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Tolerance CDS Vanity reissues

Tolerance CD “Anonym”  Kyou records-Vanity

originally released in 1979, this official version comes in a jacket with obi, no distribution is available outside the local market. These come quite expensive but remember the recent boxsets went in a flash. No idea if this pressing is limited or not, so if you have an opportunity to get them cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate. Strange and mythic stuff, I must say I quite enjoy the music.

$30 only a very few

tolerance anonym cd001

Tolerance CD “Divin”  Kyou records-Vanity

originally released in 1981

$30 only a very few

tolerance divincd002

Kawaguchi Masami’s NRS LP

Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate with Kryssi Batalene LP C/site recordings

I must say that’s not my favorite cover and art but he music stands alone. Between Kawaguchi’s New Rock Syndicate, Up-Tight psychedelism under with some indian sounds..Kryssi’s voice floating in the air, Kawaguchi’s ahs some more effects on his voice…Sometiems with a classic riff that would leave you hooked if you are in Rallizes Dénudés. Highly recommended, one of the album of the year !


Kawaguchi NRS with Kryssi LP