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 May 31, 2020

Phew ltd cassette Vertical Jamming

Phew cassette “Vertical Jamming” Disciples

A scene-setter for a forthcoming LP of unheard material, Vertigo KO, coming soon on Disciples. Vertical Jamming rescues two expansive longform pieces from a tour only CD released in 2016, and adds a previously unreleased track, “Drone”.

Explaining the background to the music, Phew comments: “Drone was recorded in 2014. It is a track that expresses the mood of those days, guided by the sound of a very simple oscillator. At the time of the catastrophe in Japan in 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear accident, and the change of government in 2013, I didn’t feel like singing at that time, and instead started making music using a very simple oscillator. Cheers and Encore recorded alongside the album New World using two more complex synthesizers.

Recorded at Phew’s place in December 2015. Music by Phew. Originally issued on CD by Bereket and sold only at “A New World Tour” in 2016.

Only a few,  ltd & high priced


Phew vertical001

Michel Henritzi & Ikuro Takahashi CD

Michel Henritzi & Ikuro Takahashi CD “We were there” Psych-Kg / Klageto E-Klageto series , comes in a 7 inch jacket , ltd to 250


takahashi henritzi

Kaoru Abe new CD 9770916@Ayler

Kaoru Abe CD (digipak) 9770916@Ayler, Sapporo – Doubt Music

– Doubtmusic has discovered a previously unreleased Kaoru Abe alto saxophone solo improvisation! This CD features a complete 30 minutes performance held in summer 1977 at a jazz cafe in Sapporo which was called “Ayler” and no longer exists since long time. We no longer talk about Abe’s voice ranging by ready-made musical concept. Even his silence has persuasiveness. His voice has an ubiquity which transcend new or old musical trends. We would like young music fans who have never heard of Kaoru Abe to listen to it. You will feel musical “something” you never notice.

Recorded on 16 September, 1977 at Ayler, Sapporo (recorded material provided by Mariko Nara).


kaoru abe ayler

Oto No Hajimari rare CD Takehisa Kosugi

V/A CD Oto no hajimari wo motomete 4 : Shigeru Sato Work – Sound 3 Co – 2005

Rare and great compilation of NHK early years when Shigeru Sato was their engineer

These pieces were recorded between 1963 and 1973 at the NHK electronic music studio, Tokyo. Includes 12-page booklet with liner notes in Japanese. With Toshi ichiyanagi, Takehisa Kosugi, Akira Miyoshi, Minao Shibata…

This is the most popular CD of the series (8 CDS were released between 2001 & 2009) but this version was withdrawn from sale due to objections from Kosugi. His  stunning track was then replaced by one by Michael Ranta (excellent too !), and the album was re-released under a different catalog number. Collector, comes from a deadstock, new & sealed I only have a few !


oto no hajimari 4 oto no hajimari 4 b

Tamio Shiraishi CD Sora

Tamio Shiraishi CD “Sora” Relative Pitch

Tamio Shiraishi was, along with Keiji Haino, a founding member of the Japanese avant garde group Fushitsusha in the 1970s. His involvement with Fushitsusha was however transient and the experience and connections formed through it led him to choose the saxophone as his main instrument. In 1990 Shiraishi moved to New York where he now plays solo material at NYC subway stops and collaborative projects at other venues. His style may be characterized as a microtonal exploration of the altissimo-range, somewhat reminiscent of traditional Japanese Enka music, some odd bird calls sometimes mixed  or cut ups withh some environmental urban sounds.


