Haino Keiji & Charles Hayward LP

Haino Keiji & Charles Hayward LP “Alost permittes to open its eyes…” 2323

Only a few $26

Haino hayward LP


Joji Yuasa & Ichiyanagi LP Omega point

Joji Yuasa LP “Aoi-no-Ue” Edition Omega Point

New designed cover version of OMEGA POINT’s early LP  limited to  50 copies !

 This work “Aoi-no-Ue” is composed mainly based on metamorphosed sound of Noh-chant. The other sound  is concrete sound such as birds songs, water drops, glasses, warped sound of vibraphone, some genera ted electronic sound and others. My Blue Sky (No.1) is a special electronic work for me, for most of  my other works on this field are based on White Noise. Where as only this piece is exceptionally us ing the other generated sound. – from liner notes by the composer

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Toshi Ichiyanagi LP “Music for Tinguely” Edition Omega Point

New designed cover version of OMEGA POINT’s early LP limited to 50 copies!
Ichiyanagi is the best known composer for domestic and foreign avant-garde music fans. Especially in  his brilliant 60’s, he made many great tape music. This LP consists of his obscure three tape works . “Music for Tinguely” was made from junk objects of kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely. “Appearance” is  live electronic music. It was not only premiere performance but also John Cage and David Tudor part icipated in performance. Very noisy and hard core!! “Music for Living Space” was composed for inner space of ‘Sun Tower’ of World Expo in Osaka. Computer generated voice reads architect Kisyo Kurokawa’s manifest.

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Great White Light LP Omega Point 1

Great White Light organized by Seiji Onishi, Kazuo Kawasumi, Mitsuyoshi Shioya, Goji Hamada performed at the Kishi Memorial Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, on February 13, 1971. Ten years after the performance, Onishi released a recording of it in LP format as an appendix to his collection “The Works of Seiji Onishi 1966 → 1981”, hereinafter referred to as “Works”). Given that “Works” was published in a small edition, and Onishi moved to Belgium soon after, it was difficult to get our hands around this documentation of the use of sound in the Japanese art of the 1970s. A reissue of this recording is Japanese Art Sound Archive’s 1st LP release.

Great White Light was full of noises created by the wind from the air blowers hitting the microphones. The artists stood in the center of the venue surrounded by the devices: six loudspeakers and air blowers, all facing outward, with a fixed microphone in front of the air outlet of each blower•3. Seats for the audience surrounded the circle, and a beam projector was set next to the wall. During the performance, Onishi operated the transformers of the blowers, and Shioya the lighting. Hamada performed his “action voice” with four microphones•4. In addition to this setup, Taj Mahal Travellers joined as a guest performer. Initially, they had planned to perform only with the blowers and voice, but just before the concert, they got suddenly overtaken by pre-performance anxiety and decided to invite the guests.
(note: this reissue was made from original LP, and some sound problems – slight surface noise and vibration – are on recording.) Ltd to 300, just incredible, noisy and libertaire !


DSCN8875 DSCN8881

DSCN8876  Great White Light LP

Gap 2CD “Practical Concert” Omega Point

GAP is an improvisation group which was founded by Kiyohiko Sano, Masaru Soga and Masami Tada in the Mid 1970’s. Now, there are not so many people who could remember their name but since they performed a gig after 40 years in 2017, their unknown sound source was rediscovered by the world. From the early time, they played oscillators and synthesizers, adding to simple self-made instruments, and made a free improvisational performance which is comparable to Taj-Mahal Travellers. Especially for Tada who was under tutelage of Takehisa Kosugi, GAP was a missing-link which lead him from East Bionic Symphonia to Marginal Consort.

DISC 1: Practical Concert – part 1_31’53”, part 2_16’24”
DISC 2: Eros Music – 46’49”


gAP 2cd002

Makoto Kawashima CDR

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Rain” Homo sacer

pro-CDR, this one is  Kawashima’s last statement, he considers this recording has a different one….Kawashima is really as one of the most uncompromised and talented sax player of these last years, he’s almost like a song-teller, far from intellectualism and the usual Kaoru Abe reference. Different from Urabe, slowly he’s showing a true identity.

out of stock

Kawashima rain cD001

Takehisa Kosugi  new ltd LP Slowscan

Takehisa Kosugi LP “August 14, 1991” Slowscan

Edition of 300 copies, historical recordings from 1991, as the composer wrote “the music was performed by myself, solo. Recorded live at my former apartment in New York”.

