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Kanai Hideto – Kosuke Mine – Yosuke Yamashita

Kanai Hideto Group “Q” Craftman

Originally releasesd in 1971 with Masayuki Takayanagi, Hiroshi Ymazaki, Kosuke Mine…


Kosuke Mine Quintet ” Mine” Craftman

Originally released in 1970 with Hideo Ichikawa


Yosuke Yamashita trio CD “Dancing 古事記” Super Fuji


Yosuke Yamashita trio CD Super Fuji

1973 with Akira Sakata


Carmen Maki CDs

Carmen Maki CD “Adam and Eve” Super Fuji

Carmen Maki CD “Poems In the midnight…” Super Fuji

Carmen Maki CD “Goodbye my memories 70” Super Fuji

Recorded 1969 and 1970, those 3 first Carmen Maki are just essential if you have a sweetheart.

$24 each CD or $65 the 3CD set comes in a nice heavy gatefold with obi

Keiji Haino – O’Rourke – Ambarchi LP

Keiji Haino + Jim O’Rourke + Oren Ambarchi LP “each side has a depth of 5…” Black Truffle

Sticker on the shrinkwrap reads : “Tenth release from the legendary trio. This time the trio present a deliriously psychedelic, fully immersive electronic set that is simultaneously unsettling, ritualistic and melancholically beautiful. Presented in a stunning gatefold sleeve with photography by Lasse Marhaug and an inner sleeve with live pics from Ujin Matsuo.”

Dedicated to Hideo Ikeezumi

We only have a very few


Makoto Kawashima CDr &

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Two self” Homo Sacer

Just clocking under 20 minutes, this one is vibrant, Kawashima Makoto has a burning and singing heart. Direct and moving, we don’ t need any long explanations.


Makoto Kawashima CD “Homo sacer” P.S.F

Re-stock of the very last CD released  in 2015 by the legendary P.S.F records label.

I can’ t tell you enough how I’m moved everytime I have this CD in hands : I remember how Ikeezumi-san was so excited when this CD was released, how he considered Makoto being as one of the best player from his generation. Different from Urabe, Makoto has maybe a more lyrical and direct style, there’s so much feelings that explode into the listener’s face….

I only have a few copies, no idea if there’s many remaining copies.


Makoto Kawashima001

Makoto Kawashima CD “Dialogue” Homo Sacer


Makoto Kawashima CD “You also here” Homo Sacer

Ltd to 100 with no distribution ! Makoto Kawashima is still considered as a new comer but believe me he’s getting stronger and within 2 years (whose Homo Sacer CD was the final release on P.S.F records) he’s been recording some of the most moving music. Somewhere between Ayler, Urabe and Abe but with a very singular lyrical mood between melancholy and rage.  Pick it up before it’s gone for collectors !


Makoto Kawashima CD you001

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Rain” Homo sacer

pro-CDR, this one is  Kawashima’s last statement, he considers this recording has a different one….Kawashima is really as one of the most uncompromised and talented sax player of these last years, he’s almost like a song-teller, far from intellectualism and the usual Kaoru Abe reference. Different from Urabe, slowly he’s showing a true identity.


Kawashima rain cD001

Makoto Kawashima – Naoto Nishizawa duo CD”Hamachidori” Homosacer records

Great duo with Kawashima on alto sax and Nishizawa  (Exias-J) who’s a percussionist and sound artist. Far from the usual ferocious playing, music has her a lot of space with Kawashima’s singular melodic and lyrical vibe.


Makoto Kawashima duo005

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Unification” Self Release $12

One more excellent release and quite intense performance from Kawashima, maybe a bit more physical from the previous releases.One new howler who slowly finds his own way…

Makoto Kawashima unification CD010

Ice 9 2LP Onnyck

Ice 9 2LP ” The Fifth column Years” Vinyl on Demand

VOD presents The Fifth Column Years by Ice 9. This double LP release contains 1981 and P.F.L.P. Ice 9 was a collective centered around Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno) a well-known on the field of Japan’s underground and free improvisation, acted as ‘The Fifth Column”, also called ‘Daigoretsu’, in mid 70’s to 80’s.

Limited, I can’t really recommend this label but definitively this music.