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An’archives label

Sara (.es) 3 CD box

Sara (.es) 3 CD box Utsunomia Mix Nomart Editions

CD 1Sara & Toshiji Mikawa

CD2 Sara & Kimihide Kusafuka

CD 3 Sara & Wamei & Seichi Yamamoto

$48 we only have a few

.es (Sara & Takayuki Hashimoto) CD Vessel of Catastrophe Nomart

comes in a 7′ jacket


.es (Sara & Takayuki Hashimoto) CD Darkness Nomart


.es (Sara & Takayuki Hashimoto) CD Ambiguity sea Nomart


K2 & .es (Sara & Takayuki Hashimoto) CD Blackhole – Musik Atlach


.es (Sara & Takayuki Hashimoto) CD Senses complex Nomart

Sara (.es) Esquisse – Nomart


Sara + CD Tinctura – Nomart

With Kiyo Satani, Makoto Kawaba, Yung Tsubota & Takayuki Hashimoto


Takayuki Hashimoto CD Colourful – Nomart


Takayuki Hashimoto CD Asia – Nomart


Takayuki Hashimoto CD Chat me – Nomart

comes in a 7′ jacket


Takayuki Hashimoto CD Signal – Nomart

Harmonica improvisation


The Rabbits LP

The Rabbits LP Mesh Key

First-ever vinyl release of criminally unknown early ’80s Japanese punk band.
Fully remastered from the band’s original early ’80s cassette releases, and housed in a sturdy tip-on sleeve. Includes a double-sided, illustrated insert. Includes digital download card.

Singer-songwriter Shoichi Miyazawa’s tale is a confounding one. He grew up in a small town in Yamagata Prefecture (in northern Japan), loved Dylan and The Beatles, and had very little exposure to, or interest in, underground music. And yet, shortly after 24-year-old Miyazawa arrived in Tokyo in 1978, he began performing solo shows at tiny clubs in the city, singing and playing guitar. His performances quicky devolved from brisk acoustic jaunts to lengthy, heavy dirges sung in a snot-nosed wail over a blown-out electric guitar detuned to produce a kind of sonic sludge.

At one of his earliest gigs, a mutual friend introduced him to Endo Michiro, who would soon become the legendary front man of Japanese punk icons The Stalin. It turned out Miyazawa and Endo had attended Yamagata University at the same time just a few years earlier, but hadn’t known each other at school. In Tokyo, they became fast friends, moved into the same apartment building, and for years were inseparable. Endo played guitar and drums on Miyazawa’s debut release, the “Christ Was Born in a Stable” flexi disc. But while Endo was social and outgoing, Miyazawa preferred to be alone, avoiding concerts unless he was performing.


Edition of 500.

Meiko Kaji LP Hajiki Uta

Coming soon

Meiko Kaji LP Hajiki Uta – Wewantsounds

Deluxe Gatefold LP Edition with 2p insert and obi 

 Famous for her early 70s exploitation movies (‘Lady Snowblood’, the ‘Female Prisoner Scorpion’ and ‘Stray Cat Rock’ series) revered by Tarantino, Meiko Kaji was also a singer releasing albums to tie in with her movie career. These albums are a fascinating mix of Japanese Pop and Groove with superb funky cinematic orchestrations as displayed in “Hajiki Uta”.  Urami Bishi is probably her most famous song as it was used in Kill Bill 2.


Archeus LP Kusōzu : Nine Death Stages

Archeus LP Kusōzu : Nine Death Stages An’archives


May 19th

12″LP black vinyl, comes in a 2 colors silkscreened heavy jacket with obi (black or kraft), inserts and a postcard by Vincent Guilbert. Edition of 350

Printed by Alan Sherry & liner notes by Jon Dale

Kusōzu : Nine Death Stages is the second album by the Tokyo trio Archeus, which consists of Keiko Higuchi (voice, percussion, trombone, shamisen), Shizuo Uchida (bass strings), and TOMO (hurdy gurdy, voice). It follows their debut, self-titled and self-released CD and cassette from 2021 and is further proof – if any were needed – that these musicians, who’ve known each other for some time, but only started playing together relatively recently, share a telepathic communication, improvising together, fully in the moment, and as one. Where their debut album featured four extended improvisations, Kusōzu is an object lesson in economy and clarity – nine tracks, thirty-three minutes, everything that needs be said and nothing more.