Labels designed by George Maciunas, founder of Fluxus movement.

The live prerformance documented here is made using pre-recorded environmental sounds (birds) recorded in the city of Ferrara, in Italy, various noises [live broadcasting sound on WCbs Radio, New York], sounds from the actual performance [a plastic bottle in which a small microphone is installed for pick up voice & other sounds], Electronics [Audio Generator], effects [Time-delay Machine, Pitch Shifter] 

$30 Only a few, move fast

Kosugi lp slowscan front Kosugi lp slowscanback

Reizen CD Different Speed

Reizen CD “Different Speed”  Edition Zeroso

Japanese musician, based in Tokyo, who composes and performs using mainly drone and minimalist techniques. Plays electric guitar, the insides of pianos, and creates works of phonography. Formed the drone quartet NERAE in 2007. In 2011 he shifted to solo performance. His work has been released on P.S.F. Records, Fylkingen Records and Edition Omega Point, etc. Performs frequently around Tokyo. Notable performances outside Japan include TUSK Festival (UK, 2015), UK tour with Elodie (2016), Empty Gallery (Hong Kong, 2017). In June 2019 with some friends he founded edition zeroso (0奏), a small imprint and series of live performances based in Tokyo.



Gotou 1st CD

Gotou CD ” Gotou” Self Release

Firt release by his trio coming from Sapporo, recorded by Richard Horner at Snowflake studio (LSD March, Tabata Mitsuru). This trio is a rock and punkish band, kind of homage to Malaria ! / Gudrun Gut german band from the 80’s. In fact they are not unknown muscians as one of the musician is Otaco whom we carried some her lo fi songs releases in the last couple of years. It seems there’s a specific scene in Hokkaido and kind of support and help between generations of musicians such Ikuro Takahashi, Aoi Swimming, Richard Horner, MC Mango and more recently Marusu, Meno (with Ikuro)…This is fun, energic and don’t say underground spirit  doesn’t exit anymore in Japan , Tokyo is just not the only place where something happens . A few copies, comes in a B5 leaflet full of pictures.


Gotou CD001


Andrew Chalk- Faraway Press LPs

Circae LP ” The Bridge of Dreams” Faraway Press

Circaea is  : Tom James Scott, Ecka Mordecai & Andrew Chalk

The Bridge of Dreams was begun as a series of piano miniatures, played by Tom in St. Matthews church in Hull before it closed many years ago. In the airy and (cold) spaces of the vast church in the winter of 2013 the pieces further condensed into 12 parts of the album here, with wistful string arrangements by Ecka Mordecai and mapped out, finally, by Andrew Chalk.

Press Statement :

Birds love the woods

If you are not a bird

you will not know its truths

A quiet life is much the same.

How would anyone know it

without living it ?

The moon

of my life is setting.

The life now left me

sinks into the hills

(from Visions of a Torn World by Kamo-no-Chomei)

ltd to 300


DSCN9853p DSCN9862

Marsfield LP “The Innocents” Faraway Press

Marsfield is  Brendan Walls & Andrew Chalk

The Innocents was begun a long time ago, in 2007 in fact and hence the strange chronology of the Faraway Press catalogue, seeing it in a completed form in early 2019, finally.

The first side of the album (Viae Memoriae = from memory) originates from the start and Vikki Jackman plays piano here, it being the time of her two albums on Faraway Press…

After much dialogue and life changing events, The Innocents became quite a story in its own right. The second side is more biographical and fuses together the album with its synthetic oboe playing and thundering piano that is its conclusion.

