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Yasumi no Kuni CD

Yasumi no Kuni CD “Concert 1975” Super Fuji

Long-running Japanese folk group, originally formed in 1969 by the members of Jacks & Teruyuki Takahashi, recorded live just after Fy Fan second album


Koichiro Watanabe, Pinakotheca CDs

Koichiro Watanabe 2CD “Watanabe Kōichirō no anchi kuraimakkusu ongun” Super Fuji

Archives from an intriguing musician who was very active in the 80’s with Ultra bide, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Fifth Column and died in 1990. Between avant rock, lo fi bric à brac, sound collages and noisy miniatures, Watanabe was a bit like Tori Kudo in the 80’s, surfing on different styles of musics. That’s free spirit like, very like Pinakotheca highly recommended !


Koichiro Watanabe CD “Matomete abayo…” Super Fuji

Excellent, firstly released in 1991, with Tori Kudo 3C123, Tokyo Sucide…


V/a Fecund Infection – Pinakotheca – Super Fuji

Historic and firstly released on Pinakotheca in 1982, what a compilation it is : Onnyck, Satoshi Sonoda, David Toop and Steve Beresford, A musik…


Kazuki Tomokawa book

Kazuki Tomokawa book “Try Saying You’re Alive!: Kazuki Tomokawa in His Own Words” Blan Forms

Paperback , 14 x 20 cm – 256 pages – english

Kazuki Tomokawa has lived many lives: poet, self-taught guitarist, actor, day laborer, basketball coach, painter, bicycle race tipster, and incomparable drinker among them. Above all, he is a legend of Japan’s avant-folk music scene and his searing lyrics and raw, unvarnished vocals have influenced generations of musicians since his mid-1970s debut, when his unique sound brought him to prominence in the turbulent worlds of Tokyo’s underground film and music. Here, in his contemplative and utterly original style, the “screaming philosopher” charts the last six decades of his life, reflecting on everything from keirin to nuclear disaster to his own itinerancy, all the while providing an unfiltered view into the explosive cultural zeitgeist of postwar Tokyo. Originally printed in 2015, this translation is the first of Tomokawa’s writings to ever be published in English, and is accompanied by Blank Forms Editions’ reissue of Tomokawa’s first three solo records from 1975–77: Finally, His First AlbumStraight from the Throat, and A String of Paper Cranes Clenched between My TeethTry Saying You’re Alive! is a memoir like no other, delivered with the incisive tongue and stubborn charm of one of Japan’s most singular living musicians. 

Kazuki Tomokawa (b. 1950) is a prolific singer-songwriter from Hachiryu Village (now the town of Mitane) in the Akita Prefecture area of northern Japan. Since his first release in 1975, he has recorded more than thirty albums. The 2010 documentary about his life, La Faute des Fleurs, won the Sound & Vision award at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, and that same year saw the Japanese release of the book Dreams Die Vigorously Day by Day, a collection of his lyrics spanning forty years. His most recent albums are Vengeance Bourbon (2014) and Gleaming Crayon (2016), both on the Modest Launch label. 

Damon Krukowski is a musician and writer based in Cambridge, MA. His most recent book is Ways of Hearing (MIT Press, 2019) and his latest album is Damon & Naomi’s A Sky Record (20|20|20, 2021). 

Daniel Joseph is a translator, editor, and musician. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in medieval Japanese literature, and recently contributed translations to Terminal Boredom (Verso, 2021), a collection of stories by science fiction pioneer Izumi Suzuki.


Takehisa Kosugi – Mototeru Takagi CD

Takehisa Kosugi – Mototeru Takagi CD Infinite Emanation – Chap Chap

Historic document recorded in 1985, first pressing already sold out at source


$38 including tracked airmail within Europe and $41 to other destinations