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Kenji Mori & Miyamoto Naosuke

Kenji Mori Quartet CD “Firebird” Craftman

Kenji Mori, Nobuyoshi Ino, Steve Jackson, Kazumi Watanabe recorded in 1977


Miyamoto Naosuke sextet CD “Step !”

With Miyamoto Naosuke, Takashi Furuya, Shiji Nakayama, Masyoshi Yoneda, Takeshi Goto Kunchi Shigi


Homei Yanagawa CDS

Homei Yanagawa is a japanese alot saxophonist who’s active for more than 3 decades, maybe his most well known project is Dislocation as one of their first CD was released on P.S.F records and later they had an album on Fusetron. He’s a discreet player, recording a lot and sadly hus music is not really popular to western ears. He’s really someone to discover. All CDrs are nicely made with great attention and we only have a very few of each

Moon Like Lapis CD Untitled – 1998

What a find it is as this is the only recording and hard to find for years of this trio with Homei Yanagawa, Wataru Hayakawa (guitar and voice-cry out), Tadanaki Miura (guitar tape and voice-cry out)

Comes with a 36 pages booklet…Free, avant rock, noise, that’s a thing


Yanagawa Yoshinori (Homei) & Hayakawa Wataru CD “Jashin-Fushi’ Gonkuonsya

Great classic that was released in 1997


Moqu & Homei Yanagawa CDR” Unreleased tracks of Grind the Air” Gonkuonsya

Outtakes of the 2004 sessions Moqu = もQ , remastered in 2021


Homei Yanagawa CDR “Dream of Butterfly” Gonkuonsya

New solo recorded in 2021


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “tiny souls of self sacrifice” Gonkuonsya

alto sax + drums & percussions, poetry reading by Chieko Hiramatsu


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “Yotsuya Kwaidan” Gonkuonsya

sold out

Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “After it’s gone” Gonkuonsya


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “Botan Dourou” Gonkuonsya

sold out

Heal Roughly + Take-Bow CDR “We’ll heal you in a rough and fierce way” Dual Burst

Heal Roughly are : Homei Yanagawa + Meg Mazaki – Take Bow is the guest and he’s a versatile guitarist from Kyoto


Yanagawa Homei + Nomichi Kouji CDR “Ban-Tan”

alto and tenor duo recorded in 2020


Homei Yanagawa 2CDR “Musaishoku-no-jubaku / Koushin no yoru “Gonkuonsya

beautiful homage to Hayakawa Wataru (1974-2005), calligrapher.
Disk 1 recorded on October 25, 1998 at Kuku (Sakae, Nagoya). Originally released as GO-06.
Disk 2 recorded on January 9, 2006 at K.D. Japon (Tsurumai, Nagoya). Originally releaased as GO-08.


Homei Yanagawa CDR “2016” Gonkuonsya

With Niida Bungo, Fujita Ryo, Yoda Takumi, Sato Shigeru, Ishii Masanori


Bunsuirei / Yonju Miyaoka

Bunsuirei CD ” First gig” Tall Grass records

re-release on pressed CD (ltd to 200) of their first CDr that came out a few months

Bunsuirei is a trio leaded by Yonju Miyaoky who’s 25 and live now in Osaka. Yonju who’s suffering from schizophrenia is a regular collaborator of Chie Mukai and that band opened a few times for Ché Shizu. Yonju is definitively a new name to discover who’s deely rooted in the 90’s scene, from Tori Kudo to Fushitsusha, Kousokuya and early Miminokoto. This CDr is more pop / folk oriented with a singular sensitivity. You probably understood we love him here as we regularly mention his name for months. other members here are Haruki Sakurai, Morio Tagami. Yonju is a name that will probably grow up in a near future and now we can tell An’archives is now working on a LP project with Yonju’s early band.


Bunsuirei CDR “Dreamy” Tall Grass

Comes with liner notes and songs both in Japanese and English

Second album just made by Yonju Miyaoka who’s the leader of the band. He’s now regularly playing with Chie Mukai, everytime I hear his songs, he reminds me so many names as Tori Kudo, Ché-Shizu but Yonju has a true singularity and “vision”. He’s the younger generation who’s coming and you’ll hear from him on An’archives in the next months..

Ltd CDR , we only have a few- $15

Totemo Cha cs “Pupil pillar” Ocirco records

Solo project from Yonju Miyaoka, ltd cassette with Yonju’s recordings when he felt bad and had a heavy treatment for his schizophrenia. Vocals, guitar, loops;


Makoto Kawashima

Ochibonoame CD “Ochibonoame” – Homo Sacer

Ochibonoame is trio with Makoto Kawashima, Louis Inage & Naoto Yamagishi

Fantastic first meeting, free and it leaves me breathless !


