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Tori Kudo cs NY tapes

Tori Kudo cs NY tapes

Atlantic City outtakes, 67 mins. cassette tape, recorded in Lower East Side, Including ok takes, circa1981. comes with a photo (reprint), most are different, there are 13 !

DL code included


Morio Agata LP

Morio Agata LP Norimono Zukan – Mesh Key

Japanese folk-rock legend Morio Agata stunned fans with this way-outta-left-field dispatch – a synthesizer-laden, new-wave/post-punk classic. Originally released by Osaka’s Vanity Records in 1980 and back on vinyl for the first time in nearly 40 years, this fully authorized reissue has been newly remastered from the original analog tapes. In sturdy tip-on sleeve, with double-sided insert. Arguably the biggest left-turn of Agata’s early career, however, came in 1979, when legendary experimental label Vanity Records’ Yuzuru Agi paired Agata with major players from his label’s roster and the Osaka punk scene for an impromptu recording session. An impressive list of musicians took part (SAB, Yukio Fujimoto (Normal Brain), Masahiro Kitada (INU), Taiqui (Ultra Bide), Jun Shinoda (SS), Chie Mukai (Che-Shizu), and others) and even though they all came from different wings of the underground music scene, together they built an arresting, minimalistic bedrock of synthesized and acoustic sounds for Agata to work his magic over. The recording sesssions were tense and it took a while for the collective to find their footing. But the hard work paid off — Norimono Zukan is a masterpiece of ramshackle new wave and droning dirges, topped off with Agata’s unmistakeable croon, at times delicate, other times twisted. It’s a relatively short album, but a deep one, and Mesh-Key is honored to introduce it to a new generation of music fans. 


Shizuka 10″ Lunatic Pearl

Shizuka 10″ LP 狂気の真珠 [ Lunatic Pearl] – An’archives

Regular edition comes in a silkscreened jacket with obi (dark blue & dark red), insert and a postcard. Edition of 550

Sub-edition of 150 exclusive to the label Silkscreened jacket, with black obi , insert and a postcard – subtle split fountain print making each cover slightly different alike a cyanotype…

exclusive 21 x 21 cm insert

Screenprinted by Alan Sherry

Following the long-awaited Paradise Of Delusion LP from 2021, An’archives announces Lunatic Pearl, a 10” EP by Japanese psych-pop legends Shizuka. As with the material on Paradise, Lunatic Pearl draws from the deep well of music the quartet recorded in 2001, this time from two studio sessions. Here, though, the group’s classic line-up of Shizuka, Maki Miura, Jun Kosugi and Seven is augmented – on the a-side, they’re joined by Yasushi Nagata on guitar; flip the record, and Kazuhide Yamaji chimes in on acoustic guitar and bass.

Both Nagata and Yamaji were members of long-running Tokyo psych-out gang Dip (also known as dip the flag); Yamaji eventually joined Shizuka for a time, appearing with them on the 2010 DVD, Owari No Nai Yume, released by PSF. Part of Lunatic Pearl finds Shizuka in Paisley Underground mode, the spaced-out acoustic mantras of “Shiroi Inochi” and the instrumental “The Street The Fairy Goes” surprisingly reminiscent of the smeared, slow-motion psychedelics of Opal’s early EPs. The latter, a weightless blur, hovers in the air on dreamy drifts of DX-7, drifting melodies landing on the track like an astral traveller, lost and delirious.

“Lunatic Pearl” itself is a monster, one of Shizuka’s most rock-reverent moments, its bold riff soaring over a rhythm section that thuds menacingly, as though they’re the kings of the rumbling spires. “Signs”, another track from the Studio EUN session, features some gloriously unhinged playing from Miura, as though he’s tearing the song’s seams apart, as the group push Shizuka’s simple, perfect song into the stratosphere.

Regular edition 20€

Special “blue” edition, ltd to 150, 28€

Henritzi – Preuss CD

Michel Henritzi – Matthias Preuss CD Memories – E-Klageto

Lted and numbere, 200 copies, jacket has different colors

Michel Henritzi is a guitar player (here, a lap steel guitar and effects) known from his work with the group Nox and Dustbreeders, a group on the fringe of noise and improvisation. I had not heard of saxophone player Mathias Preuß, who only has a few releases from recent years. Recorded at the studio La Cave 38 in Metz on April 30, 2022, the result is a sixty-two-minute, six-track CD. 


Les Rallizes Denudes 2LP Oz Tapes

Les Rallizes Denudes 2LP Oz Tapes – Temporal Drift

transparent blue vinyls

Operating out of a small upstairs space just around the corner from the train station in the Kichijoji neighborhood of Tokyo, OZ was a scruffy, DIY affair that lasted not much more than a year. Between June 1972 to September 1973, the cafe and performance space became the nerve center for the city’s burgeoning underground and counterculture set.

Hadaka No Rallizes, aka Les Rallizes Dénudés, the psychedelic noisemakers originally from Kyoto, was one of the marquee names at OZ. Led by the enigmatic Takashi Mizutani, the now-legendary band was one of the earliest bookings for the venue, and would ultimately close out OZ Last Days, a raucous five-day blowout to celebrate the short but wonderful world of OZ. To commemorate the occasion, recordings made at OZ were released as OZ DAYS LIVE, a private press 2LP set featuring Miyako Ochi, Acid Seven, Masato Minami, Taj Mahal Travellers, and four tracks by the Rallizes—which constituted just a fraction of what had been recorded at the time.


