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Vinyls – Analog Delights XI

Aburadako LP ” st” Japan Records 1985

First album from this long running japanese band who’s still active with Hirotomo Hasegawa as singer and also half of the Hasegawa-Shizuo band. Music is depply rooted in punk – hardcore with this singular nasal noise. I’d say they have a particular sound and you can hear they are good musicians. It’s  a lot of fun with some improbable breaks . Simply nuts, makes me feel younger !




Aso Ai LP “Lone”  Ideologic organ

guitar, keyboard and her white ghost voice


Aso Ai Lone

Aso Ai LP  ”Lavender edition”  2010  Pedal

NEW / $40

Aso ai lavender LP

Takumi Akaishi LP “Music for hurdy Gurdy”  Ltd to 100 and numbered 2012

Excellent artist release with a new artist / musician to discover. Akaishi has played with Otomo Yoshihide  but this album is quite simple : yes it’s hurdy Gurdy, played in a very personnal way, not so experimental, sounds like some modern medieval tracks.., it could have been releases years before., yo ucan hear this guy love tubes, warm sound. packaging is quite stunning with recycled carton board and a lot of inserts, it’s quite coherent with the global yellowed aesthetic.   Highly Recommend, a shame theres’ only 100.



Takumi Takaishi LP "Music for hurdy Gurdy"  Takumi Takaishi LP "Music for hurdy Gurdy"  Takumi Takaishi LP "Music for hurdy Gurdy"

Tetuzi Akiyama & Che Chen LP Cold Soup – Incunabulum records

“Cold Soup” LP on Jozef Van Wissem’s Incunabulum Records. Handsome silver on black jackets, limited edition of 350 copie


tetuzi Akiyama - Che Chen

Amephone LP “Retrospective” Enban

Comes in a gatefold cover

Originally released as a CD in 1998, Masanori Yanagawa is a sound  recordist but his compositions are musical, in a personnal folk & folkloric style with a lot of guests such as Aya Colette, Tetuzi Akiyama, Taku Sugimoto…

DJ’s’ing  boogie woogie with north african rythms and drunken japanese, a bit chaotic. sounds sometimes like a soft medieval psychedelism, a bit nuts…hard to categorize  and that’s a good thing.


amephone P1160167

Yukiji Asaoka LP “Furimuitemo Kurenai” – 1966 Crown

No need to introduce Asaoka Yukiji, she’s one of the most important singer from the 60’s & 70’s; This rare album that cmomes in a nice textured gatefold cover with a pasted print inside if one of those 2 albums she recorded for the mythic Crown Label. After a long period of hybrid and minyo albums Asaoka went deeper in a enka / kayo with some bossanova and latino influences. Sounds more croony but she’ has a specific vible, between up tempo songs and a few more nostalgic ballads. She’s a star ! rare copy with obi

EX (minor shelfwears) / EX (2 inaudible scuffs on side 1) – plays really nice, almost perfect


Yukiji Asaoka LP "Furimuitemo Kurenai" - 1966 Crown Yukiji Asaoka LP "Furimuitemo Kurenai" - 1966 Crown Yukiji Asaoka LP "Furimuitemo Kurenai" - 1966 Crown

Aunt Sally LP”Aunt Sally” – Joystick 1984

First released on ALM records in 1979, this reissue is also rare and still remains as a key document if you are in the underground scene.  Phew is such an atypical singer born from the avant-punk scene  and associated with Bikke . Later  she was associated with members of Can in Conny Plank’s studio and her career had a much more audience in the world of “bizarre”. Aunt Sally was more no wave oriented but Phew had always her voice and her very personnal diction, like a desincarnated and arythmic doll’s talk.

EX+/EX toEX+ (super clean, only a few surface noise)



 Cherish / Shuji Terayama LP “Showa warabe Uta” – Victor 1977

Lovely album by  a very popular duo during the 70′s. Honestly their music wasn’t  mainly very interesting, but this album sounds really nice, a bit like a soft folk type of music with a soft high childish voice. This album has something definitively more adventurous and quite simple on the paper : Songs are very simple but almost all tracks have really Shuji Terayama signature or minds, it sounds more melancolic and fragile. Musically it’s like an avant soft  pop mixed with some typical japanese sounds, sometimes not so far from some Tenjo Sajiki moments, Yuigonka or Kyokubakan with a more loneliness taste.  I think  we can hear the pre – 80′s period, maybe some could find it naïve but in my opinion it was also as one of Terayama’s trademark.



Cherish / Shuji Terayama LP “Showa warabe Uta” – Victor 1977

Toru Funamura LP “Enka Junrei” Polydor 1979

Great enka record by one of the most popular composer, he has written more than 5000 songs for singers such as Hibari Misora, Hiromi Sairaiji; Naomi Chiaki, Keiko Fuji..Many great classics that almost every  serious singer from the 60 & 70s have interpreted.

Funamura was a great guitar player too and his voice very sweet and expressive. This album has some nice lush orchestration, if you must have one enka album with a male singer, that must be this one. Hard to find,even the CD version has sold out for years

EX- (some stains and obi has small tears) / EX to EX+ , some occasional surface noise


Toru Funamura LP "Enka Junrei" Polydor 1979 Toru Funamura LP "Enka Junrei" Polydor 1979

Toru Funamura LP “Otoko guitar ” Columbia 1976

Great and pretty rare guitar album, just some enka pearls songs. Never released on CD and unknown…Given price.

EX+ / VG+ (some surface noise but looks clean)


Toru Funamura LP "Otoko guitar " Polydor 1976

GRIM LP “Psycho Sun” ltd to 100 Steinklang Industries 2013

Jun Konagaya is back, the legend of the 80’s..harsh, martial, guitar, percussions with distorted voice…


Grim psycho sun Grim psycho sun back

Ogi Hiroko 7inch 33 rpm “Jingi” Columbia 1970

4 excellent songs that came out in this nice collectio with a nice textured gatefold cover with its attached  mini pin-up poster, Hiroko Ogi was better known as an actress  but her voice has a deep distinctive depth  a bit à la Keiko Fuji.

An important singer that needs to be heard by a wider audience, if you are in Junko Fuji, Meiko Kaji and singers from those golden years.



Ogi Hiroko 7inch 33 rpm "Jingi" Columbia 1970 Ogi Hiroko 7inch 33 rpm "Jingi" Columbia 1970 Ogi Hiroko 7inch 33 rpm "Jingi" Columbia 1970

Jutok Kaneko & Kikukawa Takahisa LP “Wedged Night” – Siwa records 2005

comes in a silkscreened  cover+ 2 inserts. Siwa is a great label both for the music and the artwork. Kaneko Jutok was Kousokuya’s leader  and his guitar playing was very distinctive..sadly he passed away in 2007 and he stayed a little bit in the shadow…

EX / EX + (some marks, unplayed copy but main pressing has some visual defaults)


Jutok Kaneko & Kikukawa Takahisa LP "Wedged Night" - Siwa records 2005 Jutok Kaneko & Kikukawa Takahisa LP "Wedged Night" - Siwa records 2005

Yoshio Kuge & Ikuro Takahashi  LP  “2008.1.13” Enban 2013

Recorded in Shibuya, 2 veteran drummers from Pungo,  Fushitsusha, Maher Shalal Haz, Ché Shizu, Tenniscoats and a lot more. ..Taiko festival

Ltd hand made release


Yoshio Kuge & Ikuro Takahashi  LPYoshio Kuge & Ikuro Takahashi  LP

Maher Shalal Hash Baz 3LP Box “Return Visit to rock Mass” – Org Records 1996

Great classic from Tori Kudo’s spirit…



Maher Shalal Hash Baz 3LP Box "Return Visit to rock Mass" - Org Records 1996 Maher Shalal Hash Baz 3LP Box "Return Visit to rock Mass" - Org Records 1996 Maher Shalal Hash Baz 3LP Box "Return Visit to rock Mass" - Org Records 1996

Kan Mikami LP “Bang !”  URC 1980 Promo Copy

Rare second and promo copy of this legendary album  originally released in 1973 with Yosuke Yamashita and one of the most  Mikami stunning  eponymous song “Bang !” with cut up,  musical excerpts and rage.



Kan Mikami LP "Bang !"  URC 1980 Promo Copy Kan Mikami LP "Bang !"  URC 1980 Promo Copy

Kan Mikami LP “Blue Flame on the Destruction” – Victor

Second rare edition, Mikami Kan doesn’t need anymore any introduction …This album has one foot in soul & funk, imaybe one of the strangest album  from Mikami’s early years..

EX / EX+


Kan Mikami LP "Blue Flame on the Destruction" - Victor Kan Mikami LP "Blue Flame on the Destruction" - Victor

Kan Mikami LP ” Dai kan Gei – solo lIve” Ltd to 279, numbered Loud and Silence records 2013

Japanese exclusive release, already out of print


Kan Mikami live 2013 kan Mikami live 2013

Eddie Marcon LP “Miira To Ka” – Enban / 2013

Ltd release comes in lovely gatefold cover with silkscreened pasted prints. Nice compilation taken from ltd CDRS. Eddie Marcon was mamber of COA , for years she’s has been composing some lovely dreamy songs. Just perfect for this autumn. has sometimes a nocturnal feel, intimist and as always her releases are nicely packaged (see her last CD – stunning packaging !)


Eddie Marcon Eddie marcon Eddie marcon

Makoto Oshiro  single sided LP ” variation” Enban 2013

Comes in a slikscreened PVC cover, ltd to 200

Excellent release by a discret artist, between feedback and amplified self made instrument. Very organic, soft, delicate & mysterious

Mint /SOLD

Makoto Oshiro

Oyauchi – Deku duo LP “Now’s the time” Armageddon Nova 2013

With extra flyers, ltd to 250 copies

Aishi Oyauchi is a radical alto saxophonist in the tradition of Kaoru Abe and who hails from the same first generation of Japanese free improvisers while Deku is a bassist who comes out of the whole Motoharu Yoshizawa school of radical free improvisation and rigorous sound art and was a student of legendary percussionist Masahiko Togashi. Due to having little interest in documenting their thought the duo have remained unrecorded despite both players being in their 60s and playing out for several decades so this is the first recorded evidence of the kind of ferocious invention these two are capable of and that has attracted regular collaborators to them over the years like PSF recording artist and folk-sprit Kan Mikami and drummer Sabu Toyozumi (who the duo have reconnected with for a special launch show last summer in Japan).

New / SOLD

Oyuachi - Deku duo

Quasipecies four LP Ltd to 250 Art Into life

Toshiji Mikawa – Electronics / Hideaki Shimada – Violin, Electronics / Nobuo Yamada – Metal Junk Objects / Katsuyoshi Kou – Guitar, Electronics

A document of a quartet session by Toshiji Mikawa, Hideaki Shimada, Nobuo Yamada, and Katsuyoshi Kou, recorded at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012. At the time Hideaki Shimada (Agencement) had just started drawing again, and it was advertised that the session would be recorded and released as an LP using Shimada’s artwork. Four twenty minute takes were recorded, and the LP includes two of these takes. The project title, Quasispecies Four, was inspired by the image of an indeterminate and neurotic noise performance. Limited edition of 250.

Comes with an obi with attached string that encircles the whole jacket. On the rear is an insert with photographs from the performance. Recorded live at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012

New / $15

Quasispecies Four Quasispecies Four b

Chiyoko Shikamura 10″ LP “Chiyoko no Hanachiru shimoda” – Columbia 1960

Chyoko Shinamura started her career when she was 16 in 1955, she’s a popular enka singer but maybe not as Hibari Misora…This album is one of the oldest and her voice was fragile and expressive like a chil slowlyd sinking in deep sad enka waters. One more album to cherish if early enka years are your thing.

EX-EX+ / VG+ (hes a few visible scuffs and plays with surface noise)


Chiyoko Shikamura 10" LP "Chiyoko no Hanachiru shimoda" - Columbia 1960

Akio Suzuki LP ltd to 300 “Mu Ro Bi Ko” Senufo / Gan

Full concert recording from Suzuki’s first performance in Milano. Three different sections played on Analapos (his self-made echo instrument), a selection of small stones, and the De Koolmess Glass Harmonica. Recorded in April 2003 at A+MBookstore

New / $15

Akio Suzuki LP Senufo

Taco LP “Taco” – Pinakotheca 1983

One of our long time favorite album, released on the mythic Pinakotheca label.

This album is maybe one of the craziest and hardest to review. Leaded by Harumi Yamazaki and Toshiharu Ohsato, this band has also as memebers Lolita Junko and Shiraishi Tamio who was also one of teh first memeber of Fushitsusha. Music is hard to categorize because each tarck is different but the whole make an irreverential and avant gardist punkist key document. , Ryuichi Sakamato, Tori Kudo, Non, Munehiro Narita, Michiro Endo and some more names are also on this album. Weird in the true ssense with radio transmissions in different languages, jumping from rocky songs to bizarre ballads…, demented ! Hard to find in such condition with its insert



Taco front P1160185

Tenniscoats LP “Tokinouta” – Majikick/ Enban 2013

Wonderful release, comes in an embossed/ debossed  silver cover, nice collection of songs with voice, guitar, small casiotone and sometimes a melodica. Pop music at his peak, one band we cherish here .

Saya has a breathy and a soft  voice that can move and make cry  dead souls and stone hearts.  Sounds folky with a rare depth…

Move fast,  probably a collector in a matter of weeks. Came to celebrate their 10 years anniversary

New but all copies are warped / Plays without incident on my 2 turntables


Tenniscoats Tenniscoats

Urabe Masayoshi / Fukuoka Rinji  Barcelona express LP ltd to 150 copies / Label : 8mm 2013



V/A “Giri To Ninjo” 2LP Teichiku

Fantastic release from the 70’s featuring Ken Takakura, Meiko Kaji, Izumi Chidori, Junko Fuji, Bunta Sugawara, Umemiya Tatsuo, Wakayama Tomisburo

This specific compilation explore sthe cinematographic genre in enka with the yakuza’s related songs, loneliness feeling,  self sacrifice,  women pain, male pressure. Opens with the  legendary “abashiri Bangaishi”.

Comes in a heavy double weighted gatefold

EX+ / EX+


V/A "Giri To Ninjo" 2LP Teichiku   V/A "Giri To Ninjo" 2LP Teichiku

Vinyls – analog delights X

Ritsuko Abe  LP in book “Utaha kagirinaku” –  King 1974

Hardcover – 21 pages

Nice compilation from an underrated sexy singer, deeply rooted in the 70’s with  a funky influence, very close to the best of Meiko Kaji….But definitively sexier…Hard to resist, springtime is coming, Ritsuko is knocking at your door…comes in an oversized hard book.

EX to EX+ ( a few stains inside) /  EX to EX+


Ritsuko Abe  LP in book "Utaha kagirinaku" -  King 1974 Ritsuko Abe  LP in book "Utaha kagirinaku" -  King 1974 Ritsuko Abe  LP in book "Utaha kagirinaku" -  King 1974 Ritsuko Abe  LP in book "Utaha kagirinaku" -  King 1974

Ruriko Asaoka 2LP “Best 20 Deluxe” – Teichiku

Mega rare compilation from a kayo queen, has most of her tracks from the albums relased in the 70’s and a couple of rare tracks, B sides from rare singles.

If you haven’t any Ruriko Asaoka in your collection, this compilation from the mid 70’s would be a nice substitute, for hardcore fans like me, that’s a cherry on the top of a creamy cake.

Buy this one and I’ll offer you a lovely CD compilation, if you are in Ritsuko Abe, Meiko Kaji, Carmen Maki, it’s just impossible  to not fall in love with her…

EX+ / EX to EX+ (one vinyl slightly warped)


Ruriko Asaoka 2LP "Best 20 Deluxe" - Teichiku Ruriko Asaoka 2LP "Best 20 Deluxe" - Teichiku

Yukiji Asaoka 7 inch 45 rpm/ red wax  ” Umekawa Chibe / Osato sawa shi” – Toshiba

Early red single with Asaoka Yukiji, enka at its heart. Ok, it shouldn’t be listed here because it’s “only” a single but this is a “small” release with its 2 songs but it’s also one of  my Asoaka’s favorite release I have for years on my collection. These 2 songs are exceptionnal and melancolic, one has a naniwa bushi style with a shamisen and a bit of narration, the other one soudns almost like a modern nagauta piece, there’s so much passion. A very eliptic a song with a verses and a chorus that aren’t’t not exactly the same, with irregular rythms…Like a few a enka songs, it’s always teh same and always different but this single has a singular tension, something dramatic with some percussions you can hear in kabuki. This single rarely turns up, it’s a “monster”, one of my favorite cover

EX (some wrinkles) / EX (A few scuffs and a background noise at the beginning of each side)


Yukiji Asaoka 7 inch 45 rpm/ red wax  " Umekawa Chibe / Osato sawa shi"

Yukiji Asaoka 10 inch / red wax LP  “Sumi da kawa natsukashi no merodi”  Toshiba

Music is as good as the music…Once again Asaoka Yukiji was one of the most fantastic singer in the early 60’s ( like this release) even if she  became more popular in the 70’s for western ears.

