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Vinyls – VI

Ichiro Araki LP “Kimi ni sasageru horonigai burusu” – Trio

Very hard to describe this singer. Sounds like pop /kayo music with a melancholic voice, his style is a great mix of different styles of music, in a way it reminds me  Morio Agata. Some will find him superficial with a first listening but there’s a lot of personnal details to be heard here specifically in the folk/soft ballads. Deeply rooted in the mid 70’s, it’s just a well done album that sounds finer with time.



Ruriko Asaoka – LP “Ruriko Asaoka no subete – kokoro no shasu” – Teichiku

Gatefold cover + facial obi + fold out booklet

Fantastic kayo album with Tanadori Yokoo cover, probably one of the best known album with Ruriko Asaoka from the early 70’s.  If you are into Kiyoko Itoh and Meiko Kaji, it’s probably for you.

EX (Cover and inside are  EX+, back has 2 scuffs, obi show some wears) / EX+



    Ruriko Asaoka  EP  7 inch 33 rpm “Best song Deluxe” – Teichiku

Gatefold cover with obi

Nice EP with this early Ruriko Asaoka best, it has 4 lovely tracks that were recorded before her famous album with Yokoo’s cover.  Once again, open your ears, Meiko Kaji is a great singer but there amny more to discover.

EX+ / EX to EX+



 Eri Chiemi  LP 10 inch “Mood in Chiemi’s Japanese folk songs 3”  – King 1964

My favorite with Chiemi’s minyo period and one of these 5 LPs which has probably the most stunning cover.

EX+ / EX (some visible scuffs but plays a solid EX to EX+)



 Eri Chiemi LP “Deluxe” – King 1968

Gatefold cover with obi and attached pin up poster

Another piece in the minyo repertoire, this one sounds so fast with Chiemi singing like a cat. excellent collection with textured cover and nice pictures.

EX+ (a few stains) / EX+



Eri Chiemi LP  “Deluxe” –  King 1969

Gatefold cover + obi + pin up poster

One more ! This is the first Chiemi taht hooked me to her music some years ago. Just perfect !

EX+ / EX+



Eri Chiemi  7 inch 33rpm “chiemi no minyo” – King 1962

I love that stuff and this format, this one has 4 perfect songs and comes in a nice heavy and glossy cover, it’s always a miracle to find these EPs in a miraculous condition

EX+/ EX+ (near mint but has a few very minor static noise)


Death Comes Along LP “Heavy psychedelic schizoid god” – Mangrove 1994

Inserts + obi

Leaded by CROW :

“Funeral March for Amebix, The Mob, Dirt, Antisect, Crude SS, May Blitz, Flower Travellin’ Band, Diamanda Galas, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Black Sabbath and German Oak.”

One great classic, jsut reading their dedication just before would give you a slight idea ! Very hard to describe, less caricatural than the pictures.



F.M.T.  LP  “You got a freedom” – ALM records 1979

Recorded on 27, 28 June 1978 at Tachikawa, Shakai-Kyoiku Kaikan. The group’s acronym was taken from the first letters of the members’ surnames (Fujikawa, Midorikawa, Toyozumi), but it also stood for Free Music Trio

EX (some stains) / EX+



Ryohei Hirose “Kalavinka – the music of Hirose 1972-1973” – Columbia 1973

gatefold cover with attached booklet

Beautiful album by a still underrated composer, Hirose in the early 70’s has been attracted both by japanese and indian culture and explores her the woodwind instruments with a great elegance. Flutes, oboe, clarinet, bassoon with strings, percussions. If you are familiar with Makoto Moroi’s acoustic work, it will nicely complete your acoustic albums.

EX+/EX to EX+ (a few surface noise but still a very nice copy)



Ryohei Hirose / Toshi Ichiyanagi / Maki Ishii LP “The concert of japanese contemporary music”

A recent but no easy to find release.




Tomojiro Ikenouchi LP “Yuya” – King 1980

3 pieces from no drama “Yuya” pour soprano and orchestra + Quatuor à cordes

Excellent release, if you want a higher price with some more nice words, you can ask me.

New / Mint




Carmen Maki LP “Poems in the midnight till the candle goes out” – Sony 1969

Gatefold cover with insert

One of the greatest album with Shuji Terayama lyrics and Carmen Maki icon. My love for the japanese stuff began with this album, it was one of the great classic you could afford for peanuts and now it just becomes hard to track a nice copy.

EX (minor wears and stains inside) / EX+



Iuchi Kengo LP “Inagumi to Kachiku” Kubitsuri Tapes 1995

Gatefold cover with attached booklet and insert.

One of the  weirdest  record ever recorded. Known as performer and death-folk singer, Iuchi Kengo was regularly assisted by Chie Mukai, Makoto Kawabata, and noboday has surpassed him in the heart of madness.

