 2015 by the legendary P.S.F records label.

I can’ t tell you enough how I’m moved everytime I have this CD in hands : I remember how Ikeezumi-san was so excited when this CD was released, how he considered Makoto being as one of the best player from his generation. Different from Urabe, Makoto has maybe a more lyrical and direct style, there’s so much feelings that explode into the listener’s face….

I only have a few copies, no idea if there’s many remaining copies.


Makoto Kawashima001

Makoto Kawashima CD “Dialogue” Homo Sacer

Makoto Kawashima CD “You also here” Homo Sacer

Ltd to 100 with no distribution ! Makoto Kawashima is still considered as a new comer but believe me he’s getting stronger and within 2 years (whose Homo Sacer CD was the final release on P.S.F records) he’s been recording some of the most moving music. Somewhere between Ayler, Urabe and Abe but with a very singular lyrical mood between melancholy and rage.  Pick it up before it’s gone for collectors !

sold out

Makoto Kawashima CD you001

Makoto Kawashima CDR 枯葉 – Homosacer Records

ltd to 50 comes with a postcard


makto kawashima cdr ltd 50001

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Rain” Homo sacer

pro-CDR, this one is  Kawashima’s last statement, he considers this recording has a different one….Kawashima is really as one of the most uncompromised and talented sax player of these last years, he’s almost like a song-teller, far from intellectualism and the usual Kaoru Abe reference. Different from Urabe, slowly he’s showing a true identity.


Kawashima rain cD001

Makoto Kawashima – Naoto Nishizawa duo CD”Hamachidori” Homosacer records

Great duo with Kawashima on alto sax and Nishizawa  (Exias-J) who’s a percussionist and sound artist. Far from the usual ferocious playing, music has her a lot of space with Kawashima’s singular melodic and lyrical vibe.


Makoto Kawashima duo005

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Unification” Self Release $12

One more excellent release and quite intense performance from Kawashima, maybe a bit more physical from the previous releases.One new howler who slowly finds his own way…

Makoto Kawashima unification CD010

Archeus CS

Archeus cassette “Archeus” Haang Niap

“Archeus” is a free improvised group of Keiko Higuchi on vocals, Shizuo Uchida on bass, and TOMO on hurdy gurdy. Extraordinary trio ensemble of vocal/voice, bass, and hurdy gurdy triggers an unique chemical reaction of various expressions such as sensitive sound within silence, vocalization of a forgotten and nameless language, interplay of discordant masses of sound, the magic of minimal repetition, and dark/dense drones. They also attempt to improvise with text readings. It is as if the words are given resonance, and appear as a spirit, then seem to melt with the sound. This is a striking debut work of studio recording with instantaneous performances. Includes 4 studio improvised tracks with download code.

Let’s go nuts !


Naoki Zushi ltd cassette

Naoki Zushi cassette Live – Adavitas records

Limited edition of 150 copies

The original member of Hijokaidan, Naoki Zushi, one of the most prominent underground guitarists in Japan and currently active in Nagisa Ni Te, will release a cassette of a trio of live performances at the 2006 Gyuune Autumn Festival in Fandango.
It features performances demonstrating the quintessence of Japan’s psychedelic underground, represented by “les rallizes denudes” and “Fushitsusha.” A heavy psychedelic version of “May a flower bloom” is remarkable; it makes you feel intense passion, completely different from the delicately blooming beautiful version that decorates the end of the 4th album. It is a masterpiece that Zushi himself said, “It might be the best live performance of this song.”
The lyrics, which seem to ask the universal question since the birth of human beings of where human beings came from and where they will go, are also wonderful, and you should listen to each word.

Sold out at source, we only have a few


UH cassette ‘Morgana” Haang Niap Records

Live recording at Kokubunji Morgana 08. Feb. 2020.
Same track is recorded on both sides.
Comes with download code. Only a very few in stock !

UH are Shizuo Uchida on bass + Takayuki Hashimoto on sax. This project is one of our favorite, we released their first CD in 2018 : https://anarchives.com/


uh cs

Akio Suzuki 2CD

Akio Suzuki 2CD “odds & Ends” Hören 2002

Back in stock, an archival collection including recordings made from 1975 to 2001 with liner notes by David Toop, Jim O’Rourke, Joji Yuasa, Eye & Yasushi Utsunomia

sold out

Otomo -Roger Turner – Seijaku – Hijokaidan

Roger Turner – Satoh Masahiko – Otomo Yoshihide CD”Live at Hall Egg Farm” Doubt


Roger Turner – Otomo Yoshihide CD “Live at superDeluxe” Doubt


Hijokaidan with Akira Sakata CD “Made In studio” Doubt


Jazz Hijokaidan CD “Made in Japan, live at Shinjuku Pit Inn” – Doubt

sold out

Seijaku 2CD “Last Live” Doubt

Keiji Haino + Mitsuru Nasuno + Yoshimitsu Ichiraku


Seijaku 2CD “静寂の果てに” Doubt


Mats Gustafsson + Otomo Yoshihide

Mats Gustafsson + Otomo Yoshihide CD “Duo / Timing” – Doubt Music

First copies come with a bonus CDR, excellent duo with a lot of different instruments.


Keiji Haino CD Who knew…

Keiji Haino CD “Who knew than so many blues should reside here too…” Hören

25th Nov, Osaka University of Arts – Keiji Haino plays gamelan


Kaoru Abe new CD 9770916@Ayler

Kaoru Abe CD (digipak) 9770916@Ayler, Sapporo – Doubt Music

– Doubtmusic has discovered a previously unreleased Kaoru Abe alto saxophone solo improvisation! This CD features a complete 30 minutes performance held in summer 1977 at a jazz cafe in Sapporo which was called “Ayler” and no longer exists since long time. We no longer talk about Abe’s voice ranging by ready-made musical concept. Even his silence has persuasiveness. His voice has an ubiquity which transcend new or old musical trends. We would like young music fans who have never heard of Kaoru Abe to listen to it. You will feel musical “something” you never notice.

Recorded on 16 September, 1977 at Ayler, Sapporo (recorded material provided by Mariko Nara).


kaoru abe ayler