All three musicians are incredibly active in the Japanese underground. Higuchi currently plays with Sachiko in Albedo Fantastica, adding Uchida for Albedo Gravitas; Uchida and Higuchi team up with Masami Kawaguchi (guitar) in vDBG. She’s also recorded with improvisers such as Naoto Yamagishi, Yasumune Morishige, and Shin-Ichiro Kanda. Uchida is also a member of MAI MAO, Kito-Mizukumi Rouber, Hasegawa-Shizuo, UH, and TERROR SHIT, and he’s recently recorded with improvising guitarist Takashi Masubuchi; TOMO has previously been a member of Tetragrammaton and Pouring High Water, and has recently performed live with Mick of Kousokuya, Mitsuru Tabata, Keiji Haino, and Daisuke Takaoka.

While Higuchi and Uchida have been making music together for some time now, they appear careful not to impose their previously articulated lexicon to bear on Archeus. There are trace elements of their playerly voices still present – the stretchy, plastic scrabbling on bass strings from Uchida; Higuchi’s murmurations of tone, and sudden plunges back down to earth, vertiginous and woozy – but there are other things going on here, particularly with TOMO joining in the action. His hurdy gurdy is a wild card in a group of wild cards, here cranking out burred, purring drones, there fidgeting through floods of notes, cranked up really high, ducking and weaving between Higuchi and Uchida as the three pursue the eternal now that is core to the best improvised music.

Archeus seem to work alchemically, transmuting their base matter into gold. Named after the Buddhist art practice of kusōzu, the graphic painting of nine stages of a decaying corpse in the open air, “to demonstrate the effects of impermanence,” as scholar Gail Chin once wrote,

Kusōzu : Nine Death Stages is Archeus at their most rigorously attentive to each other’s playing, and by the end, the music is itself thinking and feeling.


HUH LP An’archives

HUH LP “You don’t need magic “An’archives

[An’36] March 31st

12″LP black vinyl, comes in a 2 colors silkscreened jacket with obi (black, red, green tea), inserts and a postcard. Edition of 285

Printed by Alan Sherry & liner notes by Jon Dale

HUH are the wild, freeform duo of Kyosuke Terada and Takuma Mori. Based in Tokyo, and playing together since 2007, HUH have released a clutch of cassettes, CD-Rs, and digital albums; they’ve toured Europe (in 2017) and Australia (2019); and they count amongst their collaborators the likes of T Mikawa of Incapacitants, ASTRO, and Government Alpha. You may know Terada from his duo with Shizuo Uchida, MAI MAO, who recently released an LP on An’archives, but he’s super prolific, performing solo and in groups like The Obey Unit, Bay City Rolaz, Praymate, Terror Shit, Death After Death, and more. Takuma Mori also records solo and is one half of duos Cosmetic i and Don’t Let Me Fantastic.

So, they’re busy, energetic musicians – but even that doesn’t quite explain the bustling energy and furious dislocation of the music they make together as HUH. It’s incredible, brain-blatting stuff, moving at a fierce clip between ideas, instruments, and styles – on a track like “Jewels in blue pee”, for example, a plunking banjo riff is repeatedly effaced by stumble-drunk drums, rumbling bass, and incongruous, high-wire blasts of electronics. There are voices in here, but they’re often mangled and distorted; rarely comprehensible, they melt into the unpredictable structures Terada and Mori build out of their junk kit.

HUH call themselves ‘free-form freak-out / noise improvisation’, and there’s a touch of the Familiar Ugly in the collective stammer and stutter central to their music. They’re remarkably untroubled by anyone’s expectations, resulting in a music that’s as confusing as it is compelling, full of clamour and vigour, but never for the sake of it: these seven improvisations, sometimes song-like, sometimes careening and hyperactive, sometimes smeared and abstract, all make their own kind of perfect un-sense. Line them up next to similarly puzzling yet enthralling gutterpunk improv units: Smegma, Bone Cure, Nihilist Spasm Band, Crayon Skidder. 