Songs are enka ballad with a  minyo influence specifically on B side, with a nagauta touch.

50 years old, red clear vinyl, pretty hard to find in a such condition

EX+ / EX to EX+ / a very few static noise


Yukiji Asaoka 10 inch / red wax LP  "Sumi da kawa natsukashi no merodi"  Toshiba

Yukiji Asaoka 10 inch  / red wax  LP ” Janome no kage de” Toshiba

Hard to resist, one more piece from the very early 60’s  with a stunning  hybrid instrumentation. Asaoka’s golden period,  every song is a hit…On the top of my personnal chart.

EX (slightly browny cover) / EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 10 inch  / red wax  LP " Janome no kage de" Toshiba

Yukiji Asaoka LP “Yukiji Asaoka Aishu Kashu” – Toshiba – – 1962

One of my favorite singer (she was also an actress), strangely she was most known in the early 70′s with some soft erotic kayo albums, but this album belongs to enka/kayo with some minyo influences and makes Yukiji Asaoka one of best accomplished singer for her whole carreer. Here you’ll hear Japan’s heart, you can believe me all her albums and 10 inch are beautiful..Some ballads and some more rythmic / folkloric tunes, if you are also in Eri Chiemi you’ll recognize some of these songs with a different vibe. One of my favorite album since I’m in enka stuff.



Yukiji Asaoka LP

Izumi Chidori LP gatefold  “Tadaima sanjo” – Teichiku

One more nice pîece from the 70’s, if you want to deep into Meiko Kaji’s funnier side. There’s llike swords falling from the sky, Chidori truculence reminds sometimes  a modern Yuriko Futaba .

EX+ /EX+


Izumi Chidori LP gatefold  "Tadaima sanjo" - Teichiku Izumi Chidori LP gatefold  "Tadaima sanjo" - Teichiku Izumi Chidori LP gatefold  "Tadaima sanjo" - Teichiku

Izumi Chidori LP gatefold “Gonzonji Ninkyo”  Teichiku

One more and one of the best with sometimes with a Morriconne touch !

EX+ / EX to mostly EX+


Haruomi Hosono LP “Cochin Moon”  King 1978

Amazing electronic classic with Ryuchi sakamoto and artwrorkk by Tanadori Yokoo

With obi & insert, rarely turns up



Haruomi Hosono LP "Cochin Moon"  king 1978 Haruomi Hosono LP "Cochin Moon"  King 1978 Haruomi Hosono LP "Cochin Moon"  King 1978

Maki Ishii / Joji Yuasa / Shuko Mizuno LP “Music today of  Japan – 18”  Denon 1980

Nice collection with its silvered covers



Maki Ishii / Joji Yuasa / Shuko Mizuno

Junko / Michel Henritzi 7inch single ” Fear of music / Berlin, with love ” – 2013 L’esprit de l’escalier

Only limited to 100 copies on a new US label by 2 of our favorite loved musician. When man loves a woman, when a guitar loves a voice.

Rock N Roll meeting, boogie music with one of my favorite singer, one of the strangest bird comming from a Yoko Ono’s parallel world.

So sweet….

Recorded by Rinji Fukuoka from Majutsu no Niwa, Overhang Party…



henritzi-junko_fear cover

Kiyoshige Koyama LP red wax ” Suinsogaku no tame no Daikagura” – Toshiba 1970

One of recent best discovery, Kiyoshige Koyama is not the well known composer but he’s really interesting. Deeply rooted in traditions he had the ambition to compose a new japanese  folkloric chapter with combining western orchestra and a lot of traditionnal instruments. So it’s really a nice and pleasant combination, if you are in minyo music you could recognize some de-re / composed well known tracks and as always NHK brings a superb recording

EX+/ EX to EX+


Kiyoshige Koyama LP red wax " Suinsogaku no tame no Daikagura" - Toshiba 1970 Kiyoshige Koyama LP red wax " Suinsogaku no tame no Daikagura" - Toshiba 1970 Kiyoshige Koyama LP red wax " Suinsogaku no tame no Daikagura" - Toshiba 1970

Tori Kudo / Kiyoaki Iwamoto / Guys “n” Dolls LP “Hard Rock album” Metronome records 1984

Hyper rare early Kudo’s recording at its most rocky side.

EX+ / NM


Tori Kudo / Kiyoaki Iwamoto / Guys "n" Dolls LP "Hard Rock album" Metronome records 1984


Makoto Moroi / Michi Mamiya LP “Sinfonia concertante N°1 “Gutai” / Serenade for orchestra” – Denon 1983

One the rarest album that was reelased in this collection with its purple cover. Makoto Moroi music takes one side and a half  with a composition from 1973 conducted bu Kazuhiro Koizumi and played by the Kyoto Municipal Symphony Orchestra. Great piece by Moroi with percussions, shakuhachi , flutes with some Kabuki like  insertions. Maybe a bit less austere than usual wit hsome great dynmics between percussions and strings. Highly recommended



 P1150752 Makoto Moroi / Michi Mamiya LP

Makoto Moroi LP “Contenporary Music of Japan  -13 ” – Victor 1979

Great collection that was released for low budgets, sadly tehey’re not always easy to find and most copies aren’t in good condition

Makoto Moroi is a great composer and compositions here are “Piano Concerto N°1” & “3 concerto movements for shakuhachi, percussions & strings / 1971”

My favorite side the s second with the traditionnal instruments



Makoto Moroi LP

Miyashita Shuretsu / Makoto Moroi LP “Chikurinshoia / U-i- “Tempen” – Victor 1973

Rare and unknown album, this albulm starts with “Shikurin Shoja” (Monastery of bamboo grove), a synthesis piece with japanese, indian, european influences intended to express charity and compassion to Buddha. Some polyphonic sections with a lot of different sounds, some climax all along the composition. 2nd side with Makoto Moroi is one of his numberous pieces with shakuhachi but this one has more a  No and gagaku coulour with beaten percussions, koto, wind and shamisen..As always with Makoto Moroi, his strenghth is the use of flutes, winds which sound like coming behind a moutain and its use of space with wood percussions

Super rare !

EX (some stains on the back) insert has some wrinkles / EX+


Miyashita Shuretsu / Makoto Moroi

Shino Horoko LP gatefold ” Shino Hiroko deluxe” – King 1971

Known as an actress for the cinema and mostly for some drama roles for the TV,  Shino Hiroko like many starlets from teh 70’s had also a carreer as a singer. Deeply rooted in the 70’s kayo style with a 60’s beat style and a few funky incursions with great covers such as “Yuma wa yoru Hiraku”  and certain sex appeal. Rare album, maybe not the best copy but still nice at an affordable price.

EX – to EX (some shelfwears) / Graded VG+ but plays EX- to EX, soem occasionnal surface noise


Shino Horoko LP gatefold " Shino Hiroko deluxe" - King 1971 Shino Horoko LP gatefold " Shino Hiroko deluxe" - King 1971 Shino Horoko LP gatefold " Shino Hiroko deluxe" - King 1971

Sumiko Sakamoto LP “Tasogare no Midosuji” Philips

Lovely album from the late 60’s, Sumiko Sakamoto is mostly knonw here as an actress for Daei  &  lately for Shohei  Imamura (Ballad of Narayama).

This album is a nice one with a latino colour, her voice is a bit like a tempered Asaoka Yukiji from the 70’s; There’s some similitudes but music stays more rooted in bossanova, slow and sexy ballads.

If you are in Rumi Yamada, Ako Midorikawa and Crown label, you’d appeciate the lounge, jazzy tracks and a croony & nighty atmosphere…it’s very simple but just beautifully interpreted. Also there’s also a visual element which is quite unique : the gothic lettering is really strange, very unusual.

EX  (some  minor shelf wears and stains) / EX+



Taj Mahal Travellers LP  “Excerpt from Taj Mahal Travellers 1 august 1974 ” Denon  1983

I think this album doesn’t need any introduction…

EX to EX+ (some stains on the back) / EX+


Taj Mahal T denon

Toru Takemitsu LP ” World of Toru Takemitsu 3″ – Victor

Fantastic release from the 60’s, it’s probably one of the best collection if you are in Takemitsu;

Gatefold cover, hard to find in a such good condition with its obi, music is a great classic …



Toru Takemitsu LP " World of Toru Takemitsu 3" - Victor Toru Takemitsu LP " World of Toru Takemitsu 3" - Victor Toru Takemitsu LP " World of Toru Takemitsu 3" - Victor

V/A  Modern Japanese compositions from 30th anniversary concerts of “The Otaka Prize” – 4LP Box – CBS 1982

NHK symphony Orchestra, conductor : Yuzo Toyama


Kosaku Yamada – Akira Ifukube – Fumio Hayasaka – Kiyoshige Koyama – Hidemaro Konoe – Hisatada Otaka – Rô Ogura – Yuzo Toyama – Akira miyoshi – Akio Yashiro – Atsutada Odaka – Yasushi Akuytagawa – Takashi Yoshimatsu – Toshi Ichiyanagi

Nice box with some unknown names and a rare Ichiyanagi’s piece”In the Recollection of Space image” for piano and Orchestra

comes with a booklet.

EX+ / Obi has some minor wears : Vinyls are EX+ to NM


Modern Japanese compositions from 30th anniversary concerts of “The Otaka Prize” Modern Japanese compositions from 30th anniversary concerts of “The Otaka Prize” Modern Japanese compositions from 30th anniversary concerts of “The Otaka Prize”

Vinyls IX

 Maki Asakawa LP “Asakawa Maki no Sekai” – Express 1970

First album by the legendary singer who sadly passed away in 2010. She was a true legend, known as a jazz / blues singer  at US Army bases in Japan before getting her big break in a series of concerts organized by underground playwright Shuji Terayama in 1968. evidently she was under a saint Germain des Près influence with her all dressed in black and nicotine smokes. This first album is my my favorite so far, hinestly it tokk me soem years to fully appreciate it. it’s a mix of blues, jazz and even some funky tunes with some concrete sounds between tracks. I’d say she had the blues.

EX / EX to EX+



Maki Asakawa LP “Maki 2” Express 1971

Maki Asakawa’s third record(2nd studio), “Maki II.” “Maki Asakawa is the perfect late night beatnik torch singer – head to toe black, enigmatic smile, existential angst and a smack ‘n’ black coffee voice.” Alan Cummings

Dark clad, nicotine stained and black sugarless coffee drenched female vocals against an avant-jazz backing, excellent for those late night booze drenched evenings. Jazzy-styled acid folk with superb female vocals. Jazzy influences touch on fragile acid folk with psychedelic overtones.

EX+( a very few stains) : EX / mostly EX+


Ruriko Asaoka LP ” Minyo O Tozune” – Teichiku

gatefold cover + obi

Fantastic and quite unknow album by a legendary actress and singer, the best album of this month. A very surprising album with these folkloric covers, same as Eri Chiemi, Hibari Misora but here we have a lot of tradionnal instruments, backed voices and a very typical bass of the early 70′s (like 1st Meiko Kaji album).  Ruriko Asaoka is more sensual than Chiemi, it brings something different to this repertoire, I’m really a huge fan of this material, if you are both in Itoh Kiyoko and the minyo vibe this album is just the best I’ve heard.

EX (gold obi has a few wrinkles and some fingermarks) / a very few scuffs, plays EX /EX+



Ruriko Asaoka LP “Kiri  no Yoru Anata to” – Teichiku 1971

gatefold + attached booklet + obi

Ruriko Asaoka had obnly a few albums and this one is maybe the harder to find and remains unknown for many ears. Once again this one is indispensable for Asaoka’s fans and people who  loves Kiyoko Itoh too and Carmen Maki’s “Peoms in the midnight”. This album is very specific because it’s half narrations with musical backgrounds and half with typical kayo songs. Instrumentation is varied and rich ornaments such as flutes, harps, strings,  and typical bass from the 70’s. So this is the most cinematographic album in Asaoka’s discography, she’s very expressive, yo ucan close your eyes and sink in your dreams. Some would say Ruriko Asaoka is sexy, yes thats’ true, she was maybe the most elegant singer and actress and even in the 70’s, her charm was deeply rooted in the 60’s. Highest recommendations like all Asoaka’s albums comes in a stunning illustrated gatefold, with a Daliesque touch

Also, check below, I’ve found another copy of  “Ruriko Asaoka ai o utau” LP album

EX (some wears and dirt) / a solid EX close to EX+



Yukiji Asaoka 10″ LP “Tsukiji Akashi Machi” – Toshiba 1962

One of the most accessible early Asoaka album, once again as I wrote it a lot of times, this is the cream of good enka / kayo music, if you’re like me, loving the popular songs with minyo influence, Yukiji Asaoka is one of the best singer and all her early albums are like a part of japan’s history. Highly recommended, quite hard to find in good condition after 50 years !

EX/ EX to mainly EX+ (a very few visible scuffs)


Yukiji Asaoka 10″ Red Wax LP “Meigetsu Akagiyama” – Toshiba 1962

One of the best early Asaoka release, among her 10″ albums it’s my personnal favorite. True enka treasure with minyo influences, if you want a true Japan’s piece, I’d recommend you to collect this type of stuff nad go back to the 50 & 60’s movies. Maybe it’s abit an idealistic vision of Japan, I don’t know but sure the music here is far from any fashion, if enka and ballads are into your veins, that’s for you.

EX (minor wears) /graded VG+ because of marks and scuffs, but plays EX (excellent copy overall)


Yukiji Asaoka LP “Matsu no ki kouta” red wax – Toshiba

Attention : Yukiji Asaoka’s masterpiece ! One of here rarest and my favorite coming from the early 60′s. Yukiji Asaoka a a legendary actress and singer, she had  one dozen of 10″Lps and a very few 12″ LP from this period. This one is particularly interesting because it gathers some straight enka songs, some minyo influences and has a few tracks with a south american production that could explain she was signed later in 1966 for a bossanova influenced album on Crown label. I’d say it’s the perfect bridge between traditions and the cuban vibe à la Eri Chiemi. Yukiji Asaoka is more tempered than Chiemi, she’s a different charm with a slower diction and sometimes a mischievous vibe. So it’s a great synthesis of Asaoka’s highlights, she was not in one distinct style but when she decides to break your heart in pieces, believe me you can only fall in sand but  hopefully Asaoka will save you and bring you a rebirth from one song to another one.

EX+ / EX+ with obi and its innersleeve



Ché-Shizu LP “Glimmering star” – Aleutian Retto 1999 ltd to 250

Second and last vinyl release by Chie Mukai folk band, this time Tori kudo wasn’t in the line up and Mukai’s voice and erhu were assisted by Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha / LSD March),  Nishimura Takuya & Koma Keita. It’s probably the most satisfying Ché Shizu album, the most narcoleptic one’s with Mukai’s haunting erhu, piano and her floating voice on some  never ending  ballads. Sound is a bit cryptic and it brings something more, it sounds very intimist and makes like  these long forgotten melodic lines  were hidden in our memories. Mukai is an important figure on the Tokyoist scene for almost 3 decades,  she had been a long time musical partner with Urabe Masayoshi and Ché Shizu still remains as her only folk and songs oriented project. Finger crossed there’s a new album someday…

EX  to EX+ (spine has minor wears) /  EX+


Izumi Chidori 2 LP gatefold  “Best 20 deluxe” – Teichiku

Nice collection with the heroic Izumi Chidori who was an actress in the 70’s and also a very special singer in her early years. Just look the cover and you’ll get a slight idea of the music you could hear on this compilation. Some enka/ Kayo songs  with a yakuza vibe, very cinematographic, very expressive and exhuberant. Music and voice are like a rolling ball, knocking all walls around you. I’m pretty sure Izumi Chidori could be a star in some DJ’s hands…when anti heroes have more to say than the so called heroins….




The FOLK CRUSADERS LP “Kingen Nisennen” – Capitol (CTP-9022)

gatefold cover with attached booklet

Originally  released in 1968 (no idea when this edition was released but it’s definitively a latest one) this album is probably the most famous album by this popular band. Sadly it’s not so well known here and this album still remains neglected here on our shores. Kazuhiko Kato was the most famous musician from the band with working later under Sadistic Mika band. Kato commited suicide by hanging in 2009 but music survives  and songs still knows a lot of covers such as Phew recorded superbly a couple of years ago for her masterpiece “five finger discount”. Nobody wrote it but in my opinion it has a lot of similitudes with Happenings Four “Outsider no sekai” but Folk Crusaders recorded this album 2 years before. So, music is a very unpredictable patchwork of styles or melancholic ballads, drunken cowboys under amphetamines & LSD, pysché folk with cut ups, tape manipulations…Music has a lot of charms, hard to believe it has been covered by  a large range of  singers as Phew and Keiko Mari 40 years before. Artwork is gorgeous, definitively one in my personnal top 10 album.