Keiji Haino – Ambarchi- O’Rourke 2LP

Keiji Haino – Oren Ambarchi- Jim O’Rourke 2LP “Caught in the Dilemma…” Black Truffle


Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki

Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki LP/CD New Sense of Hearing – Blank Forms

First time since its original 1980 release on ALM-Uranoia, New Sense of Hearing documents a collaboration between Takehisa Kosugi and Akio Suzuki, two luminaries of Japanese experimental music in the lineage of Fluxus. Blank Forms’s high-quality reissue of the sought-after, long out of print LP, is produced by musician-artist Aki Onda and mastered from the original tapes recorded on April 2, 1979, at Tokyo’s Aeolian Hall.

Described by Suzuki as the “culmination” of their sound, New Sense of Hearing features the two musicians improvising together in that empty Tokyo theater, Kosugi on vocals, violin, and radio transmitter and Suzuki on the Analapos, his namesake glass harmonica, spring cong, and kikkokikiriki, all apparatuses of his own invention.

LP $25

CD $15

Shizuka CD Paradise of Delusion

Shizuka CD 妄想の楽園 | Paradise of Delusion

Offset 7 ” jacket with screened obi (dark blue or dark red)

Edition of 500

Release & shipping date : Nov 25th

Paradise Of Delusion, the first vinyl release of the music of Japan’s legendary psych-pop group Shizuka, originally appeared in June 2021. Long-awaited, the LP sold out almost immediately, and already changes hands for three-figure amounts. An’archives is pleased to announce a CD edition of Paradise Of Delusion, making this music accessible again to a wider audience. Drawn from a 2001 performance at Binspark, Nishi Ogikubo, Paradise Of Delusion is gorgeous and otherworldly.

Shizuka first came to wider attention at roughly the same time as their peers in the Japanese underground – during the early nineties, when people started to get wise to the surprisingly wide-ranging post-psychedelic sounds from the PSF label. But even by the standards of their closest peers, aesthetically speaking –Fushitsusha (with whom they shared two members, Maki Miura and Jun Kosugi), Kousokuya, Chè-SHIZU – Shizuka were mysterious.

Led by the late Shizuka herself, a guitarist, vocalist, song writer, and doll maker, with her husband Miura, a devastatingly powerful guitar slinger, their songs were potent and seductive. Shizuka’s slow iterations of simple chord changes, with her psalmic vocal melodies over the top, suggest an existential exhaustion, often torn asunder by a soaring surge of guitar from Miura. Think the happy-sad mood of the Velvets’ third album, or a more languid Les Rallizes Denudes. Whatever is happening here is relentlessly private, psychologically introverted in many ways, but opened out to the possibilities of both beauty and despair – two states that the music of Shizuka best captures.


Andrew Chalk CD & CS

Andrew Chalk CD & CS “The End Times” ICR Distribution

A first new solo album by Andrew in five years, completed in 2022 at Impression Lointaine and released by ICR.
Thirteen beautiful melodic tracks that weave in and out of focus in an almost hallucinatory manner, evoking many different moods and emotions.

CD $12

Cassette $10

Guo Yongzhang LP

Guo Yongzhang LP Zhuizi Selections

Born in 1945, Guo Yongzhang is a true maestro of Henan Zhuizi, a traditional Chinese talking-singing art that has a history of over 100 years. Almost blind, he plays Zhuihu and Zhuibang to accompany his own singing. His vocal style is peculiar, resounding yet smooth, adopting various types of arias from traditional local operas such as Shandong Bangzi and Shandong Zaobang, and he always sings with deep feelings and great verve.

Originated in Henan, Zhuizi is included in the national intangible cultural heritage list and has been popular in Henan and its nearby regions. Its main accompaniment musical instrument is Zhuihu, a two-stringed bowed instrument made of wood, and secondly the Zhuibang, a wooden percussion played with foot tapping. Since Zhuihu has a wide diapason with a soft sound and relatively high volume, the performer can use it to imitate the voice of human and animals.


Otomo Yoshihide CD+DVD

Otomo Yoshihide CD+DVD Live in Shenzen – Old Heaven Books

recorded in 2014, with “Song for Che”, “Lonely Woman”…


BBB & BBB, Dan Lao, Li Daiguo 

BBB & BBB, Dan Lao, Li Daiguo CD+DVD Hu nian An Yu – Old Heaven Books 2020

老丹 Lao Dan – 笛子 Dizi / 萨克斯 Alto Saxophone / 杜杜克笛 Duduk / 鸭哨 Duck whistle / 人声 Voice
李带菓 Li Daiguo – 琵琶 Pipa / 预制钢琴 Prepared Piano / 塔布拉鼓 Tabla / 地鼓 Bass Drum / 人声 Voice

Fantastic and beautiful music from the Chinese scene and nifty packaging;


Keiji Haino 2 CD

Keiji Haino 2CD The Meaning Of Blackness (More Decorous Than Duty Having Become Faster Than Everything A Smile That Was Never Birthed Into The Light) – Old Heaven Books – 2019

Back in stock, Recorded live at the 3rd Tomorrow Festival 2016.