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Hibishubure & Li Daiguo cs

Li Daiguo cassette 聽風 – Sloow Tapes

Edition of 70 copies * Blending several musical traditions as western music, Chinese classical music, Finnish folk music, Carnatic music and much more Li Daiguo creates an extended sound world with a variety of instruments as pipa, erhu, ethnic flutes, shona mbira, violin, viola, cello, overtone singing and lots more pushing their sonic capabilities into uncharted territory


Hibishubure cassette “Official live bootleg N°7” Sloow Tapes

Edition of 70 copies . Japanese heavy psych blow-out that rubs the third eye and instantly flings you in an overdose of speed fuzz soaring in/out of focus between hallucinatory visions of spiked Mainliner, High Rise, Les Rallizes Denudes et al. Lysergic hard rock riffs, dirty punk vocals and ferocious guitar shredding. Break through the aether with this one.


Keiko Higuchi LP

Keiko Higuchi LP “Vertical language” Black Editions

“More than simply an album title “Vertical Language” refers to the distinctive musical approach that Higuchi has developed over the past twenty years. Her music is centered on the breathe and pulse- rather than set ‘horizontal’ musical rhythms or structures. It illuminates the connection between the artist’s body and sound. In her music piano chords and voice sound out in an instant and expand, floating off in new directions. The music embraces silence and negative space or the Japanese concept of “Ma” as well as the small ‘imperfections’ that any moment or sound might contain. Each moment in her music is as much imbued with what came before as what will come next – each note expands in space and can never be seen from just one perspective. In her music, Higuchi is constantly taking us to a place that neither she or we can quite yet see. “

Glad to have this solo by Keiko Higuchi on appeared 2 times with An’archives with Albedo Fantatstica and Albedo Gravitas. Here we have her with Louis Inage (Majutsu no Niwa, Yakouchu, Ochibonoame…) on a couple of tracks


Li Jianhong CD Mountain Fog

Li Jianhong CD “Mountain Fog” WV Sorcerer Productions

6 panel digisleeve, edition of 500

Guitar: 李劍鴻 Li Jianhong
Saxophone in “山霧 Mountain Fog”: 王子衡 Wang Ziheng

“Like Sonic Youth and Japanese rock collective Ghost, he straddles and/or blasts his way across the line between psychedelic rock and exploratory noise; he also frequently incorporates a spiritual component inspired by Buddhism and traditional Chinese art.” – Noah Berlatsky, Chicago Reader


Sheng Jie & Shen Jing

Sheng Jie 盛潔 & Shen Jing 沈靜 LP “Parallel Weaving” WV Sorcerer productions

Ltd to 300, gatefold, white vinyl with insert

An enchanting “in distance” collaboration between cello noise and percussions, weaving the sound of a harsh and dreamy landscape.
This is a recording between two friends in Beijing and London during the pandemic, a wonderful long-distance collaboration. After releasing her critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘卵生 Oviparity’ (The Wire’s Top 50 of 2020), Sheng Jie 盛潔(a.k.a gogoj) continues to explore her own unconventional path in tandem experimentation with electric cellos and effects, while Shen Jing 沈靜 (a.k.a Shenggy, former drummer of the legendary Beijing punk band ‘Hanging on the Box’), who has been in the music scene since the 90s, she started to develop her solo project in the field of industrial music, ambient and analogue synthesizers since 2003, for this record she returns to her role as a drummer, adding also gamelan and various percussion instruments from different parts of the world. A free, chaotic yet tender piece of work is what they deliver.

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