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An’archives label

J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LPs

J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LP Jashumon – Fuji 2022

Gatefold with obi, great classic, originally released in 1972 ! Only a very few copies available


J.A Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki LP “Shintokumaru” 2022 Fuji

Originally released in 1978


Masahiko Togashi & Mototeru Takagi LP Isolation

Masahiko Togashi & Mototeru Takagi LP Isolation – Columbia 2022

gatefold jacket with obi, originally released in 1971

A most welcomed reissue, we only have a very few !




by David Kato Hopkins – Public Bath Press

In his first authored work since the almighty DOKKIRI, Kato David Hopkins dives into the genesis of the notoriously deep and secretive Japanese Noise scene with RUMORS OF NOIZU. Through extensive interviews, and his own knowledge as a first-hand observer, Hopkins provides a roadmap for heretofore totally uncharted territory in the history of extreme sonic exploration. Featuring the likes of Merzbow, Hijokaidan and Hanatarash alongside a bevy of lesser known freaks, Rumors Of Noizu compiles anecdotes and memories alongside flyers and photographs from the time, in an attempt to contextualize what is perhaps the most bewildering music scene in the history of the modern underground. Lulu’s is proud to be stocking Rumors of Noizu, alongside the entirety of the Public Bath Press catalogue.

Our latest book is a micro-history of the origins of Japan’s pure noizu underground, focusing especially on Hijokaidan. The result of extensive interviews with participants and witnesses, it may have you searching for rare noise releases to damage your ears with. Starting with the discovery of the fun of improvisation by a bunch of young students, things gradually got out of hand before settling down to the genre known today as noizu.


Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 A History and Guide Book

Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 A History and Guide Book by David Kato Hopkins – Public Bath 2015

298 page

Dokkiri! tells the history of a remarkable complex of musical subcultures that developed in Japan from the mid-1970s. Starting with a discussion of the earliest rumblings of punk and new wave, all types of independently produced music are covered in more detail than has ever appeared in English before. Punk, art music, noise, hardcore, psychedelic, dance music and more.

“This book fills in the gaps in my own appreciation of the Japanese independent music scene and provides context for sounds, lyrics and personalities that were all opaque mysteries until now.” — Steve Albini

“Knowledge, affection and respect for the music illuminate an incredible creative and innovative scene. The what. The why. The how.” — Ian MacKaye

“Hopkins is that rare scene historian who was there at the beginning: and he’s still there, recounting the details and telling the stories that no one else can remember. Maniacs and beginners alike, start here!” — David Novak, author of Japanoise


Suzuki Junzo & Tetuzi Akiyama LP

Suzuki Junzo & Tetuzi Akiyama LP Evaporation of Holy Water – Utech

Evaporation of Holy Water is Utech Records’ first release from the duo of Suzuki Junzo and Tetuzi Akiyama. The full-length album sees the guitarists in full attack mode, laying down sheets of noise and psychedelic guitar lines inside a wild tsunami of feedback and overdrive. Twin electric guitar insanity.

Recorded by Makoto Oshiro in Tokyo, April 25, 2019.
Mixed by Toshimaru Nakamura.
Mastered by Lasse Marhaug.

Neon Pink LP edition of 150.

Art and design by Stefan Thanneur




In the spirit of the Tokyo Flashback and Alchemism compilations, Utech Records presents Subliminal Skull Palace, a lengthy excursion into guitar music from Japan. From meditative to explosive, the CD contains seven tracks of exclusive music from Mitsuru Tabata (Boredoms, Zeni Geva, Acid Mothers Temple), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Changchang (Hibushibire), Aoki Tomoyuki (Up-Tight), Aural Fit, Ikuma Kawabe (Dhidalah) & Rollo, and Tetuzi Akiyama.

Packaged in a heavy replica LP sleeve with obi. Illustration by Thomas Hooper. Typography by Kevin Gan Yuen.

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug.


Zyklon B Zombies

Zyklon B Zombies LP”Skull” – Minimum Stable Stacks

First ever vinyl reissue of this ultra-obscure Japanese post-punk noise unit’s sole cassette from 1993. I’ll leave the rest up to Mr. Tom Lax:
“Zyklon B Zombies ‘Skull’ has been floating around the sub underground for years. Originally released as a cassette on the Japanese tape label, Vanilla in 1993, ZBZ was the musical brainchild of sadly deceased noise legend Hirohito Taneguchi (Seed Mouth) & the equally legendary Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan, Genbakukaidan) & if you don’t know it, fear not. It’s now been formated & remastered to vinyl, courtesy of the Minimum Table Stacks label. Much like Michio Kadotani’s Rotting Telepathies recordings, ‘Skull’ possesses great tremors of blurred clamber that comes directly at you, sometimes sideways. It’s hard to know how much is premeditated or just what’s driven by organic impulse, which is what makes it such a great attestation of its era. In an instant, ‘Skull’ can move from a psychotic whoosh not unlike ‘Twin Infinitives’, to an eerie gait similar to that of Dadamah. Plus, there’s everything in between. A true blue-blood of disparate vision, ‘Skull’ ranks right up there in the masterpiece department with un’s S/T lp, New Zealand’s Ziggy Stardust Band & those two solo albums from Eric Hysteric. It’s not for everyone, but for those who embrace the underground’s one percent like a long lost tree, it’s the only way to fly.”—Tom Lax, Siltbreeze Records.