Daisuke Tobira CD

Daisuke Tobira CD ギター (Guitar) Bumblebee records

Sweet and introspective lo-fi avant folk from Osaka and originally released in late 1999, this is considered to be a monumental and yet very mysterious relic: virtually nothing is known about Tobari outside of these minimal recordings and the few photos that accompany them. Tobari’s outsider status only adds to the enigma behind these recordings.

$30, we only have a few copies

J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LPs

J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LP Jashumon – Fuji 2022

Gatefold with obi, great classic, originally released in 1972 ! Only a very few copies available


J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LP “Shintokumaru” 2022 Fuji

Originally released in 1978


Eliane Radigue 2CD Charles Curtis

Eliane Radigue 2CD Naldjorlak – Saltern

Double-CD album with custom packaging and screen printing by Alan Sherry. Includes extensive liner notes by Gascia Ouzounian, Éliane Radigue, and Charles Curtis, and a reproduction of Radigue’s never-before-published original drawing of Naldjorlak.

Saltern presents a thrilling new live recording of Naldjorlak for solo cello, composer Éliane Radigue’s first piece for an acoustic instrument, paired with a remastered version of the long out-of-print, original 2006 recording. Composed in 2005 in close collaboration with cellist Charles Curtis, Naldjorlak marked a striking shift in the music of Radigue, who has since composed exclusively for instrumentalists with her celebrated Occam series. This album brings together two complete performances by Curtis, recorded nearly 15 years apart (Paris in 2006 and Los Angeles in 2020), drawing attention to the evolution of the piece and to its inherent mutability. The sound and spirit of Naldjorlak are centered around the re-tuning of the entire cello to the wolf tone, a uniquely unstable frequency, creating a haunting, almost feedback-like resonance within the instrument itself.


Aso Ai new LP

Aso Ai LP “The Faintest Hit” Ideologic Organ

New solo album with Stephen O’Malley & Boris but hopefully she stays herself.  First purple edition


Shizuka 2LP + CS

Shizuka 2LP Heavenly Personae + CS

Deluxe Double LP Tri-Fold w/ Laser Etched Side

& Direct Only Edition with Limited Shizuka “4” Cassette

Heavy tip-on tri-fold jacket with ink pigment foil stamping, gloss film laminate finish with mounted booklet and printed inner sleeves. 

Black Editions presents Shizuka’s sole studio album, 1994’s Heavenly Persona, a monumental, transcendent work originally issued by P.S.F. Japan on CD in 1994; Now newly remastered and in its first ever vinyl edition on double LP with a laser etched fourth side. Presented in a deluxe tip-on tri-fold jacket with ink pigment foil stamping, gloss film laminate finish and printed inner sleeves and mounted booklet. It includes her extensive, heart wrenching final interview, translated for the first time to English alongside high-resolution archival images.


La Monte Young LTD LP The Black Record

La Monte Young – Marian Zazeela LTD LP The Black Record – Superior Viaduc

Mail-order exclusive clear vinyl. Limited to 1,000 numbered copies. Comes with 18″ x 24″ poster and download card.

Seeing reissue for the first time since its initial 1969 release, Young and Zazeela‘s first full-length album is often referred to as “The Black Record” due to Zazeela‘s stunning cover design, complete with the composer’s liner notes in elegant hand-lettered script.

Side one was recorded in 1969 (on the date and time indicated by the title) at the gallery of Heiner Friedrich in Munich, where Young and Zazeela premiered their Dream House sound and light installation. Featuring Young and Zazeela‘s voices against a sine wave drone, the recording is a section of the longer composition Map of 49’s Dream the Two Systems of Eleven Sets of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery (begun in 1966 as a sub-section of the even larger work The Tortoise, His Dreams and Journeys, which was begun in 1964 with Young’s group The Theatre of Eternal Music). According to Young, the raga-like melodic phrases of his voice were heavily influenced by his future teacher, the Hindustani singer Pandit Pran Nath.

