Togashi Masahiko- Steve Lacy – Takahashi Yuji

富樫雅彦- Steve Lacy – 高橋悠治 CD 富樫雅彦 Steve Lacy 高橋悠治 – Studio Songs

(Togashi Masahiko- Steve Lacy – Takahashi Yuji) Recorded on Oct 16, 2000 at Hall Egg Farm


steve lacy togashi

Onnyk CD Omega Point

Onnyk CD “Early Electronic Works” Omega Point

2 tracks recorded in 1976 & 1983

 “A late friend of mine, two years elder than me, he bought the synthesizer for first public use, made in Japan, SH 1000. He rented me it when I was 18 years old.
For I was so interested in making strange sound, the synthesizer was the gospel. I was blamed by my family since I had ever researched to make highly strange sound from ordinary instruments or usual utensils day and night.

I got the usual radio cassette recorder which could over dubbed on the recorded tape only once, and I began to try experimental recordings. Also, I liked the howling noise between the microphone and the speaker, particularly with using some electronic effectors. Controlling them made the various howling patterns. I made some cassettes with these howling.
Also, I made many over-dubbed sounds by using the synthesizer which could produce only single note.

Maybe when I was 20 or 21 years old, I mixed them together. As still I had no mixer, I did it with 3 cassette recorders through the headphone outputs and the microphone inputs. So the different sounds were recorded in left and right channels. If I need to listen to mixed ones, I play some in monaural. I think this idea was great to record the different music to the left and the right channel to use the limited recording time of the cassette as double volume. The result is track1.

Track 2 was recorded directly into cassette deck from the loop of the effectors without microphone. So, I missed the uncertain but subtle effects’ changing of the position and the angle (so called spatial effect) of microphone.
The loop of the effectors was regarded as the performance and as the installation. Controlling each effector was a kind of playing. However the sound from the loop changed automatically, maybe by the consumption of batteries (I never used the AC adoptors).” – from liner note

CD $17

Onnick cd002

Limited edition with a bonus  CDR limited to 30


Onnick cd001

Back in stock on Omega Point :

Somei Satoh CD “Echoes” – $18

Toshi Ichiyanagi CD “Funakakushi” – $18


Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki Ltd CDR

Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki CDR “Live in Strasbourg” Soleils Bleus

Limited edition CD-R, artwork printed on 300g white card, housed in a translucent glassine paper sleeve. First print 50 copies, each stamped and numbered.

All music performed live at Diamant d’Or, Strasbourg, November 8th 2018, by Tomoyuki Aoki (UP-TIGHT) and Mochizuki Harutaka during their 2018 European tour with Majustsu No Niwa. Don’t sleep on this one, we don’t have many.


aoki harutaka cdr aoki harutaka cdr2


Ground Zero 2LP

Ground Zero 2LP “Revolutionary Pekinese Opera ver 1.28” Le Narthécophore

Limited reissue of one of the milestones of the Japanese free rock scene.
Recorded in 1995, Otomo and his band unleashed an unprecedented and yet unmatched maelstrom of sounds, ranging from trad to noise.
In 1984 the German free jazz duet of Alfred Harth and Heiner Goebbels released an album containing their interpretation of a Chinese opera from the 60s. Then in 1995, using extensive samples from that German recording alongside a free rock ensemble and traditional Asian instruments, Otomo Yoshihide and his Ground Zero band issued a terrific and definitive rendition of that opera, in the form of a noisy sound collage.

We reunited the Japanese and original German versions on that record.


SPECIAL DUAL TURNTABLISM EDITION (record 1 has side A and C on it, record 2 has sides B & D, meaning people with 2 turntables can play the whole album continuously).



DSCN0373  DSCN0374  DSCN0376


Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki

Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki   CD “2”.

Aoki Tomoyuki from UP-TIGHT (one of our favorite band for years) with one of our favorite musician / sax player = one of the most exciting duo for years, we just love their music.

200 copies self release


aoki harutaka 2001

Eternal Womb Delirum CD

Eternal Womb Delirum # 1CD Super Fuji

Between Lost Aaraaf & Les Rallizés Dénudés !!!

Eternal Womb Delirum was formed around the members after the dissolution of Lost Aaraaff. Released for the first time in 45 years since editing the tapes of live performances and studio sessions that have been held for 1 year since 1974.
Their sound stimulated the five senses and tried to portray a future that could not be known with the magic of sound.

 EX -Lost Aaraaf  + Rallizes Dénudés memebers  + Ryuichi Sakamoto

1.The Awakening and Illusion Returned to the Womb [36:08]
Sep. 16, 1974 Tokyo Roppongi Theater
Kazuaki Arita (Key), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Pf), Saito (B),
JUN of long hair (G) , Hiroyuki Takahashi (Per)

2. After All [12:49]
Nov. 1975 Tokyo Shibuya Adan Studio
Hiroshi NA (Vo, B), Hiroyuki Takahashi (Ds), etc.

3. Cloud Pillar [22:37]
Dec. 1975 Tokyo Shinjuku
Hiroshi NA (Vo, B, Key), San-chan (G), Hiroyuki
Takahashi (Ds)

if you are in Japanese underground, this is probably one of the most unexpected document from the mid 70’s.

