Hibishubure & Li Daiguo cs

Li Daiguo cassette 聽風 – Sloow Tapes

Edition of 70 copies * Blending several musical traditions as western music, Chinese classical music, Finnish folk music, Carnatic music and much more Li Daiguo creates an extended sound world with a variety of instruments as pipa, erhu, ethnic flutes, shona mbira, violin, viola, cello, overtone singing and lots more pushing their sonic capabilities into uncharted territory


Hibishubure cassette “Official live bootleg N°7” Sloow Tapes

Edition of 70 copies . Japanese heavy psych blow-out that rubs the third eye and instantly flings you in an overdose of speed fuzz soaring in/out of focus between hallucinatory visions of spiked Mainliner, High Rise, Les Rallizes Denudes et al. Lysergic hard rock riffs, dirty punk vocals and ferocious guitar shredding. Break through the aether with this one.


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