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Keiji Haino + Sumac

Keiji Haino + Sumac 2LP/CD Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never – Thrill Jokey

2LP clear color $26

CD $15

Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD

Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD “It’s all over now, Baby blue – Archeion books

live at Shinjuku loft, Tokyo, 2001.03.09

Came with 8P booklet.
The jewel case is spray-colored.

It has my one of my favorite song : “What’s your business here, Elijah”


Maher Shalal Hash Baz CD 1986.2.23 -M.S.B.H direct sales

New limited archival CD just released in Japan, comes in a handmade jacket


Masahiko Togashi & Masayuki Takayanagi LP

Masahiko Togashi & Masayuki Takayanagi LP Pulsation – Holy Basil

“On May 27th 1983, drummer Masahiko Togashi and guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, two pivotal figures in the Japanese free jazz scene that had been working together since the 1960’s, performed and record this unique set at Zojoji Hall in Tokyo. At the time, Japanese jazz musicians were trying to find their own voice, welcoming creative elements coming in from the USA and Europe. The two musicians were at the fore-front of this generation, with Takayanagi developing his own guitar style through influences of mainstream and more extreme jazz, and drummer Togashi had developed a unique approach to drums and percussions, using silence as an integral part of music making, also due to an accident that forced him on a wheelchair after 1970. The record is divided in two tracks (“Inner Pulsation” and “Outer Pulsation”), each one about 22 minutes in length, mirroring the original LP sides. The performance can be regarded as a single piece though, with a clearly symmetrical structure, even if the musicians cover much musical ground over the course of the album. The extreme abstractness of the music guarantees many possibilities, but the main themes here are pure sound and space, investigated through a massive use of silence, ever-changing dynamics and slow structural developments unfolding with a mysterious musical logic. Originally released on iconic Japanese label Paddle Wheel and out of a print for a very long time, the album has become a very sought after collector’s item and we are glad to bring this back on vinyl in collaboration with King Record Co.”


Andrew Chalk & Elodie cassettes

Andrew Chalk cs “Dreams” Faraway Press


Andrew Chalk cs “Light of the World” Faraway Press

wraparound cover, 3 tracks.


Andrew Chalk cs The circle of days 5- Faraway Press


Elodie cs ” Le nid doré : musique ne scène IV” Faraway Press

Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luijk recorded in Kulta Saha 2017, wraparound cover


Aburadako LPs

Aburadako LP “Aburadako (Fune ban) – P-Vine

Aburadako There are only Aburadako bands like this. The 7th work (commonly known as “Funeban”) released in 2008, which is a concept album that tells the story from departure to arrival on a boat that dies in the light blue fog. Recorded and mixed by Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC).
A large psychedelic picture scroll in which the performance dislocated to the limit is projected under the listener’s consciousness through the sea of words that slide through metaphysics. Hirotomo Hasagewa (Hasegawa- Shizuo , Kito Mizukumi Rouber) has a very special and nasal voice, considered as one of the first band in Japan, it’s more pure “punk” music, it’s a mix of psychedelism, hardcore, surf..That’s Aburadako and really recommend it !


Aburadako 2LP (LP+ one sided LP) “Aburadako (Hole Board) – P-Vine

Since its formation in 1983, Aburadako, a rare band that has traversed the territory with no predecessors or followers, and the 6th album (commonly known as “Human”) released in 2004 have been made into LPs. All 10 songs, about 60 minutes.
There are a lot of masterpieces such as “Miyako Dust Pore”, “Summer Cold to Fish School”, “Ginen”, “From the Window of a Bicycle”, and “Triple Rainbow” that sprain your legs and shake your brain. I want you to drown in the pleasure of this hit-pop sound that goes around and undulates in the complex and mysterious music that pursues the fluctuation of the rhythm just before the hair, with philosophy and ghost stories becoming modern poetry. The one and only psychedelic punk album.