Makoto Kawashima CDR”Circle/ Curve” Homo Sacer

Second edition and new design. Originally released in 2016 this one one of the very first self release that brought some light on Kawashima. If there’s someone in the tradition Kaoru Abe, that’s probably him. Almost a classic Kawashima is a name who’s been growing since and he deserves a wider audience as he’s a poignant player.


Makoto Kawashima CDs

Makoto Kawashima CDR “2020-10-01”


Makoto Kawashima CD “Homo sacer” P.S.F

Re-stock of the very last CD released  in 2015 by the legendary P.S.F records label.

I can’ t tell you enough how I’m moved everytime I have this CD in hands : I remember how Ikeezumi-san was so excited when this CD was released, how he considered Makoto being as one of the best player from his generation. Different from Urabe, Makoto has maybe a more lyrical and direct style, there’s so much feelings that explode into the listener’s face….

I only have a few copies, no idea if there’s many remaining copies.


Makoto Kawashima001

Makoto Kawashima CD “Dialogue” Homo Sacer

Makoto Kawashima CD “You also here” Homo Sacer

Ltd to 100 with no distribution ! Makoto Kawashima is still considered as a new comer but believe me he’s getting stronger and within 2 years (whose Homo Sacer CD was the final release on P.S.F records) he’s been recording some of the most moving music. Somewhere between Ayler, Urabe and Abe but with a very singular lyrical mood between melancholy and rage.  Pick it up before it’s gone for collectors !


Makoto Kawashima CD you001

Makoto Kawashima CDR 枯葉 – Homosacer Records

ltd to 50 comes with a postcard


makto kawashima cdr ltd 50001

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Rain” Homo sacer

pro-CDR, this one is  Kawashima’s last statement, he considers this recording has a different one….Kawashima is really as one of the most uncompromised and talented sax player of these last years, he’s almost like a song-teller, far from intellectualism and the usual Kaoru Abe reference. Different from Urabe, slowly he’s showing a true identity.


Kawashima rain cD001

Makoto Kawashima – Naoto Nishizawa duo CD”Hamachidori” Homosacer records

Great duo with Kawashima on alto sax and Nishizawa  (Exias-J) who’s a percussionist and sound artist. Far from the usual ferocious playing, music has her a lot of space with Kawashima’s singular melodic and lyrical vibe.


Makoto Kawashima duo005

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Unification” Self Release $12

One more excellent release and quite intense performance from Kawashima, maybe a bit more physical from the previous releases.One new howler who slowly finds his own way…

Makoto Kawashima unification CD010

Shuko Mizuno – The New Herd

Shuko Mizuno & Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd plus all star guests CD “Shuko Mizuno’s Jazz Orchestra ’73’ Craftman

With Hideto Kanai, Takayanagi Masayuki…


Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD

Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD 1986.2.23 -M.S.B.H direct sales

New limited archival CD just released in Japan, comes in a handmade jacket


Masayoshi Urabe 3LP Box

Masayoshi Urabe 3 LP box “Mobilis In Mobili” An’archives

Edition of 285, silk-screened wooden slipcase with 3 silkscreened panels (black & gold) + inserts and a 6 postcards set

Handmade slipcases and printing job by Alan Sherry

Liner notes by Michel Henritzi

An’archives présente trois documents, trois vinyles scarifiés par les illuminations de Masayoshi Urabe, six performances gravées là comme des épitaphes sur la pierre qui recouvre le vivant. Enregistrements faits dans de petites salles banlieusardes au Japon où il a pour habitude de jouer devant un maigre public, le Bitches Brew à Yokohama, le Groove à Okinawa et Gari Gari à Tokyo.

Urabe a croisé dans les couloirs du label culte PSF : Kan Mikami, Chie Mukaï, Rinji Fukuoka, Hiroshi Hasegawa, avec qui il a joué, parfois enregistré des albums d’une insondable beauté. Mais c’est en solo qu’il est le plus troublant, lumineux et sombre, violent et poignant.

Pas d’autres frères que Kaoru Abe et Albert Ayler, un même tragique, une même corde jalouse pour se balancer dans le son, renverser le ciel sous nos pieds. Urabe s’accouple à son alto, le violente, snuff jazz appelant les anges déchus à venir nous hanter. La mort, comme son éros, hante l’œuvre de Masayoshi Urabe, se dévoile à travers ses sons cuivrés. Il suit le son, l’aspire et le crache, sac d’air retourné jusqu’à l’épuisement, violent, jouant ou dansant, voulant que les premiers rangs cèdent à son érotisme trouble. Urabe  est un magnifique mélodiste, même s’il finit par tout saccager, ne rien laisser d’autre qu’un corps musical mutilé. Notes étranglées, aucune mélodie, juste du souffle, de l’air craché, un chant d’amour.

