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Masao Yagi EP Bad Girl Terumasa Hino

Masao Yagi EP 7inch 33 rpm  “Bad Girl, Yoko” Super Fuju Discs

A marvelous jazz session from 1966 :
Sadao Watanabe, Terumasa Hino, Masahiko Togashi, Masanaga
Harada, Masao Yagi, Hozan Yamamoto
Alto Sax:Sadao Watanabe
Trumpet:Terumasa Hino
Bass:Masanaga Harada
Drum:Masahiko Togashi
Piano:Masao Yagi
Bamboo Flute:Hozan Yamamoto


Bad Girl Yoko Bad Girl Yoko 2

Terumasa Hino Quintet CD “OST Hakucho No Sugeki” Super Fuji


Terumasa Hino Quintet CD



Kawaguchi Courtis Fukuoka Henritzi

Anla Courtis – Kawaguchi Masami – Fukuoka Rinji 

CD ” Ramen En Los Parlantes” Pataphysique Rec. Purifiva


Ramen CD002

Fukuoka Rinji – Michel Henritzi CD “Desert Moon” Pataphysique records

The 5th album “Desert Moon” made by the on- going duo of Japanese and French players since 2007, expressing the “international melancholy”, commonly shared by all the people without race, delivers the crisis of the time that may cover the entire world or even the entire planet with some intense sound which brings about the collective unconsciousness of the early 21st century.
The sad simple melody on the 1st track, strings tremolo devoted to Nico and the repetition spiraled organ- like loop in reverse on the 2nd track, followed with the 3rd track of where Bartok-like rhythm, melody and voice meet as mantra, and such undefinable various music continues.
The 4th track “Inside the Penitence Box” demolishes the western order with the roaring sound of guitar with effects and the piano’s extended technique, leading to the next track of the cover, “gloomy sunday”, the famous chanson from the time between the first and second World Wars. On top of the totally distorted repetitive “gloomy” melody as the word represents, Fukuoka Rinji, the guest vocalist of Hijokaidan’s Junko, and the poetry reading and screaming voice of Dana Valser, the Spanish female musician living in France, come lay on top of each other.
The last song is “Ballad of Josef K” devoted to Frantz Kafka. With this labyrinth of maybe a ceaseless hallway of a huge building appeared in “the judge.


Fukuoka Henritzi Desert moon001