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Singles – 2012 in progress

Ritsuko Abe – 7inch “Ai no Kizuna / Dare…” – King 1970

Comes in a super sexy double faced cover…Ritsuko Abe is one of those sexy singers who has a few singles and some hunted down albums. If you are in Reiko Oshida, you know what type of music you’ll find here but Ritsuko Abe is a little more acomplished singer. typical of the kayo sound coming from the 70’s, fist side has harpsichord with percussions and heavy bass on a middle tempo for a lovely ballad; B side is more up beat / funky/ groovy with some slight psych guitars fllowing flutes, a bit like some Chinatsu Nakayama songs but it has the “hot” vibe. One name to discover, pretty sure you’ll be hooked within a few minutes.

EX+ (minor wears) / EX/mostly EX+



Michi Aoyama – EP 7″ inch 33 rpm ” Crown Ace” – 1967

One of the very rare EP with Michi Aoyama, 4 titles : Manhattan Blues / Onna Blues / Otoko Blues / Jonetsu no Hatoba

comes in a glossy cover with obi

Cover is EX (some minor wrinkles) / vinyl has a few scuffs, plays EX


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ 45 rpm red wax ” Janome no kage de / tsukiji akashi machi”Toshiba

rare single by Yukiji Asaoka,  one track is beautiful nagauta style song, with shamisen, strings and drums,, the other one is a lovely enka/minyo song veru typical of Asaoka’s early repertoire, definitiveley my favorite. Some others singles came with the same picture in all red or green but this one has not the same tracklist and it’s a RED WAX. For fetichists, this is a must.

EX+ / EX




Yukiji Asaoka 7″ Furimuitemo Kurenai / Anata to watashi” – Crown 1965

One of the first single after Yukiji Asaoka left Toshiba for Crown, for a more crooning period, a mix of kayo and bossanova.

EX (minor wears) / vinyl plays EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Tomedonaku / Kageboshi no Blues” – Crown 1966

EX (some stains mostly on the back) / Vinyl plays EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Nagareboshi no Blues / Nagare no Onna” – Crown 1966

EX / EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Namida no kakera” / Wakare no bossa nova” – Crown 1966

EX / EX +


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – ” Onna no Tabiji / Watashi no Uta ” – Crown 1966

One of the most popular single taken from her album

EX+ / EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – ” Nokoribi no blues / Suki nattandamon” – Crown 1967

EX / EX +


 Misae Enomoto 7″ – “Toi-Hito / Shamisen Ichidai” – Victor 1964

Post war actress and singer, Misae Enomoto is one of best singer in straight enka style with shamisen, her nasal and high pitched  voice will bring you back in the black and white Mizoguchi pictures. One of most beautiful passionated  voice in my favorite repertoire. No hype just pure beauty, just like an older Sono Mari with a deeper vibrato.

EX+ / EX +


Misae Enomoto 7″ – “Owakare sanosa / Naite, Naite, Naite” – Victor 1964

As good as the one above.

EX+ / EX +


Meiko Kaji  7″  pinup cover “Jingi Komori Uta / Koi Ni Inochi O – Teichiku – Promo Copy

One of the rarest if not the rarest Meiko Kaji’s single and it’s one of my favorite with a picture taken from one of her role she had for Nikkatsu. A stunning mix of  enka/kayo songs with some psych elements.

Downpriced because of its condition.

VG+ (all angle have a small removed off  partbecause I guess the cover had some adhesive on each corner/ Plays EX/EX+


Matsuo Kazuko 7″ 45 rpm “Shima no Musume ” – Victor 1962

sorry Because I can’t find the second title…I have a lot of Matsuo Kazuko and this single is extremey rare because of its cover and songs are not the most known and it’s really a shame !  “Shima…” is a well know title, here Matsuo is accompanied by male choirs, with some more winds & strings, everything is at its place.

One of my favorite, Matsuo Kazuko is a queen…

EX+/EX- (some suffs & a few static noise but nice copy overall)


Keiko Mari 7″45 rpm  “Hadashi no mama de” – Victor 1969

Early single, Keiko Mari became famous under “Petite m’amie” nickname but musically she was at her top as a cutie GS girl.

Just a lovely single, I dream of vacations once more…and of some more innocent pop singers.

EX (2 tiny pinholes on the bottom right corner) / EX because it has a sticker and a few marks but it plays EX+




Oh Ranfan 7″ 45 rpm “Itai, Itai, itai no yo / Senaka no hokuro” – Victor 1968

One of my favorite singer in the “erotic” repertoire, Oh ranfan was also an actress and had only 4 single on which she really sings, this one is her second. far better than any Ike reiko and other nymphettes, music finds its place in a kind of lounge jazzy styled of music and her punctuations, breath, whipers brings some hot insinuations without being caricatural. I really consider Oh Ranfan as the hotest singer, she sounds a little depraved but in a very musical manner. Very addictive, all recommendations

EX/EX+ / EX (has some scuffs) but plays EX to EX+


Reiko Oshida 7″ double sided fold out cover  “School of Maidens / Your Girl” CBS 1970

First release by the famous sexy pinky  actress Reiko Oshida who subsequently appeared in all four of Toei Company’s Delinquent Girl Boss films, one of most sought after release of this pinky violent era. Oshida is not the best singer but these 2 songs are really nice for her amateurish style; Groovy R&B with organ with strings arrangements…HOT !!!

EX to EX+ (a very few clear stains) / EX to EX+