Masami Kawaguchi CS

Masami Kawaguchi cassette “I miss you” Kasumuen

Solo release from Japanese underground legend and visitor to Australia Masami Kawaguchi. Masami was to be in Australia during 2020 to perform and record new work. Unfortunately this could not happen due to COVID restrictions. Instead he has produced an iso mini-album for Australia friends and fans alike with the title ‘I Miss You”. In lieu of this Masami has created a release of new music with 25+ plus minutes of tracks spread over two sides, playing all intruments…Ltd to 100


Youri Kun – Hiroshi Nar

Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar nickname who played bass with some of the most important bands such Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuni keisatsu, Datetenryu. He’s active as Youri Kun, Portcuss, Molls, Niplets…He released more than 30 releases and he’s a true singularity…Sometimes it soudns a bit like a japanese Jad Fair with a nasal and weird voice, with always one foot in rock n’ roll…

Youri Kun CD “Wanpaku 1” Hören

Last album with Toshi Ishizuka (Vajra, Sanjah, Cinorama & Tomokawa), with a nice cover of 氷の炎 Rallizes Dénudés


Youri Kun CD Hit Tune – Hören

First album released in 2006


Youri Kun CD Migoku – Hören

2nd album from 2007


Youri Kun CD Su Hören


Port Cuss CD Me Your revisited – Hören

Rock ‘N’ roll quatuor from 2005 !


Keiji Haino CD Who knew…

Keiji Haino CD “Who knew than so many blues should reside here too…” Hören

25th Nov, Osaka University of Arts – Keiji Haino plays gamelan


Otomo Yoshihide + Hiroshi Yamazaki

Otomo Yoshihide + Hiroshi Yamazaki CD “Live in europe 2016” Craftman records

2 legendary musicians, 2 generations affiliated To Masayuki Takayanagi


Musica Transonic 2LP

Musica Transonic 2LP Black Editions

Deluxe double LP, gatefold edition featuring heavy tip-on jackets with spot foil and embossing, spot color, gloss UV and soft touch coating. Full color, spot color and glossed inserts. Digital download is included. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI. Heavy !

Bass – Asahito Nanjo
Guitar – Makoto Kawabata
Drums, Percussion – Yoshida Tatsuya

Black Editions present a reissue of Musica Transonic‘s self-titled release, originally released in 1995. Musica Transonic was comprised of three of the most crucial artists to emerge from the 1990s Japanese underground: Nanjo Asahito of High RiseMakoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple and Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins. The group’s music was a supercharged combination of complex rhythms, blistering guitar attacks, and enormously deep bass momentum. Pushing the rock power trio to its miasmic, overdriven limits, Musica Transonic’s sound retains the ability to shock even now, 25 years later. 
Produced by – Asahito Nanjo
Originally released on CD by P.S.F. Records, Japan 1995 (PSFD-61)

Only a few $35

Patrick Shiroishi LP

Patrick Shiroishi LP Descension – Thin Whrist

Deluxe Embossed Heavy Tip-On Jacket with Spot Colors, Spot UV.
Includes insert and download card.

“A harrowing layered work of solo saxophone and electronics, Descension is at once beautifully elegiac and unflinchingly primal. Patrick Shiroishi is one of the key artists to emerge from the current L.A. free improvisation avant-underground; his first vinyl release is a spiritual journey that reveals his deeply reflective and unique musical vision. Descension is a sonic meditation on the legacy of a dark history and its echoing relevance in the present era.”

Only a very few – $25

Tori Kudo 5 cs set

Tori Kudo 5 x cassettes “Kudos on Soundcloud” Windpark

In this Tape Set Tori Kudo publishes the work of the Kudos that had been recorded or mixed between 2007 & 2017 at Studio Village Hototoguiss in Matsuyama, Japan.

Kudos are Reiko, Namio & Tori Kudo.
every cassette purchase features a code for the downloading of the tracks.

5 Tapes, 159 tracks, 6h 46min
drawings & design by felix h-w
dubbed in leipzig by pattern select
5 different colored riso-printed folding inlays
2nd edition of 40 sets


Orange Bliss Meeting

Orange Bliss Meeting cs Bliss meeting Cadmus Tapes

Japanese droney & zen like patterns, an invitation to the sofa as travelling is bit complicated these days. Close your eyes and take a ride.


MoE with Mette Rasmussen & Ikuro Takahashi

MoE with Mette Rasmussen & Ikuro Takahashi CD Painted – Relative pitch records

Label’s notes:

Norwegian experimental rock band MoE and alto sax virtuoso Mette Rasmussen have since their first musical meeting in 2018 already toured Norway, Mexico and Japan together. Their 2019 album «Tolerancia Picante» sent them on a long and intense Japan tour where they collaborated and played with several important figures from the Japanese improv scene. In Sapporo they teamed up with legendary drummer Ikuru Takahashi. MoE and Mette Rasmussen continue to explore the boundaries between improvisation, composition and other conceptual crossover genres


Agencement CD Box

Agencement CD Box Viosphere+ Selected Works 1984 – 1991 – Art Into Life 2013

back in stock

Hideaki Shimada who started making art and improvised violin experiments in the late 1970s in Kanazawa. As a continuation of some of these ideas, he started adding tapes, which led to the creation of the Agencement electronic project in 1985. Two LPs were released under that name, then his first CD “Viosphere” in 1991. Art into Life is now reissuing this album, plus three previously unissued tracks from the same period, under the title “Viosphere +”. Of particular interest is the previously unreleased 1988 studio session with Hironari Iwata – from Toukaseibunshi from the same 80s experimental scene. It’s a heavily avant-garde performance for guitar, amplifier and autoharp.

Comes in a box with a 12 page booklet of performance photographs from the period and several 2011 visual works. Limited edition of 200.

$16 sold out

Agencement CD “6 juxtaposed works” Tochnit Aleph


Tamio Shiraishi CD Sora

Tamio Shiraishi CD “Sora” Relative Pitch

Tamio Shiraishi was, along with Keiji Haino, a founding member of the Japanese avant garde group Fushitsusha in the 1970s. His involvement with Fushitsusha was however transient and the experience and connections formed through it led him to choose the saxophone as his main instrument. In 1990 Shiraishi moved to New York where he now plays solo material at NYC subway stops and collaborative projects at other venues. His style may be characterized as a microtonal exploration of the altissimo-range, somewhat reminiscent of traditional Japanese Enka music, some odd bird calls sometimes mixed  or cut ups withh some environmental urban sounds.


RPRSS003 Tamio Shiraishi coverp RPRSS003 Tamio Shiraishi backp

the Gerogerigegege CD + CDR

The Gerogerigegege CD “Tokyo Anal Dynamite singles” + Bonus CDR in a single jacket – Vis a Vis audio arts

Limited, we don’ t have a ton !


Youri Kun CD

Youri Kun CD “Nametoare” Inundow 2019

Youri Kun’s 13 red album, limited to 250. Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar’s project, same man who played with les Rallizes Denudes but doesn’t have any attention outside of Japan for years ! He’s a prolific person who’s been writing a lot of oblique songs with a very specific and nasal voice. This album has a nice Rallizes Cover and also some new versions of his Niplets band project.