Ltd to 300


DSCN9838p DSCN9846ph

Masayuki Takayanagi LP Flower girl

Masayuki Takayanagi quintet LP “Flower Girl” Craftman records

Replica reissue of one of the rarest free jazz LP ever made: Masayuki Takayanagi‘s Flower Girl. Supposedly released in a limited run of 100 copies in 1968, this incredibly rare record – released as a promotional album, and never marketed – gets its first vinyl reissue via Craftman Records. Japan’s leading jazz guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi is one of the first to pursue free jazz music in Japan, and its activity has not been confined to the framework of jazz, but even a pioneer who pioneered the world of experimental improvisation is there. On the other hand, he is greedily working on music in all fields of the world, one of which is Bossa Nova. Half a century after the recording, it is a pleasant cool jazz album that can be enjoyed even without any prior knowledge, and at the same time, one of Bosonanova’s early days in Japan with the first song “so Deep and So Blue” You can also touch And in the midst of a period of high economic growth, it is also a hidden attraction of this work that you can feel the existence of one person’s willingness to try to mature culture as well as economic development, / 1968 recording, Composed by Sion Tomita (Torita Tomita) and arranged by Kiyoshi Yamaya. Performed = Masayuki Takayanagi Quintet (Takayanagi Masayuki (g), Sato Toshio (g), Mitobe Akira (vib), Kuwahara Eijiro (b), Hino Motohiko (ds))

Expensive, limited, we only have a few. Precedent Takayanagi / Kaoru Abe  LP reisue has sold out. Please thinkk about combining as shipping this LP alone or 2 LPs would cost the same.


takayanagi flower girl

Akio Suzuki CD Resonant Spaces

Akio Suzuki CD “Resonant Spaces” 901 Editions

The work presented here for the very first time is the full documentation of Japanese sound artist and instruments builder Akio Suzuki’s solo works performed as part of ‘Resonant Spaces’, a tour with UK saxophonist John Butcher arranged in 2006 by the Arika organisation.
‘Resonant Spaces’ allowed people to experience sound in some of the remotest regions of Scotland for a series of site-specific performances in natural, prehistoric, manmade and industrial locations including the largest coastal cave in the UK (Smoo Cave), the Wormit reservoir, the largest industrial ice house (Tugnet Ice House), the WWII massive 4 storey, 30m wide cylindrical oil tank located in Lyness, the 2,500 year old – and Scotland’s largest stone circle – Ring of Brodgar, and the Hamilton Mausoleum which has an impressive reverberation decay of 15 seconds!
The fascination for the power of echo and the process of listening in relation to the audience are here magnified to create a very particular bond of rare beauty between the musical creation and nature’s environment.
The tour was supported by the Scottish Arts Council Lottery Funded, Tune Up, 300 million, NVA, Whiteburn Projects Ltd.

Project coordination and booklet photos by Keiko Yoshida.
Akio Suzuki’s diary translated by Alan Cummings.
Recorded by Ruari Cormack.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Designed by Mote Studio, Berlin.
Calligraphy by Akio Suzuki.
Saxophone on track 5 by John Butcher.


Akio suzuki resonant CD Akio suzuki resonant 2CD

Masayuki Takayanagi LP April…

Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit  LP April is the cruellest month Blank Forms

Masayuki “Jojo” Takayanagi (1932 – 1991) was a maverick Japanese guitarist, a revolutionary spirit whose oeuvre embodied the radical political movements of late ‘60s Japan.

‘April is the cruellest month’ is taken from 1975 recordings destined for ESP Disk which remained unreleased due to the label’s collapse in 1976. It’s understandably hailed as a missing link between Western jazz and Japanese noise for its joyously unhinged, thrilling levels of abandoned form, and begs the question; how would an international understanding of Japanese noise be altered if it had been issued as and when intended?

Until the late ‘60s, Takayanagi, who cut his teeth under Lennie Tristano, was an accomplished player of cool jazz, but his mind was blown by Chicago Transit Authority’s ‘Free Form Guitar’ in 1969 and he turned his back on the Japanese jazz scene, infamously calling them “a bunch of losers” in the music press. Shredding solo, and with saxophonist Kaoru Abe, he would dextrously yet elegantly lay waste to convention and effectively arrive at similar, iconoclastic, and expressive conclusions to the likes of Ornette Coleman, Peter Brötzmann or Derek Bailey at the other ends of the world.