EX to EX+ / EX+



Ari Hanabusa LP gatefold “Aishi te ha ikenai” – Victor 1974

Born in 1950, Ari Hanabusa is a singer who started her career in 1968 but apart a very few informations I don’t know her very well, in fact I’ve discovered her thanks to my friend F. in UK who sent me another mysterious album with her. Strangely I find this album very nice despite it’s deeply rooted in the 70’s, usually my tastes are more in one or 2 decades before. We have here an archetypal collection of kayo songs wit ha few op accents, Ari Hanabusa has a fragile voice, very thin and delicate, there’s a true innocent feeling coming from her voice. In fact she remains me a litlle of Cherish  band singer,  the melancholic mood has really something comparable with the ones’ you can hear through Shuji Terayama songs. It’s s really rooted in japanese  enka pop with a rich and varied orchestration. Quite a laid back but like a walk in an hidden garden, like a later Sono Mari, one of the best recent discovery, thanks again F. !

EX+ (a few stains inside) / EX+



Kiyoko Itoh LP “Sinmon & Garfunkel, country best sung by Kiyoko Itoh” – CBS

Gatefold + obi  / WHITE LABELS – “NOT FOR SALE”

Mega rarity for this unknown, hidden album in Kiyoko’s discography, I think you can have a slight idea of its content with a such title.

If you’re familiar with this place, you probably know how we fetichize Itoh Kiyoko, along Carmen Maki’s first albums she’s just our favorite singer for years. Of course this album has a different place because it’s quite unexpected to hear such covers like “El Condor Pasa”, “The sound of silence” and some more hits like these.  Ok, I must admit I’m sometiems like  “old socks”, I love ancient hits and Simon & Garfunkel still sound good for my ears ; I’m sometimes a subect for mockery with friends and I haven’t any problem with my various musical tastes. Ok there are also some more country songs on this album, I’m sometimes dubitative, because honestly this a style I don’t like so much. So to be honest the B-Side isn’t perfect for me but my son finds these songs quite funny if you feel like a cowboy spirit. MEGA RARITY, got only 3 copies in my life.

EX+ /  EX+ to Near Mint



Meiko Kaji LP gatefold “Yadokari – original best”  – Teichiku 1973

Known as the third album, acid kayo for Sasori fans.

EX  (some shelfwears)/ EX to EX+



Meiko Kaji LP “Otoko onna Kokoro no aika” – Teichiku 1975

One of the last album with mostly some well known enka / kayo  standards such as  “Tokyo Nogaremono”, “yume wa yoru hiraku”…

EX / EX to EX+



Meiko Kaji LP “Best kayo 16” – Teichiku

EX / EX+



Le Son de L’os LP “old Sun” – New vague records

Le son de l’os could be seen picking up where Onna-Kodomo left off in the mid-1990s or early Nijiumu.

Current line-up is Yuko Hasegawa (Onna Kodomo), Shizuo Uchida (Kito Mizukumi Rouber / Hasegawa-Shizuo / Suishou No Fune) & Mashiro Deguchi (Gendai Sokkyo), the band was signed for a first album on P.S.F. 2 years ago. If you are in Nijiumu, in nighty improvisations, slowed down kind of blues or miniatures folk songs with bass,  vocals, guitar…

Ltd to 285, comes in a nice silkscreened cover done by Alan Sherry, dedicated to our friend Joel Nickelson who died before he had completed his first 2 releases on his label. Thanks to Alan who has helped Joel’s family to finish and sell this project along Majutsu No Niwa reissue.



or $35 with  “Grass pillow” previous CD album released on PSF

LSD MARCH LP “Totsuzen hono no gotoku” – White Elephant records 2002

ltd 200 white vinyl

Ltd to 200,  95 came with a blue cover,  later reissued under the title “Suddenly, like flames”, this album had Ikuro Takahashi, Masami Kawaguchi with Shinsuke Mishishita’s leader  this album is maybe one of the most accomplished album from Japan who finds its source in the Velvet Underground after les Rallizes Dénudes. Really nice, sounds anyway very personnalnmurky recording with FX solos, had this kind of depressed blues that could hae been recorded 20 years before.

EX+ / EX to EX+ (not the best pressing but a solid copy anyway)


Kan Mikami LP “Yuyake no kioku kara – Live in Aomori” – Victor 1977

white promo labels

fantastic release from the early years with Mikami Kan facing its public with his acoustic guitar and passion. One of his best live release with great classics such ‘Yume wa yoru Hiraku” and “Lake full of piss”  and a special mention to the great audience. I’d have loved to hear Mikami there, taht’s not to say he’s bad now but now he’s more like an actor, he just grew up I guess.

EX+ / EX+



Kazuko Matsuo LP gatefold  “Shirutaku Naino” – Victor 1967

Subtitled Kazuko Matsuo in person…Nice live album by one of the sweetest voice which has a very personnal melancholic vibe, a night mood with a latin touch. Tracklisting is just perfect with rtitles such as “Ginza Blues”, “the girl of Kasbah” and one of my personnal highlight “Una sera di Tokyo” also frequently covered by Sachiko Nishida and more frequently by Ché Shizu / Chie Mukai / Tori Kudo. If you’re looking after a sensual singer Matsuo Kazuko is one of the best;




Miki Minoru box 4 LP “the music of Minoru Miki performed by the Ensemble Symphonia” – Columbia 1970

comes with 2 illustrated  60 pages booklets with instruments and scales.

Miki Minoru was a promoter of traditionnal japanese and korean musical instruments and after Toru Takemitsu he was the one of the best overseas well known composer. Strangely hes been neglicted by a lot of people in contemporary music despite his varied repertoire. Miki Minoru  founded the Nihon Ongaku Shūdan in 1964 also known as Ensemble Nipponia, for which he has composed extensively and collaborated with Keiko Nosaka developing the 21-string koto and reviving the instrument’s repertoire with many new works in a variety of genres and combinations, including five concertos for koto and orchestra. But music here in the box set is not typically japanese, you can hear some western jazz / impro idioms with great folk sides. I must say the sound recording is exceptionnal, you can hear a lot of details and spacialization has rarely been so rich with all the acoustic instruments. I’d say PLAY IT LOUD if you want to hear all subtilities. If you are in Makoto  Moroi and his shakuhachi compositions,  Miki Minoru is less austere but he was also a brilliant composer and his musicians were probably among the best.  Compositions are Tennyo, Jo No Kyoku, Paraphrase after japanese  ancient music; You’ll hear how koto sounds are not only for musical backgrounds, muzak for lifts , restaurants or liquid soaps commercials. Just take a Miki Minoru shower !

EX (some minor wears on the outer box, obi is VG) / vinyls are EX+



Miki Minoru LP “Slected works of Minoru Miki vol 1 – The young sprout” – Camerata 1976

Performed by Ensemble Nipponia, excellent



Noise  LP “Tenno” – Org Records 1997

Originally released in 1980 on ALM records with Tori Kudo and Reiko Omura (who became later Kudo’s wife and known as Reiko Kudo) and recorded by Fumio Kosakai, this  album is one of the most important album of the underground scene from the 80’s.  Most songs are (over) driven by a  lo fi & doomy organ with Reiko’s fragile voice, echoed trumpets, some would say it’s like an awakened nightmare. Alienish, coming from nowhere, I’ve seen once maybe it could be a mssing link between Suicide and Nico…essential, a key document and this edition looks better than the original one.




Hiromi Sairaiji LP gatefold ” Hatoba” – Columbia 1972

That’s a long time I haven’t a copy of this album that many people like me discovered some years ago through Tiliqua mailorder. Johan from Tiliqua first heard it at Ikeezumi’s PSF boss headquarter so we need to thank them for sharing a such treasure. This true fantastic enka/ballads album stills needs to be wisely known and heard. Sairaiji was also an actress and she was 19 years when she recorded this first album composed by the legendary Toru Funamura.  Many songs here are quite well known but Hiromi Sairaiji high  and nasal voice is just unique, she  howls as she lives her last hours, there’s so much passion, it’s just hard to believe , just like a violent wind  entering and breaking windows. Many peopele have some difficulties to recognize japanese enka singers, believe me, after the first song you’ll hear how Sairaiji is so special, crazy and extreme. Almost a given price, comes with obi, this is the EXTREME BLOODY ENKA STUFF.

EX (some wears) / EX to EX+



Hiromi Sairaiji LP “Sairaiji Hiromi no atarashii uta natsukashii uta” Columbia 1972

gatefold with attached calendar poster

3rd album record within a year, this one is a bit less enka rooted, it has a more kayo / pop directions with some up beat songs. More varied, a bit less extreme but I suspected her producers were amazed with her voice and they wanted Sairaiji covering a large selection of songs. It’s indeniable they had fun during the recordings, not sure they met a true success but it seems Sairaiji was really supported by her producers. One more odd album in the enka / kayo troubled waters. Comes with its rare gimmick obi

EX to EX+ (some stains inside) / EX to EX+



Minao Shibata Box 5 LP “Works of Minao Shibata” – Victor 1978

Minao Shibata was born in 1916 and his works show a development from Germanic Romanticism to serialism and  electronics in the 1950s and then to more avant-garde techniques, including  graphic notation and aleatory writing.  Many of us have only heard of him  with is participations through the nice Oto No Hajimari compilation that gathers pioneer documents from NHK studio. Like Makoto Moroi, Joji Yuasa, Minao Shiabato worked with orchestras and had also recorded some electronic music with filters, modulators. This box is quite uncommon and brings a little of light of one other nice japanese composer.

EX to EX+ (a few stains) / EX to NM



Suishou No Fune LP “Bonsai No Ie” – 8mm records 2011 ltd to 250

from the label : “The new installment from Pirako Kurenai and Kageo’s Suishou no Fune is finally ready, and it’s a true gem. Recorded in a Bonsai Shop in Tokyo, summer 2010, ‘Bonsai No Ie’ is a dream made out of floating guitar textures and vanishing vocal lines. Four spectral, naked pieces that stand as the core of Suishou no Fune’s poetry, where delicate folk moments, abstract blues riffs and oniric ballads concur in the realisation of the definitive psych experience. Close your eyes and abandon your senses to a journey through the land of ethereal joy and endless abandon”



Yuji Takahashi + Masahiko Satoh LP “Samarkand -Taklamakan-Lob nor” – Denon 1983

Consisting of one acoustic side + one electronic side and originally recorded in 1974. Prepared piano, Mini moog, EMS synth AKS, Fender Rhodes

EX+ / EX+


Tenjo Sajiki LP +  Ken Togo CD single “Baramon” – Tenjo Sajiki records 2004

Originally released in 1972, maybe it’s one of the most underrated Tenjo sajiki release with J.A. Seazer

“By 1972,Baramon saw J.A. Seazer and Kuni Kawachi (of the Happenings Four and Kirikyogen) splitting the compositional scores on a bizarre musical manifesto for sexual liberation. So far so Hair, but rather than a tribute to free love, Terayama instead composed an eloquent plea for the liberation of the sexual underclass suffering discrimination, in the form of a ‘gay revolution.’ It wasn’t Terayama’s first engagement with the Tokyo queer scene — one of the earliest plays he wrote for the Tenjo Sajiki was a vehicle for transvestite actress and chanson singer Akihiro Miwa, who was rumored to have had a dalliance with Yukio Mishima. Baramon’s opening is a blast — a densely narrated and impassioned call to arms set to a Nazi military march that links sexual second class citizenship to imperialist social control and warmongering. Featuring the actual voices of numerous smutty, cross-dressing scene queens, the record’s content was deemed so subversive that it was only sold under the counter of Tokyo gay bars. Like a biker backstage at the Cage Aux Folles, fuzzed out guitar riffs and heavy swelling organ-based psych rock tracks rub shoulders with the lachrymose ballads and tawdry, mascara smudging chanson still favored in certain Shinjuku nighteries.’”

The Wire, Alan Cummings

EX+ / EX to EX +



Tokk –  Ensemble Tokyo LP

Toshi Ichiyanagi / Yoshiro Irino / Maki Ishii / Toru Takemitsu

” Music for Living Process / Strömung / Nucleus / Munari by Munari / Corona for Pianist” – Victor 1976

Massive and mythic album featuring Toshi Ichiyanagi, Takehisa Kosugi,  Yasunori Yamaguchi among some more names.

Not only there are famous names but compositions are great classics and these versions are quite unknown.

EX to EX+ (corners are slightly bumped)

There’s only the facial obi, it has been fixed with adhesive on the back cover.

Vinyl plays EX+



Kazuki Tomokawa LP “Senshu” – Bourbon records 1978

rare early compilation with one of our favorite singer that compiles his first albums with some of his tracks produced by J.A . Seazer




Ultra Bide LP  “Utra Bide the original” – Alchemy 1984 ltd to 500

Ultra classic for this band coming from kansai with Jojo Hiroshige on bass; Just punk, just rock as any good punk music !

Highly recommended, a great classic, comes with insert




V/A LP “Forty Minutes And Eleven Seconds” – 2011 red wax lted to 500

With Takehisa Kosugi , Christian Wolf, John King, David Behrman, Jesses Stiles

Sold through  Merce Cunningham fundation,  interesting and official document for Kosugi’s partcipation; I’d say It’s quite funny because in a way Kosugi sounds a bit like Burning Star Core, sounds like easy to do for Kosugi and could be considered as the best Spencer Yeh would make ! Kosugi doesn’t make enough and Yeh just makes too much.

New / $35

V/A Orchestral Space at Nissei Theatre 1966 volume 2 – Victor 1967

gatefold with attached booklet

György Ligeti – Inannis Xenakis – John Cage –  Roger Reynolds – Motohiko Adachi

EX+ /EX +



Vinyls – VIII

Motohiko Adachi / Joji Yuasa / Yoshiro Irino  LPNi Hon Gendai Sakkyoka Shiriezu – Modern Japanese Composers Series” Toshiba 1970 Red Wax

Ok, I won’t lie you, I just consider this album as the best one in the contemporary section, maybe it’s a  red vintage translucide vinyl but music is pure gold.

Joji Yuasa is the most common name for my ears and this version of “projection for string quartet” was recorded in 1969 and it still remains as an unreleased on CD. Some later version were released on vinyls too but sound recording is absolutely different. This one is direct in your face (the other versions have some reverb) with a true stereoscopic recording, sometimes it’s like you have strings between your teeth, with speed ebow attacks, details are very, very close, grainy with sound clashes. A true masterpiece, if only string quartet were more frequently like this. When I purchased this album for the first time, I can’t lie with saying you I had never heard of Matohiko Adachi and Yoshiro Irino before . Honestly their pieces are excellent too, Irino who’s credited as the first japanese composer who did a dodecaphonic piece after he studied Shoenberg, turned later to some serial work.  This album has no weakness and stays really as a true historic album and more important, just perfect for our ears.

NM (with obi & insert) / EX+



Mina Aoe LP gatefold ” Mina Aoe otoko gokoro o utau” – Victor

First entry here for a great enka / kayo voice.   This album from the early 70’s is one of her nice album that offers her  enka / kayo cocktail songs with twangy and surf guitars and some more koto & shamisen insertions. Mina Aoe has a very distinctive husky voice and production is at its best.




Izumi Chidori 2LP (gatefold & obi) ” Best 20 Deluxe” – Teichiku

A quite nice and complete compilation that gathers some early tracks coming from some previous albums and some singles.If you are in the Yakuza vibe, in Junko Fuji and you like the early Meiko Kaji’s for the production (early 70’s),  that can give you a slight idea of the sound. Izumi Chidori was really a funny actress, her voice is vigorous and nervous, sometimes it’s not far from Yuriko Futaba and her story telling side. If you’re looking after some actions, swords in the airs with some Morricone accents, this compilation could a be a nice introduction to Chidori’s amazing temperament.

EX to EX+ / VG+ because vinyls have some scuffs but they play a nice EX



Misae Enomoto LP “Hit melody” Victor 1964

Misae Enomoto had a lot of singles, some would say she’s old fashioned and they’re probably right. She has a high pitched and nasal voice,  she’s like a ghost coming from the black & white age , the 50’s. Definitively rooted in tradition, I mean straight enka and minyo with shamisen and some more orchestrations.  Just beautiful, it will haunt your nights.

EX+ / a few marks, plays EX to mostly EX+



Keiko Fuji 2LP (gatefold, obi & attached booklet) “Ki te kudasai watashi no jinsei” – RCA 1976

Recorded live, 1976-9-24, Keiko Fuji is probably one of the most popular singer coming from the 70’s and this album is one of her rarest.Vibrant and sometimes with an amazing audience, it seems she had some huge harcore fans in the public. My favorite album for its cover and it has a lot of hits.




Fukuoka Rinji / Kaneko Jutoku LP “Searchin’ for my layline live at stories march 17 1996” – Pataphysique 1997

One the very first document with the belated Kaneko Jutok who was in Kousokuya, then Rinji Fukuoka known later as Overhang Party’s leader, was mostly playing violin, this album is one of the key document of 2 underground musicians before PSF finds its wider audience. Intense,  music is improvised on electric guitar and electric violin and viola. Beautiful a massive document,  long gone. With 4 page slick black insert with information in both English and Japanese




 Keiji Haino / Mikami Kan / Yoshizwa Moyoharu 2LP + single “Live in the first year of Heisei” P.S.F.  1990

Complete set by an historic trio of improvisers on an historic label. My personnal highlight coming from the Tokyoist scene, since Haino has rarely been so relevant and persuasive with his thousands of collaborations. I think one page has definitively been turned and listening these 2 volumes are like timeless postcards. Fantastic !

