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An’archives label

Zero woman ost Miki Sugimoto

Zero woman – Red Hancuffs Ost – Solid

Interesting soundtrack if you are in Masao Yagi, Ichiro Araki, Shinsuke Kikuchi mid 70’s music with some nice kayo songs by Miki Sugimoto


MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) LP

MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) LP 1983-1986 Camisole records

MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) was a japanese project lead by Takayuki Shiraishi after his first mythical release with BGM on Vanity Records in 1980.
Made with the help of Jun Sonohara it was active between 1983 and 1986 in Tokyo.

This compilation collects nine unpublished tracks from the original tapes and confirms his unique offbeat style ranging from Post-Punk, Dub, and Industrial. It’s completed by “Perpetual Motion” and “Dynamo” previously released in 1983.

All these tracks have been carefully remastered by Krikor Kouchian.   

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, only a few $24

Yonju Miyaoka CDr

Yonju Miyaoka CDr Hurdy-gurdy record collection – Tall Grass records

ltd to 44 copies, sounds sometimes a bit like Haino with the same instrument.


Tokio Hasegawa (Taj Mahal Travellers) LP

Tokio Hasegawa LP (+DL card) “Stone Music” Experimental Room

The first solo album by Tokio Hasegawa, a musician who has been a member of The Taj Mahal Travellers and has lived in the mountains of Tokamachi, Niigata after group activities. He has sharpened his sensibility in response to the beautiful moon and the snowy nature. All acts including Japanese drums, flutes, keyboards, violins, non-instruments, electronic sounds, and butoh that resonate with his singing and playing a rubab. A record of three performances in India, Taiwan, and Niigata, where one of his important works / expressions, “Stone Performance,” was performed, drawing a big soundscape like a universe. The latest record, which was the first historical performance in 45 years with Seiji Nagai, who was an ally and Taj Mahal Travelers, is also completely recorded here. 

Ltd to 300, please note copies came with some slightly bumped /rounded corners

$28 , we only have a few

Les Rallizes Dénudés 2LP Live 77

Les Rallizes Dénudés 2LP Live 77 Tachikawa – Mono-Tone Records

One of the most famous live by one of the most famous band… Does it mean it’s the best ?

$39 a few

Aube ltd cassette

Aube cassette ” Voltanic Valley” Advaita records

Edition of 100 handnumbered copies, previously released in 1995

Packaged in double layer (color photograph and transparency) cover which is wrapped in sandpaper and tied shut with wire.

All Composed Recorded And Designed By Akifumi Nakajima At Studio MECCA Kyoto Spring 1995 Using 1 Voltage Controlled Oscillator As Material

We only have a very few – Nice label, DIY spirit with varied tastes


LSD March & Albedo Gravitas

LSD March LP The Night – An’archives

LP ltd to 400, silkscreened jacket with obi (light blue, tan-ivory), inserts and postcard
Liner notes by Michel Henritzi

Shinsuke Michishita : vocal & guitar

Ikuro Takahashi : drums

Richard Horner : recording engineer

LSD March is a band from Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, whose members revolved around Shinsuke Michishita, guitarist/singer, the band’s black star, before being reborn nowadays, after several years of hiatus, as a duet with Ikuro Takahashi, legendary drummer who was the heart muscle of Fushitsusha, and of most of the underground Tokyo bands.
Shinsuke Michishita has a taste for immersion, for plunging into the electric waves of gaping amplifiers, psychedelic surfer haunted by this sonic ocean and its crushing shore breaks, where the self dissolves, becomes one with the sound, where the self escapes to his dreams and nightmares.
This album recorded in 2008 is caught in a crazy time spiral, as in a dream where one desperetaely runs without moving, with the ground slipping away under our feet. The clock turns celibate, Ikuro Takahashi fractures the rhythm, hammers it further like an impossible point to reach.
Sometimes, the guitar follows or precedes him, resets the clock, with its chords slammed on the ticking, a ceremony of fleeing time. And the voice weeps like rain, or a prayer.
LSD March has often been compared to the Rallizes Denudes, a sort of poisonous resurgence of them, with Shinsuke Michishista being seen as a revenant from those psychedelic dark times. The same dark Moire, spilling from a bog overflowing with distortion, the same nihilistic, maladjusted, collapsed lyricism, a similar sad voice singing from within the ruins of time. 


Albedo Gravitas LP Eihwaz – An’archives

LP ltd to 285, silkscreened jacket with obi (red or black), inserts and postcard Free Wind Mood series

Liner notes by Jon Dale

Keiko Higuchi + Sachiko + Shizuo Uchida

Albedo Gravitas is an extension of Albedo Fantastica (released on An’archives in 2018), the duo of Keiko Higuchi and Sachiko (Kousokuya, Overhang Party, Vava Kitora).
Both of them are well known names to those who are evolving in the Japanese underground waters since each has been involved in many projects and each has a consisting discography on labels as Musik Atlach, Improvising Beings, Utech. Their respective backgrounds are maybe a little bit different but they share a common interest in different genres from jazz and rock to free improvisation and have collaborated with a cast of various musicians in the likes of Cris X, Fukuoka Rinji, Kawaguchi Masami, Shin-Ichiro Kanda…

