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La Monte Young 2CD

La Monte Young 2 CD “Der zweck Dieser series is nicht unterhaltung vol. 1 ” Mongolian Magniolia

Bootleg of a famous & previous bootleg, comes in a double digipak . Tracks are great classic such “Poems for Chairs..”, “For Brass”..

Only a very few


la monte young der zweck

Masayoshi Urabe CD

Masayoshi Urabe CD “What Hasn’t Come Here, Come !” Relative Pitch

Recorded 5th August 2017 at Sakedelic, Space Shuyukan (Oumi-Hachiman, Shiga, JAPAN)


(shipping is $2,5 in France & $4 everywhere else)

Urabe cd relative pitch Urabe cd relative pitch 2

Jutok Kaneko ltd CDR

 Kaneko Jutok CDR “Kaneko Jutok 1958-2007” Uramado records

Limited to 100 copies, re-release of a 2007 CDR – remastered. Kaneko was the leader of Kousokuya, one of the most important band from the 80’s era and P.S.F records catalogue.

$25 comes with a deadstock memorial concert flyer
Limited to 100 copies

jutok kanko cdr

John Duncan 2 CD

John Duncan 2 CD “Red Sky” iDEAL recordings

Each disc is mastered as a single track.
Packaged in a six-panel digipak with eight-page booklet.
Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies, only a few copies !

With Jim O’Rourke, Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi


John Duncan 2cd