Beating his guitar, with a howling and croaking voice, far from the usual noiser, he just doesn’t make a show, he brings you deeply in discomfort, endless nightmares.

If you want some extreme, darker than any Keiji Haino,






Lily LP “Onion” – Express 1971

First pressing, comes in an outer cover and obi + insert

Very nice album with Lily’s husky styled voice that is reminiscent to a post-Carmen Maki folk and blues era style. The overall tone is folk-like with some psychedelic undertones, which get infused by some of her excellent backing musicians such as Foodbrain / Out Cast / Path Through Haze / People guitarist Kimio Mizutani and Jacks / Asakawa Maki drummer Tsunoda Hiro. Some tracks are embedded in a bluesy atmosphere, where her voice gets some effects that resemble singing through a telephone. Stunningly beautiful. Great acid folk-like bluesy and psychedelic album.

EX (some minor wears on the outside jacket and obi) / EX+



Teizo Matsumura LP “Teizo Matsumura 1” – Victor – 1984

Symphony (1965) + Prelude pour orchestra (1968) with Hiroshi Wakasugi as conductor



Teizo Matsumura LP “Teizo Matsumura II” – Victor 1984

Piano concerto N°1 (1973)  & Piano concerto N°2 (1978)

Mint / New


Sally May LP ” Sally May – Kinpatsu Enka” – Victor 1969

gatefold cover

Excellent album by Sally May (half caucasian/half japanese) who’s better know as a Nikkatsu porn actress and concurrent to Kumi Taguchi in the early 70’s ,  music there is deeply rooted in enka songs with a gutural voice of her own. Very close to Yukiji Asaoka and Junko Fuji repertoire, but her voice is really a distinct one, these are really some great classics. Highly recommended, rare and reasonable price




Kan Mikami LP  “live 1972” – URC

Mikami at his peak and cover’s too…Later reissue, that’s not the original pressing but this title doesn’t really turn anymore for a couple of years

EX- (Cover has a few stains and yellowed on the right corner +and a discreet 5 cm split seam on the superior spine) / obi and insert are EX+

 vinyl plays EX+


Haruna Miyake + Yuji Takahashi  LP ” Ichimen Nanohana: On Two Pianos 1983″ – ALM records 2003




Akira Miyoshi LP ” Contenporary music of Japan – 10″ – Victor 1979

Concerto for piano and orchestra + Concerto for violin and orchestra

Excellent release in an excellent collection, Akira Miyoshi is not well known in western countries, if you are in Takemitsu, you can open your door to some neglected composers such Miyoshi



Akira Miyoshi / Akio Yashiro / Michio Mamiya 2LP  CBS / Sony 1979

Gatefold cover with attached booklet and obi

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Akira Miyoshi : concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre

Akio Yashiro : concerto pour piano et orchestra

Michio Mamiya : violin concerto




Makoto Moroi LP “Music for shakuhachi” – Victor 1971

with insert & obi

Extremely rare and superb album, Moroi here is empolying traditional instruments with an avant-garde and experimental mindset. It leaves me breathless.




Yuko Nagisa LP “Okinawa minyo o utau” – Toshiba

Gatefold cover

Nice kayo album from the 70’s with some minyo incursions, a nice mix of ballads/kayo with some shamisen inclusions, just perfect for the autumn.




Yuji Takahashi LP “Contemporary music of  Japan -14” – Victor 1980

One of my favorite Yuji Takahashi’s album with “Chromamorphe II for piano” (1964) -” 6 elements” (with a great violin)  and “Tamaogi” with words by Mutsuro Takahashi & oboe, trumpet, percussions,…




Teruyuki Noda LP ” Contemporary music of japan – 15″ – King 1979

Trio per violino, violoncello e piano (1971)

Live de Mort (1975)

mint/ new



Toru Takemitsu LP “Contemporary music of Japan – 11” – Victor 1979

Maybe one of the most popular japanese release with Takemitsu, it’s just excellent with pieces such as Requiem for strings – ARC for piano and Orchestra

With Toshi Ichiyanagi on piano.

Mint /New



Toru Takemitsu / Yoshinao Nakada LP  “November steps / Songs of praise to beauty” – King 1980

One famous piece with biwa and shakuhashi for Takemitsu’s “November steps” .

Cheap release but excellent music

New / Mint


Akio Yashiro LP “Contemporary music of Japan – 5” –  Victor 1979

Quatuor à cordes (1968) + Sonate pour piano(1964) + sonate pour 2 flûtes et piano(1968)




Yosuke Yamashita trio LP “Concert in new jazz” – Union records

Nice reissue of  a gig recorded live at “Sankei Hall”, Tokyo on 21st September, 1969 with Yosuke Yamashita,p /Seiichi Nakamura,ts,ss,cl /Takeo Moriyama,dr