$25 with a A4 xeroxed flyer

Eternal womb deli001   eternal womb back

V/A “Tokyo Flashback P.S.F. ~Psychedelic Speed Freaks~”

2CD  (22 tracks) Super Fuji

Hideo Ikeezumi, who passed away at the end of February, established the legendary record label, P.S.F. Records. Since the 1980s, the label reigned supreme over the Japanese underground, acting as a home to a large number of unique artists and releasing over 200 titles. Countless numbers of Japanese artists were able use their P.S.F. releases to gain international exposure, and the label’s releases attracted attention from avant-garde music fans around the world. Ikeezumi also ran Modern Music, a shop whose stock selections ignored popular trends like New Wave and were based solely on its owner’s instincts and taste This compilation album is released as a tribute to Hideo Ikeezumi and is comprised of unreleased tracks donated by P.S.F artists.

Disc 1 1. White Heaven ‘OUT’ 2. Kazuo Imai ‘Delay 160715’ 3. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. ‘Pink Lady Lemonade’ 4. maher shalal hash baz ‘ikeezumi-san’ 5. Kim Doo Soo ‘Wild Flower’ 6. .es ‘Akatsuki No Uta’ 7. à qui avec Gabriel‘has come’ 8. Shizuka ‘Lunatic Pearl’ 9. Masayoshi Urabe ‘Alto Saxophone Solo’ 10. Keiji Haino‘Tozakariwashinai’ 11. Overhang Party ‘Now Appearing! Naked Existence’

Disc 2 1. Keiko Higuchi ‘Nothing Is Real 002’ 2. Ché-SHIZU ‘Emperor’, ‘Notify’ 3. High Rise ‘Outside Gentiles’ 4. Reizen ‘Untitled’ 5. Ghost ‘Blue Link’ 6. hasegawa-shizuo ‘Low Blues’ 7. Fushitsusha ‘Omae’ 8. Makoto Kawashima ‘Madokarano Kagayaki’ 9. Go Hirano ‘For Rains’ 10. Niseaporia ‘Sora no Ao ni Somazu Utau’ 11. Hideaki Kondo ‘Bach: Sonata #1 In G Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1001 – 1. Adagio’


Tokyo Flashback PSF 2

Henritzi & Takahashi CDR

Michel Henritzi & Takahashi Ikuro CDR “Kage No Hibiki” Soleils Bleus

ltd to 50 – free free free


Henritzi IT kage  Henritzi IT kage 2


Masayuki Takayanagi LP Eclipse

Masayuki Takayanagi LP “Eclipse” Craftman records

 Replica reissue of one of the rarest, and sought-after, free jazz LP ever made. This seems to be the year of Masayuki Takayanagi, with several reissues and rediscoveries of the late free-jazz guitarist’s work. Eclipse (Shinshoku in Japan) is perhaps the most remarkable, a 1975 album originally only barely released, then lost in the mists of time. The Iskra label originally chose to release only 100 copies of the LP due to expected demand for the upcoming April is the cruellest month album from ESP Disk — which wasn’t released until 20 years later since ESP went under. Eclipse naturally became a massively expensive collectors’ item, and the master tapes had been considered lost.
Recorded just a few weeks after the aforementioned April… session, Eclipse sees Takayanagi’s New Direction group presenting two sessions (originally sides A and B of the LP), taking two approaches. The first session is subtitled “Gradually Projection,” the second “Mass Projection,” which provides some hints as to what to expect. Throughout, the players push their instruments in unexpected directions, doing justice to the group’s moniker. Takayanagi, of course, contributes his unique electric guitar bursts, while Kenji Mori plays alto sax, flute, and recorder, filling in empty spaces. The rhythm section of Nobuyoshi Ino on bass and Hiroshi Yamazaki on drums is fierce and wild.

Only a very few, price is insane


Takayanagi eclipse LP

Charles Curtis 3CD pre-order

Pre-order, should be here in 1-2 weeks

Charles Curtis 3CD “Performances & Recording 1998-2008” Saltern

Edition of 500. Liner notes by La Monte Young, Spencer Gerhardt, and Tashi Wada. Custom packaging and screen printing by Alan Sherry.

Saltern presents its fifth release, Charles Curtis: Performances & Recordings 1998-2018, the first comprehensive collection of recordings surveying the career of renowned, American cellist Charles Curtis. Selected by Curtis and Tashi Wada from recordings spanning the past two decades, the collection offers a broad, inclusive view of Curtis’s activities across the diverse worlds of music he inhabits, containing rare, unreleased recordings, and never-before-released music by Terry Jennings, Richard Maxfield, Éliane Radigue, Alison Knowles, and Curtis. The wide-ranging scope of this release speaks not to a musical restlessness, but to a genuine spirit of inquiry, as these areas of activity for Curtis have existed concurrently in dialogue, not simply in succession, for decades. Over two hours of music by composers and artists with whom Curtis is closely associated including Éliane Radigue, Guillaume de Machaut, Tobias Hume, Silvestro di Ganassi, Terry Jennings, Morton Feldman, Anton Webern, Olivier Messiaen, Alison Knowles, Richard Maxfield, and Curtis himself