Volume one has a few stains, the single and the second volume are EX+, all coming with insert and obi / Play EX+/NM


Ogi Hiroko LP “Sutuero Ogi Hiroko no hana no suteji” – Columbia 1966

Early album by actress and singer Ogi Hiroko, sadly she stays mostly unknown for many years and I hope even you don’t buy her music from me, you’ll go deeper in her songs because Ogi Hiroko is a fantastic singer, her voice had one of most richest palette I know. I’d say almost everything can be heard through the cover album, between solemnity and some more joyous songs, from a low and guttural voice to higher pitches. So, it’s highly recommended, she was Meiko Kaji’s partner on the screen, if you want to hear something more serious, just dive deeper in the enka waters. My favorite for months !

EX / EX +


Matsuo Kazuko LP (Gatefold & obi)” Akasaka no yoru ha fuke te” – Victor 1970

Album with the great satin voice, Matsuo Kazuko is one of the most sensual singer, she has a late night mood, smoky ambiance, she reaches almost perfection with her natural and relaxed style.

EX+/ a few marks but  plays EX+



Kuro Iro Tent / Black colored tent LP “Showboat showa kuro Iro Tent 68/71 – kigeki showa no sekai yori ” – ALM records

Released in an edition of 500, this is a rare theatrical artefact à la early Tenjo Sajiki, between odd songs and sound clashes. Obscure release by a bad documented theatre troupe, a true surprise that ALM released this psychedelic album. WHITE PROMO LABELS

VG+ (some shelfwears and no insert) / NM



Eddie Marcon 10″ 45 rpm LP + CDR “Ano ko ga kotori no hanasu toki” – Gyuune cassettes 2011

Limited to 300, sadly it seems Eddie Marcon from Coa’s rock outfit doesn’t sound very familiar her. Eddie is an intimist and dreamy singer for years, she has regularly some limited CDR on her own label and has also a few regular releases. She’s a lovely singer who has a true facility to find easy melodic lines that will haunt you for hours. Most of time she sounds quite folky with a lot of rich arrangements, by accumulation of small details she’s just one of the most charming songwriter : dreamy, childish and sincere. This album is one step beyond pop music.




Sono Mari LP (gatefold, obi + 8 pages attached booklet) “Koi no utage hai hateshinaku” – Polydor

Another piece in the puzzle, probably released in 1970 or 71…Sono Mari will appear again in your dreams…One of her rarest, where are you fans ?

highly recommended

EX- (wears and stains) /  EX+




Sono Mari LP gatefold “koi no sasayaki” – Polydor 1969

One of here rarest and last album from the golden years, this one is very similar to Sachiko Nishida on the same label, we can hear bass was more upfront in the mix probably the Polydor studios have updated their compressors. Nice album once again with a more 70’s sound , I can’t remember with having heard a bad Sono Mari. Probably one of the last I’d be able to offer for moons.

VG+ (a lot of stains, some wears, not the best cover) / EX+



Haruyo Matsuda LP “Kurenai Mugen” – Victor 1978

One of my long time favorite’s album, this is a rare promo copy that came out with an alternative  pasted black and white cover and white labels

Top rarity for a great obscure and odd album, Haruya Matsuda was linked to Tenjo Sajiki performances for a while and died prematurely after her lonely album. Fantastic as I already wrote it in the past .

VG+ (Cover  has some wears, some age stains) / vinyl has a few paper scuffs but plays mostly EX+



Keiko Matsuyama LP red wax “Aishu no onna gokoro” – Toshiba

Early release from the 60’s from a popular singer, Keiko Matsuyama started in the 50’s, she was known for her legendary smile and many fans cried when she passed away in 2006. Between straight enka melancholic ballads and some more rural influences, Keiko Matsuyama still remains as a recommended name if you are in Hibari Misora (Matsuyama has a more nasal voice) or even the early Yukiji Asaoka years. Nice price for a true excellent vintage album

EX (Very clean, some minor crease) /EX-/EX (some static noise but sound nice)


 Hibari Misora 10″ LP “Hibari no utahenge” – Columbia 1958

Hibari Misora is a legend, maybe one of the most famous actress and singer, she has almost sold 100 millions of albums  and she started her career at only 12  and as an  actress she starred in more than 150 films.  She was 21 when she recorded this beautiful enka record, many consider she was at her peak in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Repertoire here is truly enka but you can hear Misora could bring her specific swing, she’s really the post war figure that opens doors to the jazz and later the kayo influences. Lovely, highly recommended  and comes in lovely glossy cover!

EX to EX + /  a solid EX, the best copy I’ve found until now


Hibari Misora 10 ” LP “Hibari no wataridoridayo” – Columbia 1962

One more nice album, this one has a specific place here because i knew a malediction with finding it : I bought it 3 times and it did get lost 3 times until a good friend of mine offered me my first copy. Ok, music is just good as it was with Hibari, if you are in enka roots, it’s just a perfect one. It took me some months to find this nice copy, its a 50 years old album, I can’t believe it !

EX+/ EX to EX+


Yooko Naito LP (gatefold, obi & attached booklet) “Yokoo” – Toho 1971

This is the sprintime’s album – Yooko Naito was know as an actress and as a Shuji Terayam’s poems reader, she appeared on a rare EP that came out with a great Aquirax Aida cover (there’s one visible here). She was married to Justin Heathcliff and excepted a few singles  I think she only made this album. It’s a very nice collection of fragile folk songs and sober orchestrated accoustic tracks. Her reading is very personnal, so melancholic but so sweet and innocent. This album is like brackets in memories, it goes directly to the heart, a bit like Carmen Maki “Poems in the Midnight” but in a more straight  folk way and with even some Itoh Kiyoko reminescences. Discreet, but definitively a charming album that grows up with each listening.

NM / EX to EX+ (some visible scuffs on side A)



Hiromi Sairaiji LP (gatefold, obi, insert and 5 cm red flexi disc !) “Sairaiji Hiromi besuto arubamu” – Columbia 1973

Amazing compilation by the howling and quite incredible Hiromi Sairaiji singer ! She’s one of my favorite wild enka singer, like many people I’ll eternally praise Tiliqua mailorder for having discovering her through Hideo Ikeezumi / P.S.F boss.  Toru Funamura is one of those incredible composers who worked for Hibari Misora, Naomi Chiaki and probably a few hundreds more singer have covered his music. This compilation came after the first 3 Hiromi Sairaiji albums and has a few rare B sides coming from various singles. I’m a huge collector of her stuff, many great songs were also released on these B-sides. Obviously, this album has not the same intensity as you can hear on her first album called “hatoba”, but it’s a quite varied nice introduction to her nasal high pitched voice. Despite some various kind of songs and arrangements, Sairaiji always sings in a very personnal manner.

Nice price, I’d be happy if it can be helpful to introduce Sairaiji to a new public.

EX- (Looks EX to EX+ but has a split seam on the back side) / EX+



V/A 12 LP Box “Nippon minyo daizen shu” – Polydor 1972

Waouh, comes in a full cloth binding Box with a 80 pages A4 book, so it’s a heavy object., more than 2,5 kg !

I can’t hide my recent passion for the minyo / folkloric genre and this box gathers all the music and styles from the 4 main islands and more with its regions specifities. If you are in voices, that will keep busy for hours, there’s so much to hear. Instrumentation is quite diverse  : with shamisen, drums, biwa, shakuhachi, you’ll discover all the richness of the minyo genre with a true authencity.For those who are in enka /kayo, you’ll probably recognize a few songs here because some have been adapted by talented singers such as Eri Chiemi, Yukiji Asaoka. If you are in female singers you’ll be probably hooked by the backed choirs which are always stunning, you’ll hear a lot of  kittens and strange miows behind you…some more desperate singers, sometimes harsher. If you are in improvised music, you’ll discover there’s more soul in the traditions than in most of the so called modern improvised musics. No pose here, people  sing, play and say a lot if you are adventurous.




 V/A Box 8LP “Nippon No minyo” – Victor

Box + each LP comes with a different cover with obi & insert

Another stunning collection of minyo / folk songs, I think it was released in the 70’s and albums were available separately.

Similar stuff to the box above but this one has another specificity : it sounds more like a collection of 120 songs but sources aren’t all the same. That’s what it makes this box amazing because some songs have a more like kayo production (sometimes with  some environment sounds too) or maybe some were recorded during  some local celebrations and parties. Some versions are just crazy, wild and crazy, if was a DJ I would probably use some songs because it’s not far from the Molam / Thaï energy. Once again the minyo side is really one style to discover and once again the covers are so tempting

EX (some stains inside the box and covers) / EX+ to NM



V/A LP (Harbound cover + 15 pages attached booklet – red wax) “Miwaku No Hit Album Furusato No Natsukashi Minyo /Charming album hit 10” –  Toshiba

Lovely and heavy book (heavy as 4-5 LPs) and minyo music (flolkloric songs) probably released in 1970 with Jimmy Takeuchi, it has an amazing and  quite incredible  production, if you are in Eri Chiemi, Hibari Misora and exotica music, that’s really for you. Some famous “bushi” songs with a great palette and even sometimes with a funky/jazzy touch, you’ll see some colored flowers all around you. Jimmy Takeuchi and The Exciters, Yasunori Nakajima and Latin Rhythm Kings, Hachidai Nakamura New Sounds Orchestra, Nobuo Hara and Sharps and Flats.
Rare Japanese Mailorder Only Album, amazing Japanese Jazz Funk with Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Wadaiko .

EX+ /EX (some stains inside) / EX to EX+



 Joji Yuasa 5LP Box with a 20 pages booklet “Projections” – Columbia 1975

First LP – Orchestral Works (works from 1975, 1967 and 1972); 2nd LP – Chamber Music (compositions from 1955, 1974, 1963, 1967, 1970 and 1973); 3rd LP – Piano Music (compositions from 1957, 1959 and 1972); 4th LP – Tape Music (compositions from 1969 and 1966); 5th LP – Choral Music (composition of 1971).

Fantastic and complete Yuasa’s work, hideously rare.

EX to EX+ (a few stains in the inside white background and booklet) / Vinyls have a few stains on label, one LP has a few marks but they all play EX to EX+,  a few surface noise



Vinyls – VII

A-Musik LP “e kú ìrójú” – Balcony 1983

One of the greatest album coming from the 80’s with a lot of japanese underground musicians that became more familiar to our ears later. What a casting !

EX+ /EX to EX+ but no booklet



Ritsuko Abe LP gatefold +attached pin up poster “Oh ! Biutifuru sacchi !! ” – King 1971

Rare album by  sexy  Ritsuko Abe singer who was famous for her legs and her mini skirt when she appeared on TV,  born  in the late 40’s , she became one of the post GS legend with Yumi Kaoru and had a few hunted down kayo albums during the 70’s. Ritsuko Abe became quite an archetyp of pop singers who made nude pictures sessions organised by the music industry, but more than her sexy covers she had also a true kayo singer talent and I must say a certain charm. Her repertoire is quite well known with  songs such as “Keiken” , “X+Y = Love” but I’d say she’s far better than most of Mari Henmi stuff, music is nicely balanced between kayo ballads, pop lushed orchestration with a few psych guitars, sometimes not so far from Yukiji Asaoka early 70’s. Just charming, pop as its cover, hard to find because of crazy fetichists in Japan. Downpriced because of its condition .

EX (some wears, time aged, some stains inside and on the pin-up attached poster ) to EX+ – Obi has one discreet tear

graded EX because of  2  inaudiblevisible scuffs but vinyl plays EX to EX+



Ark Percussion Staff  LP 45rpm “Pulse ! Vol.1 Zyklus Nr.9” – CBS 1977

Ark Percussion staff leaded by percussionist Yasunori Yamaguchi, one of the most active musician on the avant garde scene,  has collaborated a few times on LPs with Michael Ranta who’s one of the most stunning musician since the 70’s. I’m sad to say they are both together better than most of the composers they have covered. Stockhausen is not my cup of tea, I’m sorry, but I know I really appreciate Yamaguchi and Ranta for years because they have the feeling/ The “thing” that lacks with many improvisors or players.

EX (Some stains on the front cover) / EX+


Ruriko Asaoka LP gatefold cover with obi & fold out booklet  “Ai o utau” – Teichiku 1970

This is the perfect RECORD ! Super rare album by the actress and singer Ruriko Asaoka who’s better known for her album with Yokoo’s cover “Ruriko Asaoka no Subete” that was released earlier. This one sounds more mature, almost like a concept album, in a way it reminds me “Sareyo, Sareyo….” by Meiko Kaji but goes further between melancolic ballads/kayo tunes and some up beat songs with a slight psych touch. But the whole affair stays in a melancolic mood augmented with some more french string arrangements. Also, this a very emotional album because Ruriko emphazises her sadness and we can hear something like urgency in her voice even in the  more rythmic tunes.Absolutely fabulous (I’m rarely into superlatives), this album is mostly unknown on western shores, Ruriko Asaoka is one of my favorite singer, she’s lovely, sexy but don’t get me wrong, she has more like Itoh Kiyoko’s sensuality than Ike Reiko’s attributes.

EX to EX+ (some minor shelfwears) / EX+



 Yukiji Asaoka LP “Yukiji Asaoka Aishu Kashu” – Toshiba -Red wax – 1962

One of my favorite singer (she was also an actress), strangely she was most known in the early 70′s with some soft erotic kayo albums, but this album belongs to enka/kayo with some minyo influences and makes Yukiji Asaoka one of best accomplished singer for her whole carreer. Here you’ll hear Japan’s heart, you can believe me all her albums and 10 inch are beautiful..Some ballads and some more rythmic / folkloric tunes, if you are also in Eri Chiemi you’ll recognize some of these songs with a different vibe. One of my favorite album since I’m in enka stuff, hard to get in a such condition with its illustrated inner sleeve and RED WAX

EX to EX+ (a minor crease and a tiny tear on obi) / EX to mostly EX+


Mari Atsumi LP “Yoru No Tameiki” gatefold cover – Daei 1970

One great kayo album from the early 70s,  a great mix of bossanova and a warm lounge style of music, Mari Atsumi became famous as an actress and for her  anatomy. Hopefully, her sensuality was not only on the pictures, her decontracted style of singing and her sweet & sexy voice remains as one of best charming document for our ears too.

EX (Cover is EX+ but has a small crease on one of a superior spine) / EX (Plays EX , a few superficial marks and a few surface noice on some tracks, specifically on the last track)



The Beatnicks LP gatefold “Hit Stadio best = 14 Ai No Kaseki” – Teichiku

Amazing mondo album featuring Ruriko Asaoka for its ouverture, music sounds like a  shaked kayokyoku cocktail with exotica and easy listening.  Tanabe Yuichi lounged piano lines are flying all along these intrumentals among twangy and funky breaks. Perfect drink if you want to swim from the pool to the bar

EX+ (a few stains inside) / EX+ to NM



Izumi Chidori LP gatefold “Yoroshu o yuri yuki…” Teichiku

One of the most astonishing album I’ve heard from the early 70’s. Izumi Chidori actress and singer in her early years was the antithesis of Meiko Kaji despite they were both on Teichiku. Chirori has the yakuza vibe and sings with a sword in her hand…I’d say swords are above our heads on this album, music finds its place between enka ballads and some more up beat songs with a local Ennio Morricone behind the console. Take a ride to the horizon and you’ll hear mexican cowboys. Heavy bass lines with a lot of traditionnal instruments insertions, Izumi Chidori will warn you before singing and cut your tongue for more than 40 minutes. I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you that maybe 2 tracks are weaker but this whole album is really one of my favorite wild cinematographic enka/ Kayo album. Sadler her later work lack of her original originality. VITAL !

EX+ (some stains inside) /EX+



Shima Chinami LP “Shima Chinami no Akai glass” – Teichiku

Extremely rare and quite unknow enka / showa kayo album on the western sides, Chima Shinami is best known as an actress, only a few singles are mostly on the markets and this album which has its eponymous hit is really hunted dow by japanese collectors.This is quite a typical urban album from the early 60’s, with Shima Chinami rooted in ballads such as Yukiji Asaoka, early Ruriko Asaoka. matsuo Kazuko comes also in minds but here the music and atmosphere is more like street lights neons, balancing between blue, red, purple and traffic.

EX+ / EX ( some surface noise but not so much – very nice copy overall)



Misae Enomoto LP “Meikyoku shu” ” – Victor 1973

Lovely album by Misae Enomoto singer who was popular 2 decades before, this album could be almost an anachronism even if the bass lines betray the actual year of this release. This is the heart of the popular japanese songs,  Misae Enomoto’s voice is like coming from the last century  and the greatest japanese film makers. She had a lot of singles but today they don’t float too much and albums are awfully hard to find. Just epic in its simplicity, that’s just music for  weaked hearts like mine.



