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Kan Mikami LP I’m The Only One Around

Kan Mikami LP “I’m The Only One Around” Black Editions

The first ever vinyl edition of Kan Mikami’s “I’m the Only One Around” featuring lyrics translated by Drew Stroud and newly translated notes by Alan Cummings. Remastered and cut to vinyl at Elysian Masters Los Angeles, pressed by RTI, packaged in heavy Stoughton tip-on jackets with insert featuring textured paper, gold foil stamping and metallic inks.For over 50 years, Kan Mikami has stood as a master of the Japanese blues and outsider folk. His unmistakable, powerfully evocative voice and surrealistic poetry reveal a gritty, transgressive life on the margins shot through with evocations of sex and violence, religion and romance. Released in 1991, I’m the Only One Around was Mikami’s first album with Tokyo’s legendary P.S.F. Records and heralded an artistic renaissance. It marked the beginning of an incredibly productive and wildly creative era for Mikami that extends to the present day. 


Michael Ranta CD Taiwan years

Michael Ranta CD Taiwan years – Metaphon

Three previously unreleased works from the 1970’s recorded and mixed in Japan and Taiwan.

1-Kagaku Henka (1971) 18’40”
2-China Filch (1975) 27’06”
3-At Night (1978) 23’06”

More than any other of Ranta’s releases this album shows his multiple roots and ideas as a composer, percussionist and concrete/electronic musician, building a seamless bridge between Eastern and Western avantgarde. Ranta is one of those rare composers able to organically melt his wide artistic span into a singular but yet diverse universe morphing his rich vocabulary as a percussionist with the Oriental esoteric tradition, the psychedelic underground and the realm of electronic minimalism.

Michael Ranta: performance and mixing
Recording engineers: Shigeru Sato, Tsutomu Kojima


Up-Tight CD & Box

Up-Tight CD “The beginning of the End” Essence

“The Beginning Of The End” was originally released as a scarce LP edition on 8mm Records in 2009 and – after more than a decade – sees the light of the day on CD for the first time ever, fully remastered by Aoki Tomoyuki himself. Housed in our custom tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging displaying unique and new artwork, plus OBI strip – Made in Brazil, amazing label, they had already released “The night is yours” album a decade ago Limited to 200


Art Box Limited to 90 hand-numbered pieces, carefully crafted one by one.

16 x 16 x 6 cm

The Beginning Of The End is also available as an exquisitely elaborated and strictly limited handmade boxset employing hand-carving, textures and painting explorations.Housed inside are the gatefold standard edition, a large poster printed via woodcut technique, circular psychedelic shapes and a very special object – a REAL kaleidoscope that will treat your mind for hours!

As a bonus disc for this set, the band prepared a not to be missed expanded, freakout live version of the album on CDR presented in a custom silkscreened packaging. A download card for the standard edition is also included exclusively as part of this boxset.


we do not ship only this item overseas


UH cassette ‘Morgana” Haang Niap Records

Live recording at Kokubunji Morgana 08. Feb. 2020.
Same track is recorded on both sides.
Comes with download code. Only a very few in stock !

UH are Shizuo Uchida on bass + Takayuki Hashimoto on sax. This project is one of our favorite, we released their first CD in 2018 :


uh cs

Otomo -Roger Turner – Seijaku – Hijokaidan

Roger Turner – Satoh Masahiko – Otomo Yoshihide CD”Live at Hall Egg Farm” Doubt


Roger Turner – Otomo Yoshihide CD “Live at superDeluxe” Doubt


Hijokaidan with Akira Sakata CD “Made In studio” Doubt


Jazz Hijokaidan CD “Made in Japan, live at Shinjuku Pit Inn” – Doubt

sold out

Seijaku 2CD “Last Live” Doubt

Keiji Haino + Mitsuru Nasuno + Yoshimitsu Ichiraku


Seijaku 2CD “静寂の果てに” Doubt


Kaoru Abe new CD 9770916@Ayler

Kaoru Abe CD (digipak) 9770916@Ayler, Sapporo – Doubt Music

– Doubtmusic has discovered a previously unreleased Kaoru Abe alto saxophone solo improvisation! This CD features a complete 30 minutes performance held in summer 1977 at a jazz cafe in Sapporo which was called “Ayler” and no longer exists since long time. We no longer talk about Abe’s voice ranging by ready-made musical concept. Even his silence has persuasiveness. His voice has an ubiquity which transcend new or old musical trends. We would like young music fans who have never heard of Kaoru Abe to listen to it. You will feel musical “something” you never notice.

Recorded on 16 September, 1977 at Ayler, Sapporo (recorded material provided by Mariko Nara).


kaoru abe ayler

Derek Bailey – Mototeru Takagi CD/LP

Derek Bailey – Mototeru Takagi CD/LP Live at FarOut, Atsugi 1987 – NoBusiness

CD $15

LP $24

Sabu Toyozumi – Mats Gustafsson

Sabu Toyozumi 豊住芳三郎 – Mats Gustafsson CD/LP Hokusai NoBusiness

CD $15

LP $24

Takayanagi – Ino – Kikuchi CD

Masayuki Takayanagi / Noboyushi Ino / Masabumi Kikuchi CD Live at Jazz Inn Lovely 1990 NoBusiness