Side two, recorded in Young and Zazeela‘s NYC studio in 1964, is a section of the longer composition Studies in the Bowed Disc. This composition is an extended, highly abstract noise piece for bowed gong (gifted by sculptor Robert Morris). The liner notes explain that the live performance can be heard at 33 and 1/3 RPM, but may also be played at any slower speed down to 8 and 1/3 RPM for turntables with this capacity.

$45 we only have a very few

CD version $22

Andrew Chalk CDS & distribution

Jean Noël Rebilly & Andrew Chalk CD Tsilla – An’archives

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket

Catalogue number : [An’41]

Mastered by Denis Blackham

“On Tsilla, Jean-Noël Rebilly and Andrew Chalk pay homage to the late French writer and engraver Cécile Reims. While she may be best known as interpretative engraver for surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, and she also worked with Leonor Fini and briefly for Salvador Dali, Reims’ most powerful and enduring works were made either in collaboration with her husband, the writer and artist Fred Deux (who signed their collaborative work “cf deux”), or by herself. Later works by Reims, like the L’Elan Vitale suite, or the Histoires Naturelles series, manifest denuded, obliterated landscapes; spiralling abstractions; engravings that shiver with an unearthly radiance, where etchings of great intricacy hint at intimacy and the velocity of rapture, before opening out to aching empty spaces. The music on Tsilla is similarly evocative, a tender weaving of emotional complexity carved with the hand-held and simple tools of artisans. Much like Reims, Rebilly and Chalk enact a similar transfiguration of base materials. For Reims, natural order is made “more sinuous and curious through the rounded flow of her graver,” Kate McCrickard once noted. For Rebilly and Chalk, these seven pieces, cast under the shadow of a great artist, inhabit that sinuousness, and tease out the eternal flow of tone.”

Jon Dale

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Francis Plagne & Andrew Chalk

CD The Painter’s Family

 Label : Mould Museum

Catalogue number : MM 03

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket with obi

Recorded 2008-2016, released on cassette in 2018.

Recorded 2008-2016 and originally released on cassette in 2018.

The Painter’s Family is the first duo release from Andrew Chalk and Francis Plagne, recorded intermittently, both together and apart, over eight years, in Hull, Melbourne and various places in Japan. Eight pages from the sketchbook, sequenced into two languorous side-long suites.

Mastered by Joe Talia.

“He tried by every means to come close to nature, lying in the fields before daybreak and until nightfall in order to learn to represent very exactly the red morning sky of sunrise, sunset and the evening hours”

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Andrew Chalk CD Dreams

 Label :  Impression Lointaine / Faraway Press

Catalogue number : FP 037

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket

Dreams, subtitled Scenes I-XV, captures imaginary scenes and sequenced into a full album of 52 minutes length at Impression Lointaine.

Dreams being archaic and unpredictable in its composition, such as dreams themselves that make little sense upon waking and assembled using time limited constraints.

And while immersed, and in privacy, form a thread of personal communication like a nostalgic memory-a painting of which we inhabit ourselves.

 Many things of the past

Are brought to my mind,

As I stand in the garden

Staring at a cherry tree.

Piano by ;

Tom James Scott (Scene VIII)

Timo van Luijk (Scene XIII)

Mastered by Denis Blackham

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Soufle Continu shop & label :   (FRANCE)

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Niplets – Port Cuss – Hiroshi Nar

Niplets 7″ いとこにキッス – Hören 2003

Hiroshi Nar (Youri kun), Zin, Taizo & Junko


Niplets CD Crazy About Guitar – Hören

2009 and last album


Port Cuss CD hoo hoo hoo Revisited – Hören

Hiroshi Nar, Tomoyoshi Otome, Yuji Hamada & Yoo


Port Cuss CD  Me Your Revisited – Hören


Atsushi Hiroshi CD Daigosan – Hören

Hiroshi Nar, Atsushi Tsuyama (Acid Mothers Temple, Omoide Hatoba..)