Koshiji Fubuki LP gatefold “Rasuto Dansu Ha Watashi hi” Red Wax – Toshiba

Koshiji Fubuki (1924-1980) is a popular artist, actress and singer coming from the Takarazuka world, the japanese music hall in a western /Broadway style of production, and built a serious and long career all along a few decades. Also know for a love story she had with Yukio Mishima, she was one of the shining star with Hibari Misora and Sayuri Yoshinaga but she stays here less well-known. This rare album recorded in the early 60 covers a lot of french songs with a particular swing which stays sober. Koshiji Fubuki’s voice is very expressive and doesn’t emphasize too much as many singers did, so the result here is a nice collection of soft and melancholic songs.  bargain price for its condition but red wax, 50 years old !

EX- (thin gatefold cover has some wears and stains inside) / VG+ (some scuffs but plays VG+ to EX)



Teruko Fuji LP gatefold with obi “Fuji Teruko no miryoku” – King 1971

Mostly known for a couple of erotic singles, this album with Teruko Fuji is one of the most intriguing album I’ve heard.  Arranged by Takehiko Akahoshi this full coherent album belongs to any real genre because music is mostly some  heavy environmental and concrete sounds mixed with Teruko Fuji voice ” a capella”, sometimes augmented by some music elements in the background. Sometimes Teruko Fuji’s voice sounds like a lonely cantata / opera singer lost in a heavy blizzard  or under a heavy storm. Very strange album with a lot of details, far from the common used of “field recordings” which rarely finds another justification than the only ornemental use ,  this album still remains as one great exemple of pure oddity with a simple expression, it ‘s just an “out of time” record which finds its end with a perfect “Adagio Cardinal”.  A lot of natural elements( storm, wind, rivers, wood…) are heard and I’d say it sounds more like an autumnal or early wintertime album than a buccolic collection of classical songs. With a few nursery like songs, a rare but accurate use of echo on voice it adds a little more to a feeling of a last and final opera lost in the tundra. Highly recommended if you are in Tenjo sajiki and hard to classified releases, this album has gained a cult status in japanese collections but it’s rarely offers to western ears.

EX+ / EX+ (slightly warped)



Akira Fuse LP gatefold + attached booklet “Derrakusu Sotto Ayusumi” – King 1970

Akira Fuse is one of the most worldwide japanese popular singer since the late 60’s, and became the voice of a true legendary album with Love Live Life. This album from 1970 is probably one of the best male kayokyoku album I’ve heard, I bought one copy from Tiliqua many moons ago and I have to thank him for this discovery. A nice collection of kayo ballads and great escapades à la Morricone with a lushed orchestration, Akira Fuse is just at his top, fever was high when it was released. Sadly I can’t say the same with most of his albums, this one blowns windows, sometimes we can hear it must have been hard to calm him down because of his temperament. Far from Love Life Life hybrid psyched album, you can hear here he was just the right singer for a such project, he was then a such devoted and crazy singer .




Ogi Hiroko LP gatefold “Shinjuku Burusu” – Columbia 1967

Mostly know as an actress, Ogi Hiroko was Sasori / Meiko Kaji’s friend on the screen (female prisonner), this is in my opinion one great and underrated voice to discover. She has one of the most complete voice, from a deep and a spicely  deep voice à la Keiko Fuji but without any monolithism. Within a few seconds she can finds a high pitch and she will bring you tears. This early album is one of the most varied with enka / showa kayo songs, most of time Ogi Hiroko has one rare solemnity. Sometimes and more rarely she can charm too like Sachiko Nishida, there’s just no weakness with the whole album.




Ogi Hiroko LP  Gatefold “Onnagokoro o Utau” – Columbia 1968

white promo labels

Same and excellent album too as the one below, this one is a bit less varied and a step further with her specific solemnity. Ogi Hiroko is really one name to discover.

EX+ / EX +



Ono Hanako LP “Akita Funa Gata bushi…” – King 1979

Rural minyo album from Akita, Ono hanako is a brilliant singer whose style is very energetic and powerful with flutes following her melodic lines, you can hear her voice beyond hills. Beaten percussions and shamisen strummings…Remarkable

EX+ (some stains on the back) / NM


Maki Ishii / Joji Yuasa / Shuko Mizuno LP gatefold cover with attached booklet

” the contemporary Music of Japan = 14″ – Columbia 1971

Rare and excellent collection with 3 nice composers with pieces focused on piano and shakuhachi. 1st edition

EX- (some wears and stains but no tears) / EX+



Itoh Kiyoko LP gatefold cover “Woman at 23 hour – love in” – Sony 1971

I guess you’ve probaly heard this mythic album she got backed up by again a bunch of Tokyo underground heavy weights such as J.A. Seazer and Kuni Kawauchi of the Happenings Four.  Itoh kiyoko was one of the loveliest cutie girl and this album (not her final as I’ve read a few times) is probably the most acomplished with its slightly psychedelic touch. A masterpiece hard to find  in any condition, this copy is not the perfect one but sound really nice with its sweet price. If you are interested with her only single taken from this album, just ask me…

EX to EX + (One dinged corner, a very few stains, insert has stains)

Side A has some scuffs, plays VG+ to EX, some crackling noise but no skips and doesn’t cover the music / Side B has a very few tiny suffs, plays EX to EX+



Junko Makimura LP gatefold “Yoru To Onna to Tameiki” – Polydor 1970

After a few singles Junko Makimura embarked with 3 erotic albums, this one is just one of the greatest erotic and sexy album I’ve heard.I’d say it’s just the (pink) bridge between the enka / kayo  from the superb Polydor years with such singers as Sono Mari, Sachiko Nishida. One of  the great characteristic of this album is the Polydor sound, whereas many erotic releases have  a foot deeply rooted in the early 70’s, this album stays in the late 60’s sound, the one we call as showa kayo sound. Junko Makimura voice sounds almost a naked  and adult Sono Mari or even Matsuo Kazuko with switched off lights. Music is sparse, brilliant in the night and songs are among the best ones. A side is just the perfect tracklisting with an unexpected and beatifully sexy Carmen Maki’s cover taken from “Poems in the midnight…” – If you are in Takako Uchida, , it can give you some more ideas where this album could ind its place, far better than Yukiko Kuwabara, Sandra Julien…

EX (some peelings, a few white dots) / EX+



Sono Mari LP gatefold cover “Ai taku te ai taku te” – Polydor 1966

Another lovely album from the 60’s, one of my favorite for its cover. There’s no bad album with Sono Mari, she’s one of the most gifted voice and finding her albums in a such condition is not so easy. So if you haven’t enough money, I’ll suggest you with selling one or 2 Meiko Kaji and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Can I tell more ? Sono Mari is coming from the sky…





Kaga Mariko LP gatefold cover + attached booklet “Aishiau Futari No Tame Ni Ai No Resson” – Warner 1971

Obscure and mega rare erotic album by actress Kaga Mariko , these “lessons in love” are rooted in the 70’s sound with a heavy french influence, soft pop with talkings, singings, I’d say as Sandra Julien album if this last one  had been better than it’s actually. Don’t let you blinded by only the”famous” albums and hear by yourself.  Make a cocktail with Gainsbourg, Sandra Julien and Yukiko Kuwabara and you’ll find the best drink to sink..vamp, one of the best queen coming from the 70’s.




 Kondo Masaomi with Freedom Unity LP gatefold “Hitoribochi no Heya” – Canyon 1971

Kondo Masaomi is quite a well known actor in Japan, not a real singer but here on this album  he recites some anarchist texts on a  nicely over produced psych jazz fusion with a funky, groovy, acid vibe. and you won’t be surprised because team is like a true who’s who of  70’s  musicians : The Freedom Unity on this occasion consisted out some of the finest musicians to be on the scene and included heavyweight players such as Sato Masahiko (piano); Ishikawa Akira (drums – Uganda etc); Sugimoto Kiyoshi (guitar – Count Buffaloos, Hino Hideshi Group, Rock Communication, etc), Terakawa Masaoki (bass – Love Live Life + 1, Ishikawa Akira & Count Buffaloos, Dema), Muraoka Takeru (Sax – Uganda, Count Buffalos, Love Live Life +1, Dema) and Suzuki Hiroshi (Trumpet – various line-ups of Freedom Unity). Crazy raps on psych and free crescendos with fuzz and wah wah , sax…Nice price, a great steal…

EX/EX+ (very slightly yellowed) / EX+



Akihiro Miwa LP gatefold ” Karei Na sekai” King 1973

One great album released after Murayama Akihira transformation, another piece in her enka/kayo repertoire with some french “chansons”  in a post cabaret style. Linked to Shuji Terayama / Tenjo Sajiki, Akihiro Miwa is a true singer who knows these days a wide celebrity.




Ootsuka Miharu LP “Minyo Ohakushu” – Victor

Excellent Minyo album (late 60’s)his wailing voice and backed choirs against the percussions, flutes, shamisen. Very accessible and charming kind of music that doesn’t fall in the world music soup. Original and true, maybe you’ll hear some songs you’ve heard before with your favorite kayo singers because this genre of music has been covered, & adapted for decades and maybe it’s time to hear the traditionnal side.



Kaori Momoi /  Terayama (and arranged by J.A. Caesar)   LP ” Mo Hozue wa tsukanai” OST – Victor 1979

NM/EX (has 2 scuffs but LP plays EX+)


Akiyuki Nosaka LP gatefold + attached booklet “Fujouri no uta” – Elec Records 1973

Akiyuki Nosaka is a famous writer, famous for its semi auto-biographic novel  called “Hotaru no haka ” (1967)  [Grave of the fireflies] adapted later by Ghibli studios and  also  “Jinruigaku nyumon : Erogotshi yori” [the pornograph] adapted by Shohei Imamura. Nosaka is also a lyricist and   a great singer and this album is a live recording of an “obscene” recital that hold in Hibiyakokaido in 1973 with Akihiro Miwa, another “enfant terrible” coming from the subculture.  Some  quite dark songs, folk oriented  with an enka vibe and opener Akihiro Miwa participated on a few other tracks with  a ballad and her usual  adpated post-cabaret style. Somes songs included here became famous such as “Marylin Monroe no return”, “Virgin Blues”, this album is a great classic if you’re curious with catching some “provocation”  dated from 1973 crossing with some more  great elegiac songs.

EX+ with horizontal obi /EX to EX+

$ 60


Miyoko Otsuki 2LP gatefold ” Daburu derakkusu” – King 1971

Wonderful enka / Minyo release by the unknown  Osaka Born Miyoko Otsuki singer, if you are in the traditionnal ballads à la Hibari Misora.

Music is just well balanced, no hype, just pure beauty.

EX+ (some stains inside) / EX+ to NM



Samurai LP Gatefold cover / Picture disc “Ai No Tenorsax” – 1967

Miki Curtis and Samurai : one of his first release with saxophone player Fuyuume Kunimitsu, guitarist Izumi Hiro, bassist Yamamoto Gorô, drummer Toyozumi Yoshisaburô and pianist Kikuchi Kiba.  Far from a psych album, this lovely album is more like a collection of  cocktail lounge / exotica tracks with up beat, twisted tempos. Very rare, this sexy copy is not the best but a good oportunity to get a collector at a downpriced offer.

Outer cover is EX+ / Picture disc shows some scuffs and plays VG+, some surface and a few crackling but it doesn’t skip and doesn’t cover the music



 Yuki Saori LP gatefold “23 years after / Yuki Saori sings love life” – Express

Rare Yuki Saori lolita and idol singer, this album from the early 70’s is a door opened on the J-pop music with some soft pop tracks and some more funky tempos with a rich and varied production. Yuki Saori has a soft &  sexy voice and it’s easy to understand why they are some fetichist collectors of her ealy stuff. Just a soft erotic touch combined with an innocent and cristal like voice, maybe it’s one of the corner piece of a genre that became popular and less good I’d say a decade later. Top rarity, bargain price because of the missing obi and gradation

EX (outside is EX +, inside has some stains) / EX to EX+



Yuki Saori LP gatefold and attached pin-up poster ” Meiji Ichidai Onna” – Express

For lolita’s lovers, this Yuki Saori album released in the 70’s talks for its title. Albums starts with a true masterpiece like it’s said with the title, it seems some producers have the nice idea to investigate the enka / minyo repertoire with  this lolita singer. Yuki Saori stays herself with her breezy and sensual voice  and production serves her pop accents with some updated and slightly lounged  versions of these old standards. Hard to resist…I’m just like a dog after its bone with these songs.

EX+ (some stains inside and on the poster) / EX+




 Joji Yuasa LP “Triplicity for contrabass – Masahiko Tanaka electronic studo for NHK” – RCA 1974

I think I don’t need to write more…Historic and one of  the best and rarest electronic album coming from Japan at a very reasonable price.



Aki Yujiro & Ruriko Asaoka LP ” Ruriko Asaoka no rareshon de tsuduru” – Teichiku

Rare and probably a recent release from the 80/90’s, Aki Yujiro is a well know and popular voice for decades and has a lot of lovely partners for years…This one is with one of the most beautiful actress , singer and top model : Ruriko Asaoka who makes some narrations and sings on a couple of tracks.  Pretty rare because of Asaoka’s fetichists…And I’m one of them



Singles – 2012 in progress

Ritsuko Abe – 7inch “Ai no Kizuna / Dare…” – King 1970

Comes in a super sexy double faced cover…Ritsuko Abe is one of those sexy singers who has a few singles and some hunted down albums. If you are in Reiko Oshida, you know what type of music you’ll find here but Ritsuko Abe is a little more acomplished singer. typical of the kayo sound coming from the 70’s, fist side has harpsichord with percussions and heavy bass on a middle tempo for a lovely ballad; B side is more up beat / funky/ groovy with some slight psych guitars fllowing flutes, a bit like some Chinatsu Nakayama songs but it has the “hot” vibe. One name to discover, pretty sure you’ll be hooked within a few minutes.

EX+ (minor wears) / EX/mostly EX+



Michi Aoyama – EP 7″ inch 33 rpm ” Crown Ace” – 1967

One of the very rare EP with Michi Aoyama, 4 titles : Manhattan Blues / Onna Blues / Otoko Blues / Jonetsu no Hatoba

comes in a glossy cover with obi

Cover is EX (some minor wrinkles) / vinyl has a few scuffs, plays EX


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ 45 rpm red wax ” Janome no kage de / tsukiji akashi machi”Toshiba

rare single by Yukiji Asaoka,  one track is beautiful nagauta style song, with shamisen, strings and drums,, the other one is a lovely enka/minyo song veru typical of Asaoka’s early repertoire, definitiveley my favorite. Some others singles came with the same picture in all red or green but this one has not the same tracklist and it’s a RED WAX. For fetichists, this is a must.

EX+ / EX




Yukiji Asaoka 7″ Furimuitemo Kurenai / Anata to watashi” – Crown 1965

One of the first single after Yukiji Asaoka left Toshiba for Crown, for a more crooning period, a mix of kayo and bossanova.

EX (minor wears) / vinyl plays EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Tomedonaku / Kageboshi no Blues” – Crown 1966

EX (some stains mostly on the back) / Vinyl plays EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Nagareboshi no Blues / Nagare no Onna” – Crown 1966

EX / EX to EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – “Namida no kakera” / Wakare no bossa nova” – Crown 1966

EX / EX +


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – ” Onna no Tabiji / Watashi no Uta ” – Crown 1966

One of the most popular single taken from her album

EX+ / EX+


Yukiji Asaoka 7″ – ” Nokoribi no blues / Suki nattandamon” – Crown 1967

EX / EX +


 Misae Enomoto 7″ – “Toi-Hito / Shamisen Ichidai” – Victor 1964

Post war actress and singer, Misae Enomoto is one of best singer in straight enka style with shamisen, her nasal and high pitched  voice will bring you back in the black and white Mizoguchi pictures. One of most beautiful passionated  voice in my favorite repertoire. No hype just pure beauty, just like an older Sono Mari with a deeper vibrato.

EX+ / EX +


Misae Enomoto 7″ – “Owakare sanosa / Naite, Naite, Naite” – Victor 1964

As good as the one above.

EX+ / EX +


Meiko Kaji  7″  pinup cover “Jingi Komori Uta / Koi Ni Inochi O – Teichiku – Promo Copy

One of the rarest if not the rarest Meiko Kaji’s single and it’s one of my favorite with a picture taken from one of her role she had for Nikkatsu. A stunning mix of  enka/kayo songs with some psych elements.

Downpriced because of its condition.

VG+ (all angle have a small removed off  partbecause I guess the cover had some adhesive on each corner/ Plays EX/EX+


Matsuo Kazuko 7″ 45 rpm “Shima no Musume ” – Victor 1962

sorry Because I can’t find the second title…I have a lot of Matsuo Kazuko and this single is extremey rare because of its cover and songs are not the most known and it’s really a shame !  “Shima…” is a well know title, here Matsuo is accompanied by male choirs, with some more winds & strings, everything is at its place.

One of my favorite, Matsuo Kazuko is a queen…

EX+/EX- (some suffs & a few static noise but nice copy overall)


Keiko Mari 7″45 rpm  “Hadashi no mama de” – Victor 1969

Early single, Keiko Mari became famous under “Petite m’amie” nickname but musically she was at her top as a cutie GS girl.