For Albedo Gravitas, Shizuo Uchida joins on bass. A peripatetic member of the Japanese underground, having played with groups such as Nord, Onna-Kodomo, Hasegawa-Shizuo, Kito Mizukumi Rouber and Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu, he most recently turned up on An’archives as one half of UH, alongside sax player Takayuki Hashimoto (of KMR and .es).
While this is Albedo Gravitas’s first album, they play together with intelligence and sensitivity, but also with a strong capacity for the unexpected; there are many moments here where you’re wrong-footed, caught askance by the way the music comes together, and comes apart.
Higuchi’s and Sachiko’s instrumental armory is multiple : piano, drums, melodica, electronics. Maybe their most remarkable presence, though, comes through voice – the glottal contortions, heart-rending sighs and moans, and chopped’n’screwed real-time vox improvs that soar across the album’s unpredictable musical terrain. Uchida works here with temporal disruption, there with heavyweight bass punctuation; drums plot out the most welcome rudimentary anti-rhythms, as electronics and melodica shoot arcs of white light through the air, lending an avant-chamber charm to the music here.
Most startling are the dynamics of the two side-long pieces, and the way the group use silence and stilted landscapes to suggest all kinds of routes previously unnavigated. In its capacity for disorientation, it feels indeed like a surprising kind of psychedelia, one far from generic constraint, and much closer to the sidereal suspension that that most overused of terms should rend through your head. 


Special price for both albums together : 42 €

Please note we can ship with UPS with most of European destinations, from 12 to 22 € until 2Kg

For a quote, please do not forget to mention your location, city, zipcode & phone number



Jacks CD 2nd Jacks show, 1968

Jacks CD Second jacks show, Jul 24, 1968 Super Fuji

First official reissue since 1973, it was only available through their fanclub and has turned into being one of the most hunted; This version comes remastered with 2 more tracks for a total of 14 essential and miraculous songs !

We only have a few, we don’ t have any wholesale

$30 regular edition

$45 Disk Union ltd edition, comes with a A2 poster folded in 4

Suishou No Fune 2 CS set

Suishou No Fune 2 cassettes set “Moonlight” – Sour Tapes

Live concert at Underground Spirit VIII – Moonlight, May 11, 2017.

Hideo Matsueda, Jun Harada ( Jun has just gone, all our warmest thoughts and condolences to his family and friends), Kageo and Pirako Kuranai

Limited edition of 100 , pro cassettes, double case

sold out

Koji Wakamatsu ost Jacks, Food Brain

Koji Wakamatsu – Food Brain CD Shinjuku Mad -Solid

Nice collection, this one is the soundtrack to Wakamatsu Koji’s 1970 film “Shinjuku Maddo” – with Chen Shinki


Koji Wakamatsu – Jacks CD Haragashi onna-Solid

Soundtrack to Wakamatsu Koji’s 1968 film “Haragashi onna” ( A Womb to Let).

Evey Jacks is just indispensable !


Tori Kudo & MSBH CDrs

We have only a few copies of each title so regular customers will be served first

Maher Shalal Hash Baz CDR The Waste Land – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Maher Shalal Hash Baz CDR eM Seven – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Maher Shalal Hash Baz CDR Gara Kei Seven – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo – Hiromitsu Shoji – Mikiko Suzuki CDR at Gallery Fall Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo – Doronco – Tsukasa Takahashi CDR 11 pm at Kobundo- Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo CDR Jaki – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo CDR Blues Du Jour 28/10/07 – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo CDR les barricades mystérieuses – Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Tori Kudo CDR 贫穷三部曲- Yamabato Design Collective

Xeroxed and handwritten CDR ltd ed


Bill Nace LP Solo Guitar 2 / One Note – Open Mouth

Bill is one half of body / Head project with Kim Gordon.

Archival album at 45 rpm for an abstract and detailed music, far from rock music.

Pasted screenprinting on Tip-on jacket, last copies !

Some copies have some slightly rounded corners


Itaru OKi – Mototeru Takagi – Kang Tae Hwan

Mototeru Takagi – Susumu Kongo – Nao Takeuchi – Shota Koyama CD Live at Little john, Yokohama, 1999 – NoBusiness

CD $15

Itaru Oki Quartet CD Live at Jazz Spot Combo 1975 – NO business

CD $15

Kang Tae Hwan CD Live at Café Amores – No Business

CD $15

Kang Tae Hwan – Midori Tanaka CD An eternal moment – No Business

CD $15

Wadada Leo Smith – Sabu Toyozumi CD Burning Meditation

CD $15

Kaoru Abe / Sabu Toyozumi CD Mannyoka – No Business

CD $15

Choi Sun Bae quartet CD Arirang Fantasy – No Business

CD $15

Barre Phillips – Motoharu Yoshizawa CD Oh my, Those Boys ! NoBusiness

CD $15

Ton-Klami CD Prophecy of Nue NoBusiness

Midori Takada, Kang Tae Hwan- Masahiko Satoh


Derek Bailey – Mototeru Takagi CD/LPLive at FarOut, Atsugi 1987 – NoBusiness

CD $15

LP $24

Masayuki Takayanagi / Noboyushi Ino / Masabumi Kikuchi CD Live at Jazz Inn Lovely 1990 NoBusiness