Free Jazz in Japan Book Soejima Teruto

Free Jazz in Japan Book – Soejima Teruto translated by David Kato Hopkins – Public Bath Press

The first authentic Japanese indies written in English Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989, historic and then became a guide,

firstly published by Seidosha in 2002.

Yosuke Yamashita, Masahiko Togashi, Kaoru Abe, Toshinori Kondo, and today’s Yoshihide Otomo and Shibusashirazu. At the end of the 1960s, Japan’s free jazz, which emerged as the flagship of the era, has created expressions that are ahead of the rest of the world. Teruto Soejima, who has pioneered the scene as a producer from the early days to the present, testifies to the documentary/avant-garde trajectory. Newly written “History of Japanese Free Jazz”. 

15 x 21 cm, 363 pages with black and white pictures

Only a very few $42

Keiko Higuchi- Naoto Yamagishi CD

Keiko Higuchi- Naoto Yamagishi CD Live 2022 – Wildcat House

Naoto Yamagishi and Keiko Higuchi (Albedo Fantastica, Albedo Gravitas, Archeus…) have both studied abroad and returned to Japan: Yamagishi from France and Higuchi from the USA.
Keiko Higuchi ヒグチケイコ voice, piano
Naoto Yamagishi 山㟁直人 drums, percussion

comes in a glossy gatefold with art by Junko Yamamoto


Ultra Bide LP

Ultra Bide LP The Original Ultra Bide – P-Vine

A band tha tsounds like a traffic accident, a ferocious synthesizer, and BIDE’s nonsense lyrics. Collecting the sound sources of “Ultra Bide”, which was active as a central member of Kansai NO WAVE from 1978 to 1980, the album released from Alchemy Records in 1984 is finally remastered and reissued! Ultra Bide is a quartet consisting of JOJO Hiroshige, who later formed Hijokaidan, Taiqui, who became the drummer for Ain Soph, BIDE (HIDE), who is still active in Kyoto, and Koichiro, who was a member of MaherShalal Hashin the early days. The phenomenal sound that had already established avant-garde punk in 1978 was not only cutting-edge at the time, but also the ultimate originality that had a great influence on the underground scene such as punk, noise, and psychedelic. ! It is also known that Oshiri Pen Pens respects them as the most influenced band.


Ché-SHIZU 1st Album LP

Ché-SHIZU LP “I can’t promise” – P-Vine

Che-SHIZU’s first album “I can’t promise” was released in 1984 from the independent label Zero Records. A rock band centered around erhu performer/singer Chie Mukai and bassist Takuya Nishimura. Continuing to make “songs” that are hard to call psychedelic or rock. The guitar is palyed by Kudo Tori from NOISE & Maher Shalal Hash Baz . This historical masterpiece isreprinted for the very first time on an analog board.


S.O.B.Kaidan LP

S.O.B.Kaidan LP Noise, Violence And Destroy -P-Vine

Osaka’s representative SOB, who is said to have influenced Napalm Death, a big name in the grind world, collaborated with Hijokaidan, a noise violence group, for this work. Noise is echoing in the background, but it’s fast and cool, unprecedented high-speed guitar, high-speed drums, death voice vocals, and noise.
The unit “SOB Staircase” is a combination of the hardcore band “SOB”, which was active in the 1980s in Osaka, and Hijokaidan. Released on analog record in 1988, 3000 copies sold out immediately. Since then, it has been made into a CD three times, with a total of over 5,000 copies being pressed.


Slap Happy Humphrey LP

Slap Happy Humphrey LP Slap Happy Humphrey P-Vine

Through the noise like a storm, Doji’s world appears and disappears like sunlight filtering through the trees…Morita Doji mixed with noise, the world’s only Morita Doji cover band, that’s Slap Happy Humphrey. Folk and noise, a miraculous space created by these two seemingly contradictory elements. The singing voice of Mineko Itakura covering Doji Morita and behind the noise, Sabert Blaze’s Hiroaki Fujiwara with Jojo Hiroshige on guitar


Sekiri LP

Sekiri LP “Push push Baby – Love star” – P-Vine

赤痢 (Sekiri; literally “Dysentery”) is a Japanese female punk band (with Aya Onishi whol later joined the Nihilist Spasm Band), formed by four 13~14-year old pervy punk girls in Kyoto in 1983 and disbanded in 1995.

Reissue of this 1987 album, this one  incorporates elements from hardcore to pop tunes and even ethnic music.


Sekiri 7′ single”Sekiri” – P-Vine

Released in 1985 from BEAT CRAZY RECORDS, the debut EP “Shigetsu” is a 7-inch EP with a special jacket just like the original, and a valuable lyric card is also attached!