Just a lovely single, I dream of vacations once more…and of some more innocent pop singers.

EX (2 tiny pinholes on the bottom right corner) / EX because it has a sticker and a few marks but it plays EX+




Oh Ranfan 7″ 45 rpm “Itai, Itai, itai no yo / Senaka no hokuro” – Victor 1968

One of my favorite singer in the “erotic” repertoire, Oh ranfan was also an actress and had only 4 single on which she really sings, this one is her second. far better than any Ike reiko and other nymphettes, music finds its place in a kind of lounge jazzy styled of music and her punctuations, breath, whipers brings some hot insinuations without being caricatural. I really consider Oh Ranfan as the hotest singer, she sounds a little depraved but in a very musical manner. Very addictive, all recommendations

EX/EX+ / EX (has some scuffs) but plays EX to EX+


Reiko Oshida 7″ double sided fold out cover  “School of Maidens / Your Girl” CBS 1970

First release by the famous sexy pinky  actress Reiko Oshida who subsequently appeared in all four of Toei Company’s Delinquent Girl Boss films, one of most sought after release of this pinky violent era. Oshida is not the best singer but these 2 songs are really nice for her amateurish style; Groovy R&B with organ with strings arrangements…HOT !!!

EX to EX+ (a very few clear stains) / EX to EX+



Vinyls – VI

Ichiro Araki LP “Kimi ni sasageru horonigai burusu” – Trio

Very hard to describe this singer. Sounds like pop /kayo music with a melancholic voice, his style is a great mix of different styles of music, in a way it reminds me  Morio Agata. Some will find him superficial with a first listening but there’s a lot of personnal details to be heard here specifically in the folk/soft ballads. Deeply rooted in the mid 70’s, it’s just a well done album that sounds finer with time.



Ruriko Asaoka – LP “Ruriko Asaoka no subete – kokoro no shasu” – Teichiku

Gatefold cover + facial obi + fold out booklet

Fantastic kayo album with Tanadori Yokoo cover, probably one of the best known album with Ruriko Asaoka from the early 70’s.  If you are into Kiyoko Itoh and Meiko Kaji, it’s probably for you.

EX (Cover and inside are  EX+, back has 2 scuffs, obi show some wears) / EX+



    Ruriko Asaoka  EP  7 inch 33 rpm “Best song Deluxe” – Teichiku

Gatefold cover with obi

Nice EP with this early Ruriko Asaoka best, it has 4 lovely tracks that were recorded before her famous album with Yokoo’s cover.  Once again, open your ears, Meiko Kaji is a great singer but there amny more to discover.

EX+ / EX to EX+



 Eri Chiemi  LP 10 inch “Mood in Chiemi’s Japanese folk songs 3”  – King 1964

My favorite with Chiemi’s minyo period and one of these 5 LPs which has probably the most stunning cover.

EX+ / EX (some visible scuffs but plays a solid EX to EX+)



 Eri Chiemi LP “Deluxe” – King 1968

Gatefold cover with obi and attached pin up poster

Another piece in the minyo repertoire, this one sounds so fast with Chiemi singing like a cat. excellent collection with textured cover and nice pictures.

EX+ (a few stains) / EX+



Eri Chiemi LP  “Deluxe” –  King 1969

Gatefold cover + obi + pin up poster

One more ! This is the first Chiemi taht hooked me to her music some years ago. Just perfect !

EX+ / EX+



Eri Chiemi  7 inch 33rpm “chiemi no minyo” – King 1962

I love that stuff and this format, this one has 4 perfect songs and comes in a nice heavy and glossy cover, it’s always a miracle to find these EPs in a miraculous condition

EX+/ EX+ (near mint but has a few very minor static noise)


Death Comes Along LP “Heavy psychedelic schizoid god” – Mangrove 1994

Inserts + obi

Leaded by CROW :

“Funeral March for Amebix, The Mob, Dirt, Antisect, Crude SS, May Blitz, Flower Travellin’ Band, Diamanda Galas, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Black Sabbath and German Oak.”

One great classic, jsut reading their dedication just before would give you a slight idea ! Very hard to describe, less caricatural than the pictures.



F.M.T.  LP  “You got a freedom” – ALM records 1979

Recorded on 27, 28 June 1978 at Tachikawa, Shakai-Kyoiku Kaikan. The group’s acronym was taken from the first letters of the members’ surnames (Fujikawa, Midorikawa, Toyozumi), but it also stood for Free Music Trio

EX (some stains) / EX+



Ryohei Hirose “Kalavinka – the music of Hirose 1972-1973” – Columbia 1973

gatefold cover with attached booklet

Beautiful album by a still underrated composer, Hirose in the early 70’s has been attracted both by japanese and indian culture and explores her the woodwind instruments with a great elegance. Flutes, oboe, clarinet, bassoon with strings, percussions. If you are familiar with Makoto Moroi’s acoustic work, it will nicely complete your acoustic albums.

EX+/EX to EX+ (a few surface noise but still a very nice copy)



Ryohei Hirose / Toshi Ichiyanagi / Maki Ishii LP “The concert of japanese contemporary music”

A recent but no easy to find release.




Tomojiro Ikenouchi LP “Yuya” – King 1980

3 pieces from no drama “Yuya” pour soprano and orchestra + Quatuor à cordes

Excellent release, if you want a higher price with some more nice words, you can ask me.

New / Mint




Carmen Maki LP “Poems in the midnight till the candle goes out” – Sony 1969

Gatefold cover with insert

One of the greatest album with Shuji Terayama lyrics and Carmen Maki icon. My love for the japanese stuff began with this album, it was one of the great classic you could afford for peanuts and now it just becomes hard to track a nice copy.

EX (minor wears and stains inside) / EX+



Iuchi Kengo LP “Inagumi to Kachiku” Kubitsuri Tapes 1995

Gatefold cover with attached booklet and insert.

One of the  weirdest  record ever recorded. Known as performer and death-folk singer, Iuchi Kengo was regularly assisted by Chie Mukai, Makoto Kawabata, and noboday has surpassed him in the heart of madness.

Beating his guitar, with a howling and croaking voice, far from the usual noiser, he just doesn’t make a show, he brings you deeply in discomfort, endless nightmares.

If you want some extreme, darker than any Keiji Haino,






Lily LP “Onion” – Express 1971

First pressing, comes in an outer cover and obi + insert

Very nice album with Lily’s husky styled voice that is reminiscent to a post-Carmen Maki folk and blues era style. The overall tone is folk-like with some psychedelic undertones, which get infused by some of her excellent backing musicians such as Foodbrain / Out Cast / Path Through Haze / People guitarist Kimio Mizutani and Jacks / Asakawa Maki drummer Tsunoda Hiro. Some tracks are embedded in a bluesy atmosphere, where her voice gets some effects that resemble singing through a telephone. Stunningly beautiful. Great acid folk-like bluesy and psychedelic album.

EX (some minor wears on the outside jacket and obi) / EX+



Teizo Matsumura LP “Teizo Matsumura 1” – Victor – 1984

Symphony (1965) + Prelude pour orchestra (1968) with Hiroshi Wakasugi as conductor



Teizo Matsumura LP “Teizo Matsumura II” – Victor 1984

Piano concerto N°1 (1973)  & Piano concerto N°2 (1978)

Mint / New


Sally May LP ” Sally May – Kinpatsu Enka” – Victor 1969

gatefold cover

Excellent album by Sally May (half caucasian/half japanese) who’s better know as a Nikkatsu porn actress and concurrent to Kumi Taguchi in the early 70’s ,  music there is deeply rooted in enka songs with a gutural voice of her own. Very close to Yukiji Asaoka and Junko Fuji repertoire, but her voice is really a distinct one, these are really some great classics. Highly recommended, rare and reasonable price




Kan Mikami LP  “live 1972” – URC

Mikami at his peak and cover’s too…Later reissue, that’s not the original pressing but this title doesn’t really turn anymore for a couple of years

EX- (Cover has a few stains and yellowed on the right corner +and a discreet 5 cm split seam on the superior spine) / obi and insert are EX+

 vinyl plays EX+


Haruna Miyake + Yuji Takahashi  LP ” Ichimen Nanohana: On Two Pianos 1983″ – ALM records 2003




Akira Miyoshi LP ” Contenporary music of Japan – 10″ – Victor 1979

Concerto for piano and orchestra + Concerto for violin and orchestra

Excellent release in an excellent collection, Akira Miyoshi is not well known in western countries, if you are in Takemitsu, you can open your door to some neglected composers such Miyoshi



Akira Miyoshi / Akio Yashiro / Michio Mamiya 2LP  CBS / Sony 1979

Gatefold cover with attached booklet and obi

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Akira Miyoshi : concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre

Akio Yashiro : concerto pour piano et orchestra

Michio Mamiya : violin concerto




Makoto Moroi LP “Music for shakuhachi” – Victor 1971

with insert & obi

Extremely rare and superb album, Moroi here is empolying traditional instruments with an avant-garde and experimental mindset. It leaves me breathless.




Yuko Nagisa LP “Okinawa minyo o utau” – Toshiba

Gatefold cover

Nice kayo album from the 70’s with some minyo incursions, a nice mix of ballads/kayo with some shamisen inclusions, just perfect for the autumn.




Yuji Takahashi LP “Contemporary music of  Japan -14” – Victor 1980

One of my favorite Yuji Takahashi’s album with “Chromamorphe II for piano” (1964) -” 6 elements” (with a great violin)  and “Tamaogi” with words by Mutsuro Takahashi & oboe, trumpet, percussions,…




Teruyuki Noda LP ” Contemporary music of japan – 15″ – King 1979

Trio per violino, violoncello e piano (1971)

Live de Mort (1975)

mint/ new



Toru Takemitsu LP “Contemporary music of Japan – 11” – Victor 1979

Maybe one of the most popular japanese release with Takemitsu, it’s just excellent with pieces such as Requiem for strings – ARC for piano and Orchestra

With Toshi Ichiyanagi on piano.

Mint /New



Toru Takemitsu / Yoshinao Nakada LP  “November steps / Songs of praise to beauty” – King 1980

One famous piece with biwa and shakuhashi for Takemitsu’s “November steps” .

Cheap release but excellent music

New / Mint


Akio Yashiro LP “Contemporary music of Japan – 5” –  Victor 1979

Quatuor à cordes (1968) + Sonate pour piano(1964) + sonate pour 2 flûtes et piano(1968)




Yosuke Yamashita trio LP “Concert in new jazz” – Union records

Nice reissue of  a gig recorded live at “Sankei Hall”, Tokyo on 21st September, 1969 with Yosuke Yamashita,p /Seiichi Nakamura,ts,ss,cl /Takeo Moriyama,dr



Vinyls – V

Gaku LP “Indivuality of four musicians” – promo white labels – ALM records 1981

Nice album with shakuhachi , shamisen, kotos



Maki Ishii / Joji Yuasa / Shuko Mizuno LP “Music today of Japan – 18 – Denon – 1980

Maki Ishi : SO-GU I fur shakuhachi and klavier

Joji Yuasa : Projection Esemplastic for piano

Shuko Mizuno : provisional color for piano

Nice album in this nice collection who has a silver printing.

EX+ (has a slight bumped corner) / NM


Kiyoaki Iwamoto EP “Sougi” – 7 inch 33rpm &  and 2 sided overlapping cover- Metronome / ALM records 1983

Rare and quite unknown release (strangely co-released by ALM) by one of Tori Kudo’s accolyte, this EP came out after Guys & Dolls album.

This nice artefact is a mix of rock with a cold wave touch for its rythm box and one of the  highlight here is a cover of Joy Division “Love will tears us apart”. METRONOMYC  –

EX (some minor wears) / EX+



Itoh Kiyoko LP “Ballads of Love” – gatefold cover – CBS/Sony 1969

One great classic with the Happenings Four





Carmen Maki LP “Adam & Eve” – Gatefold cover – Promo copy “Not for sale” – CBS /Sony

Something to say…That’s one of those records we could die for it…




Carmen Maki LP “Goodbye, my memories” – Gatefold cover – CBS/Sony

Holy grail, this is a near perfect copy with the mega rare obi  – just impossible to find, it took years to find 2 copies

EX+ (a very few microscopic stains on the front) / Obi has some minor stains and wears / LP is EX+ to NM



Meiko Kaji  LP “Gincho Wataridori” – Gatefold cover – Teichiku 1972

The first and one of the best




Sono Mari LP “Sono Mari furusato no utau” – Gatefold cover – Polydor 1966

Mega rare and downpriced because of its condition. This one of the rarest and my favorite album because it sounds a bit different than her others albums. Tempos are slower and arrangements have less winds, a heavy warm bass with some neo classical arrangements mixed with a few tradionnal instruments like koto. This is definitively a nocturn album, almost dark by moments. Sono Mari has a husky voice, her beauty finds here more a cold austere character that leaves you with a very strange feeling :  you stay alone in your life ven if you have a family, friends.

One of the best enka/ Kayo recorded in my opinion along with another album from 1967, this album is the best Sono Mari recorded and sadly only a few songs were re-released on CD format. If you were unhappy with this album, I’ll accept return without any hesitation

EX+/ VG++ (some surface and crakling noise but you’ll fall in love with the music after 5 seconds)



Sono Mari LP “Nanimo iwanaide” – Polydor

Early Sono Mari LP from the late 60’s around 67-68, has most of her hits. Hard to find in a such condition

EX+/EX to EX+


Sono Mari LP “Mari Chan to Anata no yoru” – Gatefold cover with 4 pages booklet – Polydor

One of the most looked after album because of it’s stylish psychedelic lettering, I can find my words because all Sono Mari are good but this album is maybe one of the loveliest  for its cover. Very interesting to hear how it’s very close to another Sachiko Nishida’s Polydor album with soe narratives introduction and orchestra sounds the same. But Sono Mari has more nostalgic vibe because her voice is like suspended in the air, she’s like an angel.

EX+/EX to EX+



Sono Mari LP “Kakinure te” – Gatefold cover wit hattached booklet – Polydor

Another one in Sono Mari’s temple, I think it was released around 1967-68

NM/EX+ (a few surface noise on B1)



Sono Mari LP “Ai ha oshimi naku”- gatefold cover with attached booklet – Polydor

For those who are starving with Sono Mari this one was released around 1967, we need some grace in this world.

EX+ (Obi has some minor wears) / EX to EX+



Ken Takakura LP “Deluxe”  – Gatefold cover with attached poster – King – 1969

One iconic actor and singer known for “Abashiri Bangaishi’ film and eponymous song, Ken Takakura has a deep and vibrant voice, he’s a straight enka /ballads singer ,  there’s nothing superficial, he’s vibrant and like most of albums in this collection, if you have a more “rocky” vibe like Jojo Hiroshige can have, you should try this one and you will be surprised how it’snt so far. Of course I don’t mean the noise à la Hijokaidan but his solos as a singer. This albu has a great “Abashir Bagaishi” version with accordion and percussions.




Takekuni Hirayoshi / Teruyaki Noda LP “Music today of  japan – 17” – Denon 1980

Another piece in the puzzle with Hiroyuki Iwaki conducting



Kazuki Tomokawa LP “Akita – Live Inu” – Bellwood – 1980

Great live recording by this legendary folk singer, there’s so much passion, so much of everything…Makes me feel lining among the humans.



V/A Orchestral Space at Nissei Theatre 1966 – Vol 1 – Victor 1966

Toru Takemitsu / Yuji Takahashi / Joji Yuasa / Tochi Ichiyanagi

Great and historic album with a wild Ichiyangi’s piece and its modulators, tape and orchestra.




V/A “Odori Kuwadesa” LP – Marufubu 1974

Lovely minyo, traditionnel dance songs music from Okinawa, very accessible and melodic with female choirs



V/A “Okinawa O Utau” LP – gatefold cover – RBC – 1969

Another piece with Okinawa’s folklore but this one  is less traditionnal and has some backed female singers with guitar, farfisa, drums. A really stunning piece of cake, one of the best discovery of these recent months, music can be groovy with a typical 60’s sound but singers stay traditionnal. Some more sad songs and ballads, there’s no weakness, it  finds a good balance between tradition and modernity. I’m very charmed by this type of stuff, I can’t imagine this was only a local and confidential release. if you are in Molam and Thaï stuff , don’t hesitate to give a try. Comes also in a nice heavy gatefold cover.




Joji Yuasa LP  “Interpenetration”- Denon 1982

One rare title in this excellent collection (Taj Mahal travellers, Masahiko Sato…) with Joji Yuasa aestro.

Has Interpenetration for flutes – Triplicity for contrabass – Cosmos Haptic – Project Topologic – On the Keyboard

Many people focuse on his electronic stuff but his work with strings is incredible, detailed  with some nice dynamics. Yuasa has a great sense of tensions and spacialization here is very nice because musicians are physicaly involved.



Vinyls – IV

Morio Agata LP “Norimono Zukan” – Chop 1986

Nice limited reissue of an amzing album first released in 1980 on Vanity.  Morio Agata is an important name since the early 70’s but this album was something different. Some electronics from the 80’s with a new / cold wave touch added to the DIY spirit and Agata’s nasal voice. Phew and Chie Mukai are amongs the guests for this amazing album.