Michel Henritzi

These are recordings made in small suburban venues in Japan where Urabe would play in front of a meagre audience: the Bitches Brew in Yokohama, the Groove in Okinawa and the Gari Gari in Tokyo.

In the corridors of cult label P.S.F. Records, Urabe came across the likes of Kan Mikami, Chie Mukai, Rinji Fukuoka, Hiroshi Hasegawa, with whom he played, and sometimes recorded albums of unfathomable beauty. But he is most disturbing, luminous and dark, violent and poignant, during his solo sets. Hideo Ikeezumi (the cultural ambassador behind P.S.F.) supported him more than others and tried to offer him all the space he could hope for.

His only kindred spirits are Kaoru Abe and Albert Ayler, with whom he shares a sense of tragedy, the same jealous string to swing into the sound, to turn the heavens over to our feet. Urabe mates with his alto sax, assaults it, snuff jazz calling fallen angels to come and haunt us.

Death, like Eros, haunts Masayoshi Urabe’s body of work, and unravels through copper sounds. He follows the sound, inhales it, spits it like an air bag turned inside out until exhaustion, violent, playing and dancing, willing the front rows to give in to his murky eroticism.

Urabe is a magnificent musician, even though he ends up trashing everything, leaving only a mutilated musical body behind. Strangled notes, no melody, just breath, spat air, un chant d’amour.

68 € + postage

Please note I can hardly ship overseas with the French Post because of X Mas rush. We can upgrade and ship with UPS but you have to be warned it can be pricey, depending of your exact location. Ask if you want a quote. For Europeans, shipping is probably between12 to 17 €

Please allow us a small delay with shipments as empty boxes come from overseas and some are still on the way. We also need a little bit of time to pack as here there’s only 2 hands

.es – Takayuki Hashimoto

Takayuki Hashimoto CD “Chat Me” Nomart

Takayuki Hashimoto is half of . es aka Dot es project with Sara, an Osaka based free impro project. Takayukis playing sax, harmonica and guitar and he’s now in Kito Mizukumi Rouber proto garage punk band. Here’s on this new album we have 2 long tracks, frist on flamenco guitar with a pointilliste approach and the second one is on alto sax. Bith tracks have similitudes with focus on small details and repetitions. There’s a lot of concentration but no headache on the horizon.

Comes in a beautiful single 7′ sized jacket


.es CD “Vessel of Catastrophe” Nomart

2 Catastrophe tracks with guitar, harmonica, guitar, piano & percussion

Chaotic, threatening, with different sides…Second track with harmonica & piano lost in the space is my favorite !

Comes in a beautiful single 7′ sized jacket


.es CD “Atlas” Nomart

With Satoshi Ayashi on Laptop

Comes in a beautiful single 7′ sized jacket

$20 only a few

.es CD “Darkness” Nomart 2013

Released in 2013 same year as “Void” released on PSF records, back in stock, only a a very few.

This one is one of the best and maybe it would turn into one of their classic in a decade or 2 !


.es CD “Ambiguity Sea” Nomart 2016


Sara CD “Tinctura” Nomart 2015

First solo with Sara with different duos : Takayuki Hashimoto (second half of .es) , Kiyo Satani on cello, Makoto Kawabata (no need to introduce him I guess) , Yung Tsubota on percussion.


Takayuki Hashimoto CD ” Colourful” Jigen

Nice alto saxophone improvisation


Takayuki Hashimoto CD “Asia” Nomart 2017


Archeus CD

Archeus CD “Archeus” Haang Niap

Archeu” is a free improvised group of Keiko Higuchi on vocals, Shizuo Uchida on bass, and TOMO on hurdy gurdy. Extraordinary trio ensemble of vocal/voice, bass, and hurdy gurdy triggers an unique chemical reaction of various expressions such as sensitive sound within silence, vocalization of a forgotten and nameless language, interplay of discordant masses of sound, the magic of minimal repetition, and dark/dense drones. They also attempt to improvise with text readings. It is as if the words are given resonance, and appear as a spirit, then seem to melt with the sound. This is a striking debut work of studio recording with instantaneous performances. Highly recommended, we love that new project a lot !


Archeus cassette “Archeus” Haang Niap