Keiji Haino & The Hardy Rocks CD/LP

Keiji Haino & The Hardy Rocks CD/LP You’re Either Standing Facing Me Or Next To Me – P-Vine

Keiji Haino is an internationally acclaimed musician who made his debut in 1970 as vocalist for the avant-garde rock band Lost Arraf, formed Non-Lost in 1978 and since then has worked in a variety of forms, including with and without blotting, Aisu Kyou, Vajra and Sanhedrin, in addition to his solo career.

The long-awaited studio album by the rock band HAINO KEIJI & THE HARDY ROCKS, formed in 2016 by Haino, who has always pursued the ‘now’, together with young talented musicians including Masami Kawaguchi (Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate).
The recording was done at GOK SOUND, a well-known analogue recording studio, with Yoshiaki Kondo, the band’s highly trusted engineer.
Haino has developed a clear concept of being a vocalist and singing his own origins in rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, soul, jazz and even Japanese songs in English, and has been actively performing live, and in 2021 a live recording was released by a UK label for distribution to good acclaim.
The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Who and other classic songs are thoroughly deconstructed and reconstructed to expose the “true nature” of the songs for the ultimate in real rock.
Its impact will appeal to a wide range of rock fans of all generations.

CD $26

LP with obi $36

Masahiko Togashi + Masayuki Takayanagi CD

Masahiko Togashi + Masayuki Takayanagi CD “Duo Live 1984” Studio songs

Only a few copies $29

Togawa x Kaidan ltd LP

非常階段 × 戸川純 = 戸川階段

Hijokaidan x Jun Togawa = Togawa Kaidan  LP Alegori

Translucent red 180g Hi-Res audiophile record made in Japan
△Includes a 78x42cm fold-out poster + full English lyrics (revised by Jun Togawa herself) + Download code (FLAC + MP3) with bonus tracks / Limited to 500 copies worldwide.


Togawa kaidan LP Togawa kaidan 2 LP Togawa kaidan 3LP

The Dengie Hundred LP

The Dengie Hundred LP Brackenbank – Ethbo

Debut solo album from The Dengie Hundred, one half of London’s Blackwater.

Composed of sounds recorded in an unfamiliar landscape of sea and rock and sky, ‘Brackenbank’s’ electronic sonic atmosphere was processed on the lines of the Great Western Railway as The Dengie Hundred travelled back and forth: looking forward; longing after. Kingsand, Cawsand, Eddystone, Firestone – the album’s grid references are both geographical and emotional, offering love songs and instrumentals as pulsing trances from places that can be traced with a finger across the map of The Rame, Cornwall’s ‘most unsung’ peninsula.

“Comparisons are odious but inevitable”, so we suggest touches of Wire, Martin Hannett’s pensive moments, gawd knows, Eno? Possible threads of all these and more, but cast in the Dengie’s singular sound-world of twilight marshes, rusting hulks and unearthly train stations.

Brackenbank was mastered by Carim Clasmann, mastered and cut for vinyl by Stefan Betke (aka Pole).


Lily 2LP O Genki…

Lily 2LP “O Genki Desu Ka” – Japan Blues

Lily’s early life runs parallel to an untold story of post-war Japan, that of the marginalised hafu – children of half Japanese / half foreign parents. Likely to be a target, a vessel for the bitterness, from the humiliation of the American Occupation, to the buried guilt of Japan’s own atrocities, enacted on their Asian neighbours. Her troubled formative years – an absent father, and losing her mother in her teens – possibly contributed to the development of the bluesy edge of her vocal style, or maybe it was the smoke from the jazz bar her mother ran.

As with many outsiders of the 60s and early 70s, she turned up in Tokyo’s Shinjuku, a famed spot for many a writer, actor, artist and musician. It was here that her songs first aired and she was swiftly booked to record her music. With a groove set in stone by her Bye-Bye Session Band – later including Ryuichi Sakamoto and jazz keyboardist Hiroshi Sato – this selection covers her 70s period, with strong seams of soul, funk, touches of folk- and space-rock, and her signature (in Japan) heartbreaking ballads.

Compiled by Howard Williams, with fold out liner notes insert, written by Lily’s original producer, Yukiji Teramoto and  translated by Alan Cummings, with the photography of Jin Tamura.