NM/ Near Mint



Ruriko Asaoka  LP  “Ruri Chan no aishu kayo – Teichiku  1964

Very first album by this actress and model who became an icon in Japan now. This album is straight enka / kayo, Ruriko voice sounds young and high,  at that time she was known for some duets with Ishihara Yujiro and she became a star in the early 70’s for a couple of releases who were more in a kayo / soft pop styled vein. This album sounds definitively older, it’s a true classic album.  Ruriko voice was already so expressive and fragile…Absolutey a must, very rare in a such condition.

EX+ / LP plays EX / EX+


Ché Shizu LP ” I can’t promise” – Zero Records 1984

First album by the folk psych band leaded by Chie Mukai with a cast of musicians such as Tori Kudo, Takuya Nishimura, Tsukasa Takahashi. Chie Mukai was a Takehisa Kosugi student and she’s mosty known as an improviser with her erhu / kyoku (chinese violin),  Che Shizu is probably one of the most accessible side of her work , songs are dreamy and  Mukai’s acid voice has a true singularity. She had later some CDS on P.S.F records but her 2 albums are among the best, maybe this one has also a more Tori Kudo touch.  Rare, comes 2 inserts

EX+ / EX to EX+


Naomi Chiaki LP  “Besuto arubamu” – Columbia 1973 gatefold cover with insert

Nice release by one of the most famous voice, Naomi Chiaki and Sachiko Nishida are maybe the most well known voices, Chiaki has a more husky voice and music is deely rooted in kayo, soft ballad. This album has lot of hits such as ” X +Y = LOVE”  and more.

EX+/EX (some surface noise)




Eri Chiemi LP 10″  – “Chiemi sings japanese folk songs vol. 4” – King 1962

My favorite Eri Chiemi period with her covering some minyo songs wit a cuban vibe. She’s got an inimitable style and musicians interaction is  incredibly spontaneous and fantastic. You can hear they had fun during the sessions, these are Eri Chiemi Golden years, sadly it hasn’t been really  re-released on CDS. I think  price is quite reasonable because these 10″ are hard to find in good shape, this one has some surface noise but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this album anyway…it was released 50 years ago !



Eri Chiemi 2LP “Gozonji ! Chiemi no dodotsu – Double deluxe” – King 1970 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet

I’ve discovered this album by a matter of coincidence and honestly I was pretty sure this double album would have been a loosy compilation of her last years. Even if I can’t write any bad words with Chiemi, her last years weren’t honestly  the best because she was already gone : her singing was still good but you can feel something has definitively gone, her vitality wasn’t anymore here and her presence was like a ghost,  making  me depressed with each listening. These 2LPs are really nice in a enka/kayo repertoire from the early 70’s, sounds is really rooted in these years, this period with Chiemi is maybe not so very well known and it’s quite good. Among the surprises, there’s some minyo / folk songs she interpreted some years before but here the orchestration is absolutetly different, more updated. I think it works fine too with bass leading the rythm. Artwork is gorgeous with its attached booklet, this release is not very popular and quite hard to find in a such condition. So I’ll never enough recommend Eri Chiemi !

EX+ /EX+



Eri Chiemi LP “Chiemi no minyo” – King 1969 Gatefold cover with pin up poster

One of my favorite Chiemi, it ‘s one of the very first album I’ve bought and I’m back to it very frequently. These songs are folk / minyo oriented ,  same similar stuff than her well know 10″ wich were released in the early 60’s. This album is more produced but stays very close to the initial versions and their cuban vibe. If you dig Chiemi this the heart of her folkloric side and the “Deluxe” collection on King is more than recommended.

EX- (No tear, no crease but some stains on the cover and poster) / Looks VG+ with a few visible scuffs but plays really a nice EX, surface noise is acceptable, you’ll forget it after a few rotations. I think price is fair for the pleasure it will bring you.



Yuriko Futaba LP “Rokyoku fu keizu” LP King 1966

Yuriko Futaba is famous name for the lovers of the so-called  rokyuku / naniwa bushi style. A style wich combines semi narrative parts, enka,  kabuki and audio roman photo, a style wich was very popular on the radio 50 years ago and more. Sometimes some environment sounds are mixed with shamisen / minyo style and the  whole affair sounds melodramatic. Yuriko Futabe is intense, she had some hundreds of releases, she has her own voice, she’s absolutely the rokyoku’s queen. If you are curious I’ll never enough recommend you her music because there’s so much in one single album and you’d be surprised to hear some similitudes with Kan Mikami. Excepted the lyrics, the intensity and time control, breaks, whispers are really close. If you want to go deeper in the traditionnal side, don’t hesitate, there’s a lot of surprises here and it seems nobody has any interest now for this music. Many musical themes have been covered later by artists such has Yukiji Asaoka, Sono Mari and  many others…

EX+/EX to EX+, some static clicks


Yuriko Futaba LP “Nippon Kyukaku den” – King 1973

Another piece in her volcanic discography…

EX+/ EX to EX+ some noise on B1 and at a few occasionnal moments


LSD March LP “Totsuzen hono no gotoku” – White Elephant 2002

Rare white vynil version with insert. First release by a well known band with Ikuro Takahashi from Fushitsusha / Ché Shizu, for a fuzzy psych album.

EX+ (A few minor wrinkles) / Near Mint


Carmen Maki “Goodbye my memories ’70” – Sony – Gatefold cover

I think Carmen Maki doesn’t any introduction, this album is just one of her 3 essentials albums. Linked to Shuji Terayama this album is more varied than “Poems in the Midnight…”, some prog and a psych touch are  mixed with some strings arrangements. That’s one of these albums you’ll cherish year after year,  balancing between melancholia and elegance. Most of time copies aren’t so good, this copy is in excellent shape.

EX+ / EX to mostly EX+



Carmen Maki 7inch EP 33 rpm “Sea-Gull” – CBS

4 titles that comes is a lovely and heavy carboard cover from the early 70’s with the legendary “Tokiniwa hahano…” title. 4 eternal tracks , PHEW has recently covered it on her last album…Carmen Maki is a  legend and she merits it.

EX+/EX to EX+



Carmen Maki EP 7inch 33 rpm “Tokiwa Hahano – Clover series” – CBS/SONY

Rare and superb EP that comes in a heavy gatefold cover, 4 tracks, 4 great classics with Shuji Terayama lyrics, very hard to find in this beautiful condition.

EX to EX+ (a few stains inside, front and back are perfect) / EX to EX+



Akihiro Maruyama ( Akihiro Miwa ) LP “Deluxe” – King 1968

Gatefold cover with attached pin up poster

Last album under his name before turning it into his female alter ego name,  Akihiro Miwa is a famous figure whose name became for most people for her links with Terayama/ Tenjo Sajijki (“Baramon”), and now is a popular singer in Japan. This album from the early years is in post cabaret style of music, it covers some classical french classics such as “Non, je ne ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf and some more songs by Gilbert Becaud and more…But Akihiro Miwa’s voice is quite stunning and ambivalent as her  own identity, between male and female.

Cover is EX to EX+ (some shelfwears) / LP plays VG++ to EX




Meiko Kaji LP “Syuki no uta” – Polydor 1980

Cover, insert and obi are EX / EX+ (a few stains on the upper right front cover)

Vynil plays EX to mostly EX+


Meiko Kaji  LP”Akane gumo” – Polydor 1978 white promo labels

Late album by the STAR

Cover is EX+ / LP plays EX+


Toshiro Mayuzumi  LP “Nirvana Symphonie”  – Toshiba TA-8012 with booklet

One great classic and one of the first version that came out in the 60’s I know there’s also a red wax version but this version with this beautiful artwork is pretty rare now. This album is influenced by voices of the buddhist priests recinting sutras with structures advocated by Varese. Some bells effects and drifting voices mixtures for buddhistic cantata…Superb, and comes with a rare booklet in a miraculous condition

EX+ / EX to EX+ (a few static noises)


Hibari Misora 10″ LP “Hibari Uta no Hanamoyo” Eagle 1960

Hibari is one of the most important historic singer and actress, almost considered like a half godness. The late 50’s and 60’s are considered as the peak of her career. This one is a nice addtion to the enka repertoire…Immortal enka…

Cover is top clean with a black adhesive band on the front  (Maybe it was originally here) / LP is top clean ,  it plays a solid EX


Hibari Misora LP “Onna no hanomichi” – Denon 1971

Gatefold cover with attached illustrated booklet.

Nice soundtrack by a legend.

EX- (some wears and a few stains but nothing serious) /LP plays EX-, still a decent copy



Non Band 10″ LP “Non Band” – Telegraph Rec. 1982

Nice first release by a quite forgotten band leaded by Non singer  who sounds with her childish voice as almost a Junko-Pocket. Music is quite simple, quite rythmic with a no-wave touch but what makes it singular is a violin or clarinet mixed a with drums and guitar. Production was very nice, it doesn’t sound outdated as many bands from this period. If you need a simple energetic cocktail, that’s for you. Becomes harder to harder to find.

Cover is EX- / has some stains / LP plays a solid EX to EX+



Somei Satoh LP ” Emerald Tablet ” – ALM records 1981 Gatefold cover

Recorded in 1978 in the NHK electronic studio with Akai Takahashi, this is one of the rarest Somei Satoh album, from minimal piano à la Charlemagne Palestine to some electronic avalanches.

EX+ (a very few stains) / EX to mostly EX+, a very few occasional surface noise



Watari Tetsuya / Izumi Chidori / Junko Fuji LP  “Gikei Imuto – Watari / Chidori / Fuji ” – Teichiku

Glossy gatefold cover, early 70’s.  Fantastic split album with 2 famous stars known for their Yakuza’s filmography,  and Izumi Chidori as an unbelievable singer from the 70’s.  Also it has a cover of  the fantastic song “Abashiri Bangashi” , if you are familiar with Wakamatsu’s films, I’m pretty sure you can remember Abarishi prison song. Junko Fuji was not an accomplished singer it adds to her charm because she sounds sincere. Izumi Chidori in her early years was a amazing singer, she was singing like a sword in the air, an incredible verbal acrobat, you just need to close your eyes and you’ll see the film. If you are in rock stuff  or even noise, you should give a try, for my ears Jojo  from Hijokaidan is not so far from this vibe when he’s more in songs. Music style is different of course but has definitively a “bad boy” stamped quality.

EX+ / LP plays  a solid EX, some occasionnal surface/crackling noise



Kumi Taguchi LP “Ga Kataru ai no henreki” – Teichiku

Mega rarity by actress Kumi Taguchi – “Emmanuelle Fuji” known for her album re-released by Tiliqua. This one is in my opinion really far better , maybe less erotic on a first degree but sounds more musical advanced. Some interludes with laid back music, environmental sounds and highlights here are some true enka/kayo songs from the 70’s.



Tako LP 45 rpm “Second- live”  –  Chaos 1983

Second and last album by the legendary Harumi Yamazaki / Gaseneta, this album come out after their first Lp released on Pinacotheka.

This band was maybe the most interesting project from the 80’s, mixing a lot of influences with a punk attitude. Comes with the always missing insert.




Sawa Tamaki LP “Bed de Tabacco wo suwanaide” – Victor 1971

Gatefold cover. A classic album by  actress and singer Sawa Tamaki linked to “playgirl” and later to Imamura film maker, she’s has a smokey voice and this album sounds like a late night cocktail of jazzy and lounge vibe mix.

EX/EX+ / LP plays EX- to EX



Noriko Tsuwa LP “Majushage” – Philips 1977

Nice  folk album by a forgotten artist who played with Kazuki Tomokawa in his “Sakura…” album. Nice ballads with a voice not so far from Maki Asakawa assisted my Monkey House band, with a slight prog and psych touch, not jaz related as Maki Asakawa.



V/A Experimental Music of Japan LP  – Victor VX-52 – 1966 gatefold cover – textured cover

Mayuzumi + Moroi / Takemitsu / Yuasa / Mayuzumi / Ichiyanagi / Ishii

Historic album with pieces conceived and recorded in the NHK studio, this is the FIRST TRUE EDITION (The second one came out one year later with SJV 1515 number). Fantastic release with some famous well known composers but te whole souds very coherent, there’s no weakness.  If yo uare familiar with Takemitsu, there’s is a  stunning and quite unknown concrete piece.

This album came out in Contemporary Music of Japan on Victor label, all the VX references are hard to find in any condition and this one has raised a cult status for years because of it’s artwork too.

EX+/  EX+




Experimental Music of Japan ’69  LP – Victor 1969 VX – 99 – Textured cover with insert

Mayuzumi / Ishii / Moroi / Shibata

Second great classic of the japanese eletronic pionneers and as good as the first compilation. Mayuzumi “Mandara” piece is famous but this electronic version is not the best known. Makoto Moroi composition is for traditionnal instruments and electronics and i have to admit is one of y favorite composer. Maybe the biggest surprise here is Shibata 1968 piece for only electronic sounds. Quite a noisy and wild piece, almost sounds like Ferial Confine early work, I mean when some noise projects could be quite good, not like the shitty material over production of these days.

EX+ / EX+



V/A Contemporary Music of Japan Vol 22 LP – Victor 1973

Akio Yashiro / Toru Takemitsu / Akira Miyoshi

Another nice piece in this puzzle collection, VX serie, with “Masque pour  2 flutes” (1959) by Takemitsu and 2 sonates with flutes by Yashiro and Miyoshi




V/A Underground Folk 2LP – Kan Mikami / Takashi Nishioka /  Nobuyasu Okabayashi / Wataru Takada – Victor 1979

Gatefold cover .Nice compilation with a side for each of these 4 singers know since the early 70’s. Kan Mikami doesn’t need any introduction, his live materials from the mid 70’s are fantastic, Nishioka is known as a member of Itsutsuno No Akai Fusen and became a famous producer, Okabayashi and Takadu are maybe the mess knows names for western ears. These last 2 were maybe more classic,  maybe as a japanese post Dylan equivalence.

EX+ / LPs play EX to EX+



Kumiko Yokoi  LP “Akai Tsubaki To aoi gen bo shi” – Ongaku Center 1984

Kumiko Yokoi is a folk singer who started in 1974 with a first album and left Vietnam where she lived. Delicate compositions with a great cast of musicians and different instruments. Has an intimist psych touch for moments without falling into the excess.



Yosuke Yamashita trio LP “Gugan” – Express

Nice reissue of a legendary album from 1971, Yamashita trio introducing Takeo Moriyama was recorded befor Yamashita became popular in Europe and many consider his best years were before 1975.  This album is considered as his finest masterpiece. The original LP is hard to find and you’re not willing to pay a few hundreds of euros, this copy could a be a nice substitution. Also it becomes harder and harder to find it these days.

EX+/ Near Mint


Joji Yuasa LP “Triplicity for contrabass – Masahiko Tanaka electronic studio of the NHK” – RCA 1974

One of the rarest album of the early electronic japanese album,  despite its title most sounds are contrabass processed sounds and B side is the famous  “Voices coming”  electronic /tape piece. I’ve seen turning this album 4 times, I have one copy for my own collection, one was sold by Tiliqua for 700 euros and last copy has sold for more than $1000 in the japanese market. Wite noise, bleep sonar sounds, telephonic transmissions for a quite stunning universe. Yuasa doesn’t sound like everybody else, I like how his instinctive and wild approach and makes his stuff  harder to find than Kosugi, Taj Mahal travellers albums.

EX to EX+ (only some stains on the back) / EX to mostly EX+, a very few occasional surface noise



 Joji Yuasa Box set 5LP “Projections” – Columbia 1975

Glossy box with obi and 20 pages booklet

Historic piece and the most complete Yuasa’s collector with pieces recorded in the legendary NHK studio known for his electronics equipment. Pieces have soe lectronic processed sounds and ring modulators, white noises.  Has “Voices coming” piece with snippets of telephone operators, a quite wild and non academic tape music piece. I know many are just ineterested with electronic but Yuasa’s compositions with orchestra are also fantastic for their recording,  details with strings and the whole stereo perception.

 EX+ / Near Mint



Vinyls – III

Maki Asakawa LP “Hi Tomoshi Koro” – Express 1976




Yukiji Asaoka LP “Love’s beginning & end” – CBS / Gatefold cover with poster

One of the last albums from the mid 70’s, some kayo songs and few covers such as “superstar” and  John Lennon’s “Love”. Honestly this is not the best one but Yukiji Asaoka was a great singer and actress since the early 60’s, in the 70’s she was a true sensual singer ans still remains as one of the great voice . This album will make you looking after her previous albums, let’s say it can be a good starter/appetizer.

Cover is clean excepted a few various discret removed-off on the back / vinyl plays a nice VG++/EX , some surface noise and a few cracklings but nothing unacceptable.


