Vinyls – V

Gaku LP “Indivuality of four musicians” – promo white labels – ALM records 1981

Nice album with shakuhachi , shamisen, kotos



Maki Ishii / Joji Yuasa / Shuko Mizuno LP “Music today of Japan – 18 – Denon – 1980

Maki Ishi : SO-GU I fur shakuhachi and klavier

Joji Yuasa : Projection Esemplastic for piano

Shuko Mizuno : provisional color for piano

Nice album in this nice collection who has a silver printing.

EX+ (has a slight bumped corner) / NM


Kiyoaki Iwamoto EP “Sougi” – 7 inch 33rpm &  and 2 sided overlapping cover- Metronome / ALM records 1983

Rare and quite unknown release (strangely co-released by ALM) by one of Tori Kudo’s accolyte, this EP came out after Guys & Dolls album.

This nice artefact is a mix of rock with a cold wave touch for its rythm box and one of the  highlight here is a cover of Joy Division “Love will tears us apart”. METRONOMYC  –

EX (some minor wears) / EX+



Itoh Kiyoko LP “Ballads of Love” – gatefold cover – CBS/Sony 1969

One great classic with the Happenings Four





Carmen Maki LP “Adam & Eve” – Gatefold cover – Promo copy “Not for sale” – CBS /Sony

Something to say…That’s one of those records we could die for it…




Carmen Maki LP “Goodbye, my memories” – Gatefold cover – CBS/Sony

Holy grail, this is a near perfect copy with the mega rare obi  – just impossible to find, it took years to find 2 copies

EX+ (a very few microscopic stains on the front) / Obi has some minor stains and wears / LP is EX+ to NM



Meiko Kaji  LP “Gincho Wataridori” – Gatefold cover – Teichiku 1972

The first and one of the best




Sono Mari LP “Sono Mari furusato no utau” – Gatefold cover – Polydor 1966

Mega rare and downpriced because of its condition. This one of the rarest and my favorite album because it sounds a bit different than her others albums. Tempos are slower and arrangements have less winds, a heavy warm bass with some neo classical arrangements mixed with a few tradionnal instruments like koto. This is definitively a nocturn album, almost dark by moments. Sono Mari has a husky voice, her beauty finds here more a cold austere character that leaves you with a very strange feeling :  you stay alone in your life ven if you have a family, friends.

One of the best enka/ Kayo recorded in my opinion along with another album from 1967, this album is the best Sono Mari recorded and sadly only a few songs were re-released on CD format. If you were unhappy with this album, I’ll accept return without any hesitation

EX+/ VG++ (some surface and crakling noise but you’ll fall in love with the music after 5 seconds)



Sono Mari LP “Nanimo iwanaide” – Polydor

Early Sono Mari LP from the late 60’s around 67-68, has most of her hits. Hard to find in a such condition

EX+/EX to EX+


Sono Mari LP “Mari Chan to Anata no yoru” – Gatefold cover with 4 pages booklet – Polydor

One of the most looked after album because of it’s stylish psychedelic lettering, I can find my words because all Sono Mari are good but this album is maybe one of the loveliest  for its cover. Very interesting to hear how it’s very close to another Sachiko Nishida’s Polydor album with soe narratives introduction and orchestra sounds the same. But Sono Mari has more nostalgic vibe because her voice is like suspended in the air, she’s like an angel.

EX+/EX to EX+



Sono Mari LP “Kakinure te” – Gatefold cover wit hattached booklet – Polydor

Another one in Sono Mari’s temple, I think it was released around 1967-68

NM/EX+ (a few surface noise on B1)



Sono Mari LP “Ai ha oshimi naku”- gatefold cover with attached booklet – Polydor

For those who are starving with Sono Mari this one was released around 1967, we need some grace in this world.

EX+ (Obi has some minor wears) / EX to EX+



Ken Takakura LP “Deluxe”  – Gatefold cover with attached poster – King – 1969

One iconic actor and singer known for “Abashiri Bangaishi’ film and eponymous song, Ken Takakura has a deep and vibrant voice, he’s a straight enka /ballads singer ,  there’s nothing superficial, he’s vibrant and like most of albums in this collection, if you have a more “rocky” vibe like Jojo Hiroshige can have, you should try this one and you will be surprised how it’snt so far. Of course I don’t mean the noise à la Hijokaidan but his solos as a singer. This albu has a great “Abashir Bagaishi” version with accordion and percussions.




Takekuni Hirayoshi / Teruyaki Noda LP “Music today of  japan – 17” – Denon 1980

Another piece in the puzzle with Hiroyuki Iwaki conducting



Kazuki Tomokawa LP “Akita – Live Inu” – Bellwood – 1980

Great live recording by this legendary folk singer, there’s so much passion, so much of everything…Makes me feel lining among the humans.



V/A Orchestral Space at Nissei Theatre 1966 – Vol 1 – Victor 1966

Toru Takemitsu / Yuji Takahashi / Joji Yuasa / Tochi Ichiyanagi

Great and historic album with a wild Ichiyangi’s piece and its modulators, tape and orchestra.




V/A “Odori Kuwadesa” LP – Marufubu 1974

Lovely minyo, traditionnel dance songs music from Okinawa, very accessible and melodic with female choirs



V/A “Okinawa O Utau” LP – gatefold cover – RBC – 1969

Another piece with Okinawa’s folklore but this one  is less traditionnal and has some backed female singers with guitar, farfisa, drums. A really stunning piece of cake, one of the best discovery of these recent months, music can be groovy with a typical 60’s sound but singers stay traditionnal. Some more sad songs and ballads, there’s no weakness, it  finds a good balance between tradition and modernity. I’m very charmed by this type of stuff, I can’t imagine this was only a local and confidential release. if you are in Molam and Thaï stuff , don’t hesitate to give a try. Comes also in a nice heavy gatefold cover.




Joji Yuasa LP  “Interpenetration”- Denon 1982

One rare title in this excellent collection (Taj Mahal travellers, Masahiko Sato…) with Joji Yuasa aestro.

Has Interpenetration for flutes – Triplicity for contrabass – Cosmos Haptic – Project Topologic – On the Keyboard

Many people focuse on his electronic stuff but his work with strings is incredible, detailed  with some nice dynamics. Yuasa has a great sense of tensions and spacialization here is very nice because musicians are physicaly involved.



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