One of the best girl punk bands formed in Kyoto in 1983. The lyrics of “Yumemiru Omanko” recorded in the first 7-inch EP “Dysentery” released in 1985 caused ripples and left a strong impact. Since then, he has continued to work as an independent artist without making major debuts, constantly releasing works. Until 1995, they were active mainly in the Kansai region, and of course they had a great influence on girl bands at that time and later.


Angel’in Heavy Syrup LP

Angel’in Heavy Syrup LP Angel’in Heavy Syrup – P-Vine

Legendary girls’ psychedelic & progressive rock band, “Angelin Heavy Syrup”, which is still highly acclaimed worldwide, first of all 4 out-of-print titles. Kansai underground scene solitary female psychedelic band! A single, richly colored flower that bloomed in the Kansai Underground in the early 90’s. A psychedelic/progressive female band unparalleled in the world, too early “Yoka no Kirameki”. Firstly release on Alchemy Records


Angel’in Heavy Syrup 7″ 僕と観光バスに乗ってみませんか / 春爛漫 – P-Vine / Alchemy record

2 covers of Doji Morita !


Phew LP

Phew LP Phew – P-Vine

●Why did cutting-edge musicians around the world want to create “sounds” under Conny Plank at that time? Kraftwerk and Neu! The album “Phew” (1981 release) was produced at the legendary Connie’s Studio, which produced masterpieces by , DAF, and Eno, with former Arnt Sally’s Phew.

●Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit, ex-members of the German rock band Can, which has a great influence on techno and post-rock.

●Connie Plank’s outstanding engineering and Holger Czukay’s unique editing skills make this novel sound world sound solitary and unfading even today.

●Complete edition by German original editing including unreleased song “Kodomo”.


Tetuzi Akiyama – Ayami Suzuki CD

Tetuzi Akiyama – Ayami Suzuki CD Allelopathy – Ftarri

Ayami Suzuki, a musician based in the Tokyo area, performs a unique kind of ambient drone using electronics and voice. Since 2020 she has been performing at Ftarri in Tokyo, both as a soloist and with other musicians. Acclaimed guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama is active on the international improvised music scene. In 2021 Akiyama gave many outstanding performances at Ftarri; recordings of a number of these concerts were subsequently released as CDs. “Allelopathy” is one of these recordings.

Akiyama and Suzuki performed together at Ftarri on October 10, 2021. This CD contains two of the pieces they played in that concert. In alignment with Suzuki’s characteristic ambient drones and carried along on her electronics and Akiyama’s electric guitar playing, a voice performance incorporating Suzuki’s cryptic word-like sounds unfolds calmly and spaciously throughout. This superb work abounds in entrancing charm.

Tetuzi Akiyama: electric guitar
Ayami Suzuki: voice, electronics

We only have a very few copies – $18

Sanhedrin – Keiji Haino CDs

Sanhedrin ( Keiji Haino + Mituru Nasuno + Tatsuya Yoshida) CD 「好」の5W1H – Trailights records 2013

$38 only a very few copies

Sanhedrin CD 密度を変えろ 義務の海から這い上がるように – Trailights records 2019

$35 only a very few copies

Obi CD On Chitou Jichi

Taika CD On Chitou Jichi -Taika Fasciation

Obi, a two-piece rock band based in Tokyo. The sound image that crosses psychedelic, post-punk, industrial, folk, Thai pop, and Japanese folk songs is eaten up by all kinds of environmental sounds recorded in the field in life, but in the style of “rock band”. catch the light. The hi-hat is removed from the drum set, and the drum pattern, which is built around the toms, detours to an industrial sound by hitting iron plates instead of cymbals, gradually becoming like a festival music. The restrained two-piece style leaves room for electric drills, tinkling bells, and all manner of metal percussion, while the muffled guitars and kobushi songs tie them all together as kayo. After losing its privileged position in youth culture, this work by the duo Kawaramono, who are trying to expand the possibilities of “rock bands”, “Miiketo Jichi”. What dwells in it is the erroneous translation of Western culture, the “rock band,” the movement to localize it, and at the same time, extremely orthodox cultural forces.


Les Rallizes Denudes CDs

Mizutani / Les Rallizes Denudes CD – Tuff Beats

gatefold with obi and exclusive Disk Union 80mm badge


Les Rallizes Denudes CD ’67-’69 Studio Et Live – Tuff Beats

gatefold with obi and exclusive Disk Union 80mm badge


Les Rallizes Denudes 2CD ’77 live – Tuff Beats

gatefold with obi and exclusive Disk Union 80mm badge (over level)