Junko Fuji LP “Tosei kobore Bana” –  Minoruphon 1972

Gatefold cover with 4 pannels insert

Nice soundtrack with Junko Fuji, featuring the famous “Lady Yakuza” generic song with yakuzas stars like Nakakura…

The presiing wasn’t the best, many copies are in bad condition and the booklet is often missing

EX (Front cover is EX+, some stains inside and the booklet) / Vinyl plays  a  nice VG+ /EX



Haruyo Matsuda LP “Kurenai Mugen” – Victor 1978

Fantastic and quite unknown album by a poetess who died prematurely, Haruyo Matsuda was linked to Shuji Terayama / Tenjo Sajiki and sadly she didn’t have enough time to make some other albums. It’s very hard to describe this album because it’s really a trip through a few styles of music, between folk, kabuki, rokyoku/naniwa bushi,  like  a  modern shamanic procession with some extra japanese elements. Her voice is the key element here, she can brings you with some whispers and sometimes she can howl and laugh as she was possessed by some devils or some yokai .  Some folk compositions with some shamisen interludes, talking, singing with sometimes some echo effects on the voice, some indian sitars opening on some brazilian rythms. This album is in my personnal top 10, it’s really an adventurous listening, it embraces some japanese traditions with a stunning personnal and modern and troubling aura. Almost unknown for most western ears she has a quite cult underground status and copies of this album are more than rare.

EX+ with insert /EX + WHITE PROMO LABELS



Yoshida Minako LP “Fuyu no tobira” – Showboat / Tokuma 1996

Gatefold cover

Reissue of a 1970’s album with Caramel Mama / Haruomi Hosono and friends from Happy End, Yoshida has a lovely heavenly voice for some nice folk songs with some soft psych ornaments. A quite rare reissue if you’re not willing to pay $250 for the original issue.

EX+ (a very few stains inside) / EX to EX+



Chikuzan Takahashi LP “Tsugaru Shamisen” – Crown 1973

Gatefold cover

Original release by a japanese legend who’s responsible for  the tsugaru shamisen boom after the war, coming from Aomori he became blind when he was 2 and since his death in 1998, his heritage is still very present in Japan.

EX to EX+ ( Obi has a few marks) / vinyl plays EX-mostly EX+



Chikuzan Takahashi LP  “Tsugaru Shamisen 2” – CBS

Intense recording from the mid 70’s by the blind maestro.

EX+/EX to EX+



Vinyls – II

Kan Mikami LP “Folk live Jamboree ’71” – SMS

A great addition to Mikami’s discography, I think it was released as a limited run in the 80’s, this live is pretty well recorded and has the same intensity than Live in Aomori or live 1972.  Mikami’s early years, one voice, one guitar, Mikami lyricism was so intense,  that makes a great and still unknown album…



Kazuko Matsuo LP “Rhapsody” – 1975 Victor

Nice album from Matsuo Kazuko’s middle period, some more ballads, less jazz related and less night mood from the satin voice.



Junko Fuji single”Onna no Inochi” – Teichiku

A nice addition to Junko Fuji’s discography from the early 70’s, honestly I love all her stuff, her singles are hard to find and even rarer in a decent condition. I’m pretty sure they’ll become hunted down in the next years.

Nice double face cover

EX (some stains, mostly visible on the back but still a clean cover) /EX, graded EX because a few scuffs are visible and there’s a discret pop on B side. Anyway the sound level is clear and strong, it plays mostly as EX+


Kazuki Tomokawa single “Shinori San / Rancho Akita-Ondo” – Tokuma 1975

Superb single with 2 rare tracks, B-side is just fantastic, sound like a folkloric tune with percussions and some backing voices.

Promo  white labels, titles are stamped.

EX (some wears but mostly on the back cover but nothing too serious, still a nice cover)

plays EX-EX+


Reiko Oshida single “No, no, no / I’m a bad girl” – CBS 1971

Reiko’s best single with 2 killer tracks taken from her first album, what a lovely bad girl !

EX+/ EX-EX+ (some scuffs but plays very nice)


Meiko Kaji LP “Urami Bushi” – Teichiku  1973

Gatefold cover

I have to admit that’s not the most beautiful cover with Meiko Kaji  but this is one  is  my favorite for the songs.

Almost all her good repertoire is here…

EX- (some wears and stains, but no tear) / Plays EX-EX+


Carmen Maki LP “Best of Carmen Maki” CBS

Early compilation with Carmen Maki  first 3 albums, that means the highlights. She’s one of my favorite singer of all time, I’ll ask to play her music  for my funeral. This compilation has no weakness and  I think it has 2 less popular songs that weren’t on the albums. Just essential and same picture used for “Poems in the midnight” album

Near mint (Cover has an original rounded sticker) /Near mint


Kumiko Akiyoshi LP with emponymous title – Elec 1975

Comes with in sert and poster rarely present

Nice actress backep up by Yonin Bayashi,  some psych songs and many strange,  dark sides with reading poetry through a telephone…

EX+ (obi has some wrinkles on the back) /Near mint


Chinatsu Nakayama single “Tomara nai Kisha” Victor 1970

It’s a hit ! Masahiko Sato partner for a vital R&B  song, B side is a nice folk ballad

EX (a very few stains) / EX-mostly EX+



Morio  Agata with Mako Midori single “昭和柔侠伝の唄” Bellwood 1974

Lovely single by Morio Agata augmented with her partner and actress Mako Midori, typical of Agata’s rythmic tune heard in “Les Misérables”. Rare and nice cover, Mako Midori is a so beautiful singer

EX (very slightly yellowing) / EX-EX+, some surface noise in the very first seconds


Itoh Kiyoko single “Hoshi Kara no / Mishiranu  sekai” – CBS 1967

comes in a soft gatefold cover

Another single by the eternal lovely Itoh Kiyoko with a nice picture inside

EX+ / EX mostly EX+




Eri Chiemi LP compilation – King -1976

Late compilation with the great Eri Chiemi. 1st side is the late kayo period, when energy had gone, B side is a nice addtion because it has some tracks of her fokloric period in more updated orchestration which is always a real pleasure.

Cover, obi and insert are NM/ LP plays EX/ mostly EX+


Keiko Fuji – LP compilation 16 tracks – RCA – 1976

An excellent compilation with some rarer songs.

Near Mint  for cover and obi / EX-EX+



Nagisa Yukiko 10″ –  Toshiba 1962 Red wax

Rare 10″, red wax, 1962 was a good period along withsome Yukiji Asaoka. This one sounds straight enka with high nasal voice, almost childish by moments. Very intense, she sings as it could be her last day,  straight enka, minyo, folkloric songs…

EX- (Some wears) / VG+ (some surface noise but good pressing)


Les Rallizés Dénudés / Taj Mahal Travellers – LP OZ days 1973 BOOT

A classic boot with 2 legendary bands,  xeroxed pasted cover. archive copy…

EX+/EX (Has some marks but without incident on the playing)

The quality pressing was not too high, some there’s a little hiss and a few clicks, all my copies had some minor defautlts.



Carmen Maki “Far away country / Just two alone” single CBS 1969

2 songs taken from Carmen Maki’s first album with lyrics by Terayama, 2 folk and melancholic ballads, all her songs were so perfect, one of my favorite album of all time.

Cover has some wrinkles, EX- / Plays VG++ in the beginning  to EX. Nice copy for a cheap price



Junko Fuji single “Onna Tosei-Nin / Onna ippiki no blues” – Crown 1971

Superb single , one of the rarest released on Crown Label, most of them were released on Victor.

Similar stuff , passionate enka songs for this 5 stars actress, comes in a nice double face cover.

EX-EX+ (minor wrinkles) / EX-  to EX, some surface noise, a visible scuff but sounds very nice


Itoh Kiyoko single “A man and a flower / a piece of love”- CBS 1967

Wonderful singel, just a piece of  love. Some alternative versions that came out later on her first album, sounds more acoustic.

EX (some slight wrinkles) / EX-EX+



Junko Fuji / Meiko Kaji single “Urami Bushi” – Teichiku

Superb split singles by our 2 favorite Heroins : Lady Yakuza vs Sasori



Jo Kondo “Sen No ongaku” LP Alm Records 1974

The first ALM – AL1 reference by the underrated Jo Kondo for a subtil acoustic spacialization.

EX+/EX-mostly EX+


Les Rallizes Denudes – 2LP Fucked & Naked 2003

Cover is EX-EX+ has some minor shelf wear / LP are EX-EX+



Mimi Hiyoshi LP Victor – 197?

Gatefold cover for this LP released in the early-mid 70’s.  A quite varied album, some kayo ballads with strings section, some more up beat songs, makes this album very pleasant, sometimes not so far from Ruriko Asaoka. Mimi Hiyoshi is best known for singing some Shuji Terayama lyrics and for a collaboration with Kan mikami.

Near Mint /Near Mint



Shuji Terayama (Tenjo Sajiki) 33 1/3 RPM EP “Hitoribochi no Anata Ni / Poems- For your melancholy night” – CBS 1971

With Naito Yooko &  Ogiwara Sakumi

Hardcover gatefold cover and  overlapping booklet by Aquirax

Lovely EP close to Carmen Maki “Poems in the Midnight”  and Tenjo Sajiko “Hatsukoi Jigioku” album, the atmosphere is like the title suggests it…

Cover is EX-EX+ inside has a few stains / EP is EX- /EX, some surface noise but nothing unacceptable, still a nice copy



Motohiko Adachi / Joji Yuasa / Yoshiro Irino

Ni Hon Gendai Sakkyoka Shiriezu – Modern Japanese Composers Series” (Toshiba – TA-9302)


Red Wax

Mega rare and fantastic, I can’t find my words.

EX/EX+ (with avery few stains) / LP has  a few surface noise and 4 pops for a couple of rotations  but the whole LP generally plays  EX/EX+



Keiko Mari “Folk Song O Utau” Victor- 1971

Rare LP by Keiko Mari aka Petite M’amie, in a rather different style because this album belongs to folk /kayo music and in my opinion is even more interesting. Keiko Mari covers some Carmen Maki songs, Takeshi Nishioka /Itsutsuno No Akai Fusen and also The Folk Crusaders. Her voice is clear, arrangements are nice with strings and sometimes some field recordings.

EX+ (a very few stains inside) / EX-EX+



Momoyama Harue with Ryuichi Sakamoto “Hikiyomigusa” – Victor / Invitation 1979

Lovely album with one traditionnal side with shamisen and the second one with electronics by Sakamoto, colouring the rural music with dark and alienish landscapes

EX+  (Obi has one tiny tear) / EX+


Miura Fumiko LP Crown 1968

Rare LP on the mythic Crow Label. Straight enka and folkloric songs with shamisen & percussions.

EX+ / EX-Mostly EX+, a few clicks


Sachiko Nishida – LP + red flexi 7inch Polydor 1967

Gatefold embossed cover LP

Well, Almost all Sachiko Nishida are lovely and the Polydor orchestra and arrangements were among the best one during the 60’s.

EX+ / EX, a few surface noise but still a nice copy


Hibari Misora “Hibari Hauta Zoshi” 10inch – Columbia 1958

A great classic by a legend…

EX/VG++ / EX-

Great condition for its age, a few marks but plays very fine without too much noise. Price is a gift.



Tenjo Sajiki / Shuji Terayama “hatsukoi jigoku hen” LP CBS 1970

With Kei Ogura, Carmen Maki…

Gatefold cover




Makoto Moroi “concertos” – Victor 1971

Gatefold cover – Quadraphonic LP

2 pieces with “3 concerto Movements for shakuhachi, percussion and strings” & “concerto for piano & orchestra”

Many spaces with these pieces, mixing some traditionnal instruments with a great sense of mystery…

Both Cover and LP are Near mint



Satoshi Ishikawa Wave notation 2 – Still Way – Sound process 1982

Manufactured by Kojima

Delicate music with piano, harp,  definitively an autumn’s album, not sa far from some ALM acoustics albums

Near Mint for cover and LP



Kazuki Tomokawa “Umi shizuka”  King – 1981

Cover (EX+ , afew stains if you turn it to the light) / insert + obi + LP are EX+



Kazuki Tomokawa “Ore no Uchide Nariymanai Uta” LP  1978 Bellwood

Cover, insert and obi are EX+ / LP plays EX/EX+


Kan Mikami “Kan” Victor 1975

Cover, obi and insert are EX+ / LP plays EX/EX+


Akiko Nakamura “Nijiiro no Mizuumi”  1968 – Victor

Gatefold cover with pinup poster

No obi, Cover is EX/EX+  and LP plays EX

Beat girl backed up by The Jaguars, some Kayo influenced songs, sound is lovely, reverbs are cool….first edition


Michi Aoyama “Naku Onna / Onna Nano” single Crown 1969


Super rare single by Michi, she was a queen during the Crown label years, deep enka,


Itoh Kiyoko “When the apples blossoms /Ho Paura” single Toshiba 1968

Great single by the lovely Itoh Kiyoko assisted by The Happenings Four / Kuni Kawachi

Alternative versions released later on her 1st album – 1969



Itoh Kiyoko “Hana no Madonna” single 1967 CBS

Same similar stuff than the one mentioned before. recommended



Vinyls – I

Mari Amachi / Reiko Oshida  2LP “Color pack Serie – Local” – CBS /Sony 1973 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet

1 Lp for each singer, Reiko Oshida tracks are taken from her first 3 albums,  she was an actress linked to the pinky violence, she sings with some approximations in a depraved manner a bit like Ike Reiko  that makes her so sexy, a great erotic figure from the 70’s. Mari Amachi is more like a  typical coquetish singer from this period, a good balance between up beat songs and some kayo ballads.

EX (Some stains) / EX, some surface noise, mostly for a couple of rotations, that’s not a perfect copy but still nice for this bargain price.



Keiko Fuji LP “Keiko no Jinsei” – CBS – Quad 1973

Originally this 4th album was released in 1971, this version is rarer with a superior and wider stereo field, All Quadraphonic albums are hard to track down and become collectibles in JapanStill a nice album with a few tracks from the rokyoku /naniwa bushi repertoire mostly known by Yuriko Futaba.
Cover and obi are EX+ / LP plays EX, some surface noise but still nice

Kiyoshi Maekawa (Cool Five) / Keiko Fuji“3” – RCA – Gatefold cover

EX+ / EX


Sono Mari 2LP “Ai o anata ni” – Polydor – Gatefold Cover with attached pin up poster /booklet

A nice compilation of Sono Mari late 60’s songs…Husky and hypnotic voice…You’ll have some nice moments with your loneliness.

EX/EX+ for the cover / EX-EX+ for vinyls



Sono Mari LP “Ai ha oshimi naku” Polydor 1968 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet
One of greatest voice of the mid-late 60’s, some similarities with Sachiko  Nishida who was signed on the same label, but Sono Mari has a more husky and hypnotic voice. Songs are embellished by the great Polydor Orchestra, if you need some elegance, charm and grace, Sono Mari is  one name you’ll definitively fall in love with. All her albums are rare and sadly Polydor pressing aren’t the best, so finding a good copy at a decent price is really difficult.

EX-EX+ / vinyl plays a solid EX, a few surface noise


Sono Mari2LP “Ai o anata ni” – Polydor 1971 – Gatefold cover with obi, attached booklet

One of best kind of compilation with the lovely Sono Mari, one of the most gracious voice of the mid -late 60’s, she was one of the most talented singer, everything is at its place,  probably the most gracious and high skilled singer. If your ears need some honey without falling in the insignifiance, you’ll become hypnotisized  and would probably look after all her stuff. Many tracks here, would make a nice Christmas present to yourself.

EX+/EX , mostly EX+



Kazuko Matsuo LP ” Hi-Light” – Victor 1964

One of the best Matsuo Kazuko, she was at her peak in the early 60’s, laid back -night ambiance with a husky and intimist voice.  Some duos with Frank Nagai & Hiroshi Wada /Mahina Stars, some jazzy late night songs with some strange voices harmonies and hawaian – steel guitar. You can end your night while listening  “goodnight “, believe you’ll experience a whole dreamy night.

EX (some stains on the back) / EX , considering its age that’s really a nice copy.


Kazuko Matsuo LP “Saikai” – Victor 1972
Another piece in the puzzle, this one is a bit like a compilation but has alternative versions of some well known songs, if you don’t cry while listening “Saikai” song, that means you’re probably deaf and I can’t do nothing else for you !
EX+/EX  (A few surface noise but this copy is very clean indeed)
Chako Miyaki LP “Utagatari” – Harvest
Nice sof  folk  with 2 compositions by Kazuki Tomokawa, you can hear it through a couple of beat songs.
EX /EX+(Slight ringwear) / EX+
Shinichi Mori LP “Mujo No Yume” –  Victor – Gatefold cover
One of the best album by a legend, comes in a nice cover…Top copy and rare to find it with obi.
EX+ (some satins inside) / EX+
Shinichi Mori LP “Onnagokoro wo utau”-   1969  – Gatefold cover
Early period and pretty rare, this one is a nice one too with some up beat songs usually covered by some female singers(Akiko Nakamura), Mori’s voice wasn’t so deep as later but his energy was already there.
Shinichi Mori / Mina AoeLP “Yoru to kokotsu to kameiki…” RCA
Sometimes popular songs and popular artists can deliver a great album like this one…
2 great voices from the late 60’s early 70’s for a recommended split LP
Textured gatefold cover.