Edition of 300 copies




Utech Records is happy to present Subliminal Skull Palace Vol. 2, a second lengthy excursion into guitar music from Japan. This CD release contains seven tracks of exclusive music from several returning artists and several artists new to the series. A special unreleased Suzuki Junzo recording is included on the compilation as well as tracks from Tatsuya Goto (Joseph of Kirezi), Ikuma Kawabe (Dhidalah) & Rollo, Daoud Akira (Kikagaku Moyo), Masahiko Ohno (Solmania), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) and Mitsuru Tabata (Boredoms, Zeni Geva, Acid Mothers Temple).

Packaged in a heavy replica LP sleeve with obi. Illustration by Stefan Thanneur. Typography by Kevin Gan Yuen.

$16 only a few

Nikolaus Utermöhlen LP

Nikolaus Utermöhlen LP Karslbad La Scie Dorée

Edition of 500 with 8 page booklet

Reissue of Nikolaus Utermöhlen’s ‘Karlsbad’ album, originally released in 1989. Utermöhlen was a founding member of Die Tödliche Doris and this is his sole solo release. A collection of 23 witty oddball compositions for clarinet, accordion, percussion, recorder, violin, guitar, organ. It definitely has a Doris dose but even more so it shines for its totally singular mélange of tribal dada chamber folk, dilettante dissonant poetry, hard to compare with anything else. A slice of flamboyant wellness.  The recordings of this album were made for the ‘Georgette Meunier’ film by Tania Stöcklin and Cyrille Rey-Coquais.
Issued from the original master tapes and includes the 8 page booklet with engravings from the Karlsbad spa era.


Timo Van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten LP

Timo Van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten LP “Autour du lac d’Asselt” La Scie Dorée

Edition of 300

“Playing with Kris always reminds me of doing expeditions in a lake. Some kind of under water sound fiction observing sonic creatures. This album is a live recording (28-01-2012, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium) which to me always felt like one of the best concerts we did. As with our previous album Arrêt au Lac Chimère Vincent de Roguin put his heart in editing and mixing the recordings, extending the dimensions of exploration to the deep bottom of the lake.”

Intriguing release with some light temporal effects


Elodie (Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luijk) LP

Elodie (Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luijk) LP Clareté Déserte – La Scie Dorée

Regular edition of 300 copies on black vinyl with offset printed sleeve

New 10 track studio album by Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk, recorded 2020-2021 at Impression Lointaine and Kulta Saha.

Forth unobserved I went
In darkness and security,
By the secret ladder, in disguise,
In secret, seen of none,
Oh night more lovely than the dawn!
Lost to all things and myself,
And, amid the lillies forgotten,
Threw all my cares away.


Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz LP Osaka Bridge

Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz LP Osaka Bridge – Karaoke Kalk

2023 version of the 2006 version


Youri Kun LP Renoir of the Toys

Youri Kun LP Renoir of the Toys

[An’37] Feb 10th

12″LP black vinyl, comes in a silkscreened jacket with obi (black or ivory), inserts and a postcard. Edition of 400

Printed by Alan Sherry & liner notes by Jon Dale

Renoir Of The Toys is a deep dive into the world of Youri Kun, the nom de plume of Japanese guitarist, singer and songwriter Hiroshi Nar. It follows a similar compilation, Unheld Ball, released in 2022 on Japanese label Inundow; like that album, Renoir Of The Toys draws from the rich catalogue of outsider psych-garage and rock recorded by Youri Kun over the past two decades. Deeply wired into the history of Japanese underground music, Nar was a founding member of legendary ‘70s outfit Datetenryu, and a member of both Brain Police (Zuno Keisatsu) and Les Ralllizes Dénudés (Hadaka No Rallizes), appearing on the latter’s ’77 Live.

After going to ground during the 1980s, Nar started making music with Niplets in the mid-90s, and releasing music at a prolific pace in 2000 – an excellent run of (sometimes archival) CD-Rs on the Hello Goodbye Studio label, both solo, and with his groups Molls, Niplets and Port Cuss; an album on P.S.F. by Jokers, where he was joined by fellow Rallizes member Yokai Takahashi, and drummer Toshiaki Ishizuka (Brain Police, Vajra, Cinorama, etc.); and sixteen albums (and counting) as Youri Kun, for labels Gyunne Cassette, Inundow, and Hören. He’s also fallen in with the Acid Mothers Temple crowd, guesting on a few of their albums, and recording a live set with Kawabata Makoto’s Nishinihon trio.

All Nar’s music shares a deceptive primitivism; it moves with the simplicity of the best 1960s garage punk, but its edges are blurred and stretched, allowing for all kinds of weird, elliptical, and psychedelic moves to happen in its margins. His guitar playing on songs like “Kakunin” (from 2011’s Yamaimo Boogie) shimmies and slurs magnificently; “Kurokami”, from 2012’s Su, has clanking six strings scrawling over loose, spaced-out synth; there are clunky psychobilly moves (“Oshiro no Ninjya”), spirited rave-ups for rattling organ and sputtering guitar (“Totsugeki”), and some lovely, drowsy, melancholy moments (“Sora”). The constant throughout is Nar’s blues-blurred, drawling voice, as unique a tool as the non-idiomatic speak-sing styles of solo Syd Barrett, Jad Fair, or Dave E. McManus. There are also three Les Rallizes Dénudés covers here, where Nar locates the pop genius at the heart of songs like “Shiroi Yoru” and amplifies this with his simple garage-reverential take on things. Renoir Of The Toys is yet more evidence that Hiroshi Nar was, and is, one of Japan’s musical visionaries, a lonesome voice dedicated to a singular, streamlined vision, one that’s in eternal pursuit of the joy and kicks at the heart of rock’n’roll, and a reminder of what a great, unpretentious rock’n’roller truly