RPRSS003 Tamio Shiraishi coverp RPRSS003 Tamio Shiraishi backp

Alien Brains CD

Alien Brains CD “Live a tthe Basement” VLZ produkt

Comes with a booklet including a recent interview with Nigel Jacklin. CD, edition of 200

Originally issued on cassette(Aeon,1982),Live At The Basement does indeed sound like it was recorded in a basement – metallic squeals, languorous clanging and echoes in excelsis. Suffused with suffocation and the mysterious darkness that only lo-fi can grant, idle whistling and muffled screams falling from the ceiling; rhythms are begun then abandoned. There is the distinct feel in one’s hand of the rusty tubularity of iron piping, like a suite for haunted Hallowe’en housing. Each lonely sound is truer than the one that came before it. Concentrated strangeness from one of the more remote locations on Earth one might expect to find concentrated strangeness. Hence the Alien, and the alienation. –Signal To Noise

Alien Brains was founded in 1979. Their first release was Menial Disorders (Deleted Records, 1980.) Around that time, Alien Brains founder Nigel Jacklin organized the legendary Throbbing Gristle concert at Oundle School which was released on Industrial Records. Following Menial Disorders Alien Brains released several more cassettes either privately or on Deleted Records including ‘Blatantly Nihilist,’ ‘IV: Natural Advantages,’ ‘Der Blaunk Teps,’ ‘British Interiors’ and ‘U.S.E.’ (Unusual Social Embraces) as well as contributing to several compilations. Alien Brains were ‘an abstract non-collective’ (rather than a group) and in addition to Nigel Jacklin also included Philip and Richard Rupenus (TNB), David Jackman (Organum), Mark Lancaster (Instant Automatons), Philip Sanderson (Storm Bugs), Allen Adams (Methods Of Execution) and Truus de Groot (Nasmak.) Nigel also worked with Dominic Guerin (SPK.) Alien Brains live appearances included The Basement in Newcastle, Centro Iberico in London and Ultras in Amsterdam. Alien Brains ceased in 1985.


alien brains

Yakouchu CD back in stock

Yakouchu CD “Yakouchu” VLZ produkt 2015

back in stock !

First CD with this band that appeared on PSF Tokyo Flashback 6 in 2007 and toured since with Overhang Party, Keiko Higuchi. Centered around female singer Madoka and Louis Image guitar (Majutsu No Niwa, Keiko Higuchi) + drums and organ, music is rooted in psychedelism with a light touch of Quicksilver Messenger Service influence, or like White Heaven with dreamy mid tempos. Madhoka singer has a smokey voice sometimes a bit like Maki Asakawa….For psychedelic life, psychedelic people, a new name to discover !


Yakouchu CD001

Takashi Masubuchi & Shizuo Uchida

Takashi Masubuchi & Shizuo Uchida CD “Dripping Nocturne” Headlights records
Takashi Masubuchi – acoustic guitar
Shizuo Uchida – acoustic bass
Enigmatic duo, Shizuo is one of the most prolific musician for 3 decades, he played with Nijiumu and has a very personnal sound with gaps of silence and strangeness. Takashi Masubuchi is less well known for us but he’s a discreet guitarist and plays like a slowed down abstract blues. Here there’s sometimes some chaotic & percussive moments but we stay in a half awakened state.
Dripping Nocturne cover

Kumio Kurachi CD

Kumio Kurachi CD “Sound of turning Earth” Bison records

After 11 albums and unknown quantities of cassettes, compilations and split releases, Sound of Turning Earth is the first release outside of Japan for one of the most original figures in Japanese music, Kumio Kurachi. Recorded by Jim O’Rourke at his home studio, Sound of Turning Earth is Kurachi solo on vocals and guitar, mixing surreal lyrics and theatrical vocal personas with unorthodox tunings inspired by Japan’s national instrument, the koto. Lyrically Kurachi draws life from the small events of life, the hira, – the joy of choosing a lipstick in springtime, the business of changing the tatami, raindrops deciding whether to fall as snow. Set to his own brand of progressive folk in the Hirajōshi scale and laced with winding melodies which can be hard to forget, Kurachi maps his own territory for the people who inhabit his everyday.

Kumio Kurachi has performed actively in Japan since the 80’s, and still plays shows in Fukuoka regularly. Past collaborators include Taku Unami and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto. He has played with Tenniscoats, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Katsura Yamauchi, Tori Kudo, Jim O’Rourke and Eiko Ishibashi. If you like odd birds, outsiders,  weird folk, this album is really for you. A very nice discovery, comes in Deluxe Gatefold CD with fold out poster & 3 double sided art cards featuring Kurachi’s illustrations. 