In key with the revolutionary spirit of late ‘60s Japan, and the world for that matter, Takayanagi’s shapeshift into “free” zones was cemented with ‘April is the Cruellest Month’, where they inquisitively splay the jazz atom into atonal quarks and bestial chatter in ‘We Have Existed’, and a cranky smear of brass and diffused percussion recalling aspects of Gruppo in ‘What Have We Given?’, before the B-side’s catalcylsmic 20 minute charge ‘My Friend, Blood Shaking My Heart’ truly lets rip with unearthly intensity, Takayanagi’s guitar intrepidly blazing a trail thru the gurning, ecstatic maelstrom in an every-direction. Indispensable – Essential !!!

LP $29

CD $16

Takayanagi april takayanagi april 2

Makoto Kawashima CDS

Makoto Kawashima CD “Homo sacer” P.S.F

Re-stock of the very last CD released  in 2015 by the legendary P.S.F records label.

I can’ t tell you enough how I’m moved everytime I have this CD in hands : I remember how Ikeezumi-san was so excited when this CD was released, how he considered Makoto being as one of the best player from his generation. Different from Urabe, Makoto has maybe a more lyrical and direct style, there’s so much feelings that explode into the listener’s face….

I only have a few copies, no idea if there’s many remaining copies.


Makoto Kawashima001

Makoto Kawashima CD “You also here” Homo Sacer

Ltd to 100 with no distribution ! Makoto Kawashima is still considered as a new comer but believe me he’s getting stronger and within 2 years (whose Homo Sacer CD was the final release on P.S.F records) he’s been recording some of the most moving music. Somewhere between Ayler, Urabe and Abe but with a very singular lyrical mood between melancholy and rage.  Pick it up before it’s gone for collectors !


Makoto Kawashima CD you001

Makoto Kawashima CD “Dailogue” Homo Sacer


Makoto Kawashima Dialogue

Harutaka Mochizuki | Makoto Kawashima LP “Free Wind Mood” series
Label : An’archives
Réf : [An’14]
ltd to 275, comes in a heavy old style silkscreened jacket with obi (black, dark green or grey), postcards & inserts. Printed by Alan Sherry, liner notes by Michel Henritzi

LP2 LP3  LP5b

Moonsun cs

Moonsun cs “Mixtape by Cadmus tape”

MOONSUN is the solo artist, Korea-based singer-songwriter, producer, musician, designer and also as known as a creative director of art project group ‘dnfl’ and also the producer of moi, project group with minsu.

MOONSUN draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from Jazz to old pops from 60s to 80s with a synthesizer and electronic sounds.

High grade type 1 cut to length bi-colour tape with postcard rare scratch and sniff sticker
Exclusively compiles tracks from MOONSUN’s work to date.

Here we still love pop and we’d also recommend you this discreet label
Only 25 copies available., we only have a couple of copies


moonsoon cs

Ora – Andrew Chalk & Lumine LP

In process of re-stock, let me know if you are interested

Ora LP “Time Out of Mind” La Scie Dorée

Music first and foremost, with odd numbers that drift and dissolve better in the air, with nothing heavy or static about them.
Shaded tints we desire, no colour only tints and hues.
Nothing lovelier than a grey song, where uncertainty and precision meet.
Beautiful eyes veiled and dim, the quivering bright light of noon, and the blue tangle of clear stars in a mild autumn sky.
Only the shaded tint can link dream to dream and flute to horn.
(adaptation of a poem by Verlaine)

Recorded by Darren Tate & Andrew Chalk, 1986 to 1996,
on locations and at ICR Studios in York, engineered by Colin Potter.
Arrangements made at Impression Lointaine.
Some tracks with Daisuke Suzuki.

Regular edition on Black vinyl


 ltd sub-edition of 100 that comes on clear vinyl with insert and postcard


Ora time out LP

Lumine LP  “Quiet Ends” La Scie Dorée

‘Quiet Ends’, the 2nd album by Lumine, draws an isolationist scenery with subtly merging halftones of twilight. The penumbra diffuses mysterious textures and a melancholic hypnotic atmosphere conductive to introspection. In the gathering darkness all troubling details of reality melt into large evocative masses and abstract surfaces.

Played, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk & Graham Stewart at Kulta Saha, 2017-2018.
Sleeve drawing, design and text by John Whyte.

La Scie Dorée, Scie 2119, Belgium 2019
Edition of 350 copies
With download card


Lumine quiet ends