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East Bionic Symphonia 2LP

East Bionic Symphonia 2 LP “Improvisation 1976” Cyclope

Second LP is one sided

Packaged as two separate albums each with a silk screened die-cut cover.
Labels are silk screened on one side and handwritten & numbered on reverse.  ltd to 200

 During the mid-1970s, a group of art students at the Bigakko school in Tokyo, working under Takehisa Kosugi, the renowned Fluxus composer, violinist, and member of Group Ongaku and The Taj-Mahal Travellers, came together as the free improvisation collective East Bionic Symphonia. They recorded a single album – their graduation project, released in 1976 under the title Recorded Live, before going their separate ways. While largely overlooked at the time, it now stands as one of the great artifacts of the Japanese sonic avant-garde, in part because of its remarkable sounds and influence, and in part because of the later significance of the voices within. The collective reformed during the 1980’s under the moniker Marginal Consort – playing and recording extensively, but until now, it has been widely accepted that Recorded Live was the only existing document of their early efforts. We are thrilled to announce a release of further recordings, made during the months following the creation of their long heralded LP.

The East Bionic Symphonia is a founding cornerstone of the Japanese movements of Noise and improvised music. The seed the ensemble helped plant, cut a path through the years to follow – its influence stretching across the globe. They were singular – seeming to effortlessly break every rule in the book,eradicating signifier and association, blending electronic and acoustic sound, in ways that few had. They demand little need for comparison or cross reference. Had its members done nothing since, their contribution to history would still be significant. Some – Hiroshi Shii, Kaoru Okabe, Masaharu Minegishi, Tatuo Hattori, and Tomonao Koshikawa, are little known beyond their work within the ensemble and Marginal Consort. Others went on to make deep and diverse contributions to the landscape of avant-garde and experimental sound. Chie Mukai and Masami Tada have both become legendary for their solo work, the guitarist Kazuo Imai is widely celebrated for his unparalleled approach as an improviser, as well as for his work with Barre Phillips, Arthur Doyle, Han Bennink, and countless others. Yasushi Ozawa is equally noted for his work as the bassist in Keiji Haino’s Fushitsusha project.


east boinic 2lp

Takemitsu & Ichiyanagi / Apryl Fool EPs

Toshi Ichiyanagi / Apryl Fool 7″ 33rpm “Eros+ Massacre” Super fuji

Eros + Massacre is a Japanese black-and-white film released in 1969 and it’s considered as one of most significant film of the Japanese New Wave (Nouvelle Vague). It was directed by Yoshishige Yoshida, who wrote it in cooperation with Masahiro Yamada and The musical director was Toshi Ichiyanagi and Apryl Fool’s contribution can be heard on the second side, an instrumental track dominated Yanagida’s by a roaring Hammond organ. The A-side is a rare avant-garde recording by Ichiyanagi Toshi, consisting out of prepared piano crossbreeding with the austere sounds of the Shakuhachi, making it a juxtaposition in a feverish demented way as opposed to the derelict acid dementia of Yanagida and Apryl Fool on the other side.  Original from 1970 doesn’t turn up until you have big pockets. I think this re-release will sell very fast, so don’t wait too long.


Ichiyanagi eros 2


Toru Takemitsu 7 ” 33 rpm “Searching for Fantasy / In the end “

“The Man Who Left His Will ” ost

Super Fuji

Released way back in August 1970 as soundtrack to ” The Man Who Left His Will ” filmdirected by Oshima Nagisa. Surprisingly for Takemitsu, both tracks on this disc are very guitar and hand percussion oriented, but  in a very personnal and almost psychedelic vibe.


takemitsu EP supe rfujui

Mickey Guitar Band – Wataru Kasahara

Mickey Guitar Band  LP “from the Deep” Psych Kg.

ltd to 120 copies

Featuring Juntaro Yamanouchi (the Gerogerigegege) on percussions, comes in a cheap & badly handmade pasted gatefold jacket. Music is rocky, spacey, trippy, funny.



Wataru (Nobu) Kasahara LP + CDR “Piano Solo Woks 2009” Psych Kg

Comes in a pasted cover, green vinyl, ltd to 40

Mostly known under Embudagonn 108, Kasahara is a noise  artist, known in the underground scene for years both for his collaborations with Bianchi and his graphic work… A  true outsider for sure…only a few copies


DSCN8758  DSCN8760

Timo Van Luijk – 3 new LPS

Timo Van Luijk – Kris Vanderstraeten LP “Arrêt au Lac Chimère” La Scie Dorée

Lac Chimère is a lake in Mensono, where many unknown and untouched sound creatures reside. They sometimes form musical gatherings in which their sounds float in ether. This album consists of field recordings captured at the very moment while making an accidental stop at the lake.

Edition of 300 copies, white vinyl




Timo Van Luijk – Frederik Croene LP “Fortune de Mer” La Scie Dorée

In 9 sequences ‘Fortune de Mer’ describes the power and beauty of dramatic fate, the irreversible. Like a clause of force majeure, an unforeseen one way trip to the desperate bottom. After losing the long battle nothing is left, only acceptance and resignation.

Edition of 300 copies, Cover image by Victor Hugo



Timo Van Luijk & Mark Harwood LP “Vang Cicular”  Penultimate Press

Vang Circular is the first outing from Timo van Luijk (La Scie Dorée / Af Ursin, Elodie) and Mark Harwood (Penultimate Press / Astor). Employing vibes, mellotron, natural reader, an iron ant, synth, metal pipes, slide guitar and a double bass these audacious souls conjure a wonky musical vision that gently peels away the familiar. The results are a surprising synthesis of the two individuals somewhat oppositional agendas. From the farthest reaches of the galaxy to the highest celestial plane the core of this haunted and bewitching release exists as a spectre at the edge of time.

Recorded over a weekend at Kulta Saha studio, Belgium in the summer of 2017 Vang Circular lands in a reverse board sleeve in an edition of 273 copies.


Timo Mark