Kumio Kurachi Kumio Kurachi 2

Akio Suzuki Analopos CD – Merzbow

Akio Suzuki CD + Booklet “Analopos” Room 40

Matte laminate CD, embossed artwork, insert card and 28 page book which includes exclusive photographs and an extensive interview conducted by Aki Onda about the history of the Analapos

In 1979, Akio Suzuki recorded a performance, ’New Sense Of Hearing’, at the Nagoya American Centre. During the performance, Suzuki used voice, turntables, glass harmonica and his self-designed instrument the Analapos to create a series of improvised pieces that effectively charted out his sonic investigations for the proceeding decades.

In 1980 these recordings were issued by ALM records as Analapos, the first work made publicly available by Akio Suzuki.

For going on six decades now, Akio Suzuki has been responsible for creating amongst the most otherworldly, yet deeply affective sound works of his generation. As a musician, sculptor and sound artist, Suzuki’s work threads an important linkage between Eastern and Western sound art practices. His approaches, that focus primarily on intense states of listening, ’throwing and following’ and a relentless sense of open curiosity, have allowed him to continuously deepen his work.

Originally published in an edition of just 200 copies in 1980, Analapos has been out of print literally since its release. Clocking in an over an hour, the original pressing of the recordings to a single LP, presented some technical limitations.

This 40th anniversary edition of Analapos is entirely remastered and is published with a booklet that includes a long form interview with Akio Suzuki conducted by sound artist and collaborator Aki Onda, plus extensive photographic documentation of the development of the Analapos. The publication of this edition is announced in conjunction with the Sense Of Ekō retrospective exhibition which opens at The Substation in Melbourne late January.


Akio Suzuki CD ALM Akio Suzuki CD ALM 2

Merzbow CD “StereoAkuma” Room 40

Monochrome printed, matte Laminate embossed cover, insert card



Sanhedrin / Keiji Haino + Nasuno Mitsuru

Sanhedrin CD  密度を変えろ 義務の海から這い上がるように – Trailghts rec.

Keiji Haino + Mitsuru Nasuno + Tatsuya Yoshida

Comes in a 6-panel Digisleeve.

Only a few $25


Nasuno Mitsuru CD-R (pro duplicated) 2019 – Trailights rec.


Nasuno Mitsuru001


White Heaven & Go Hirano

White Heaven LP “Out” Black Editions

Deluxe edition featuring pure black paper cover and insert with metallic gold ink and all new artwork.
Digital download is included. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.

First released in 1991 by Tokyo’s P.S.F. Records and pressed in an edition of 500 copies the original LP has become a holy grail in underground circles, with only a scant few copies ever making it outside of Japan. Built on the chemistry between You Ishihara’s lysergic lyricism and the blistering leads of one of Japan’s undisputed guitar gods Michio Kurihara, Out is an absolute classic. It is one of the few albums to successfully join a deep love of classic rock n’ roll with the rapturous energy of punk and openness of the avant-garde.


White Heaven LP

Go Hirano LP “Corridor of Daylight” Black Editions

GO HIRANO’s third album, Corridor of Daylights, is a quiet work of dreamlike brilliance. A home field recording where fragile piano melodies float alongside wind-chimes and wistful melodicas — insects hum in the distance and a breeze gently rustles as summer day eases toward evening. Originally released in Japan by P.S.F. Records in 2004, Corridor of Daylights is a beautiful, soulful dispatch from early aughts Tokyo.In the already eclectic spectrum of music released by the revered Tokyo based P.S.F. label, Go Hirano’s three releases are true outliers in the catalog’s thirty year history.

Deluxe edition featuring pearlescent paper, metallic inks and foil stamped letters as well as two inserts including a newly translated illustrated story booklet. Digital download is included. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.


Go Hirano LP BE2 Go Hirano LP BE