Tracklist :

1.01. Éliane Radigue – Occam V 1.02. Guillaume de Machaut
– Helas! et comment 1.03. Tobias Hume – Touch Me Lightly
1.04. Tobias Hume – Captain Hume’s Galliard 1.05. Tobias
Hume – Mistress Tittle’s Jig 1.06. Anonymous – Woodycock 1.07.
Silvestro di Ganassi – Ricercar Secondo 1.08. Silvestro di
Ganassi – Ricercar Quarto 1.09. Guillaume de Machaut – C’est
force, faire 1.10. Charles Curtis – Unfinished Song
2.01. Terry Jennings – Song 2.02. Morton Feldman – Durations
II 2.03. Anton Webern – Drei Kleine Stücke, Op. 11 2.04. Olivier
Messiaen – Louange à l’Éternité de Jésus (from Quatuor pour la
fin du temps) 2.05. Alison Knowles – Rice and Beans for Charles
Curtis 2.06. Anton Webern – Movement for String Trio, Op.
3.01. Richard Maxfield – Perspectives for La Monte Young 3.02.
Charles Curtis – Unison Offset 3.03. Charles Curtis – Music for
Awhile 3.04. Charles Curtis – Music for “Lester”

Only a few, that’s really a given price, we really can thank the label !


SLT-005 slipcases charles curtis 2

Takumi Akaishi LP & CD

Takumi Akaishi LP ” Memoria” Art Into Life

Takumi Akaishi’s music is like a delicate shadow box garden, a miniature sonic world unto itself. Following the release of his debut LP Music for Hurdy Gurdy (2012) and first cassette tape Naked Tape and Others (2013), Akaishi garnered critical acclaim for his fidelity to the hurdy gurdy mantle, filtered through a uniquely gentle, almost hazy touch. His tracks are interjected with ambient noise culled from the quotidian cityscape, complementing the characteristic “flatness” underpinning his oeuvre. Memoria represents the culmination of six years in incubation, the distillation of experience relived in the form of beautifully distorted memory.

Handmade album jacket swathed in dyed gauze. Each jacket features a one-of-a-kind collage by Akaishi.
Limited edition of 200


Takumi Alkaishi LP 3  Takumi Akaishi LP  Takumi Alkaishi LP 2


Takumi Akaishi CD ” Memoria” Art Into Life

CD version of the same LP above

Handmade album jacket housed in an A4-sized sleeve, wrapped in red Japanese washi paper, and tied with a string cross. Each jacket features a one-of-a-kind collage by Akaishi.

I know CD is old fashioned…Sorry but it works fine too, it’s beautiful and sure it will be a collector in a next decade or even earlier !

Limited edition of 100


Takumi Akaishi CD Takumi Akaishi CD 2

Anne Gillis, Konagaya, NOrd & more

Back in stock !

Anne Gillis 5 CD box “Archives box 1983-2005” Art Into life


Anne-Gillis box

Harmut Geerken / Michael Ranta 5CD box ” The Heliopolar Egg” Art Into Life


Geerken-Ranta box

Jun Konagaya CD box “Travel” Art Into lIfe


Jun Konagaya travel

Nord 2 CD Nord Art Into lIfe


Nord 2CD001

Naoaki Miyamoto CD 1995 – Art Into life


Naoaki Miyamoto CD

Toukaseibunshi LP “Stratosphere Sound” Art Into life

Pressed on clear vinyl and comes with a photographic print by Aqua (Iwata’s photography alias) on special transparent film. Limited edition of 200




øjeRum 6 CD “Nothing Is Meant To Be” Art Into life

Danish artist øjeRum (a.k.a. Paw Grabowski) has commanded a loyal following for his collage portraits of female subjects, while leading a dual life as a musician. Following the release of his debut album, There Is A Flaw In My Iris, øjeRum enjoyed a brief dormant period before returning to recording in earnest in 2014, unleashing a prodigious flurry of albums (many self-produced). Adorned with his beautiful collages, these physical recordings have become coveted works of art in their own right, the majority of which sold out instantly upon release. Fortunately for audiophiles and design aficionados alike, Art into Life has now reissued six of his early albums in a collectible six CD box set. This compendium of primarily acoustic recordings is a befitting testament to the raw, imminently personal emotion imbuing the artist’s work, capturing his distinct aural landscape as if privy to an intimate sketchbook of serene loops and ample helpings of atmospheric hiss.

Each CD in this special box set showcases photo prints, personally selected from the artist’s recent body of collages. Additionally, each box set includes a one-of-a-kind, handmade artwork, consisting of a leaf pressed into Japanese washi paper.

Limited edition of 300 box sets.


Oejrum box  Oejrum box 3 Oejrum box 2

KYOHANSHA – Keiko Higuchi

Kyohansha cassette 2017-2018

Isshe on Bass + Keiko Higuchi on drums & vocals = explosive no wave

ltd and numbered to 100  with dowload coupon


Kyohansha cs