Aburadako LPs

Aburadako LP “Aburadako (Fune ban) – P-Vine

Aburadako There are only Aburadako bands like this. The 7th work (commonly known as “Funeban”) released in 2008, which is a concept album that tells the story from departure to arrival on a boat that dies in the light blue fog. Recorded and mixed by Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC).
A large psychedelic picture scroll in which the performance dislocated to the limit is projected under the listener’s consciousness through the sea of words that slide through metaphysics. Hirotomo Hasagewa (Hasegawa- Shizuo , Kito Mizukumi Rouber) has a very special and nasal voice, considered as one of the first band in Japan, it’s more pure “punk” music, it’s a mix of psychedelism, hardcore, surf..That’s Aburadako and really recommend it !


Aburadako 2LP (LP+ one sided LP) “Aburadako (Hole Board) – P-Vine

Since its formation in 1983, Aburadako, a rare band that has traversed the territory with no predecessors or followers, and the 6th album (commonly known as “Human”) released in 2004 have been made into LPs. All 10 songs, about 60 minutes.
There are a lot of masterpieces such as “Miyako Dust Pore”, “Summer Cold to Fish School”, “Ginen”, “From the Window of a Bicycle”, and “Triple Rainbow” that sprain your legs and shake your brain. I want you to drown in the pleasure of this hit-pop sound that goes around and undulates in the complex and mysterious music that pursues the fluctuation of the rhythm just before the hair, with philosophy and ghost stories becoming modern poetry. The one and only psychedelic punk album.


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